Sarah Douglas and Lamberto Bava, Calavera Island Honor Awards

The Canary Islands Fantastic Film Festival City of La Laguna, Skull Islandpresents new guests who will visit Tenerife this November and will collect two honorary awards in recognition of their career linked to the fantastic genre: the English actress sarah douglas and the Italian filmmaker Lambert Bava. These announcements took place within the framework of the 33rd Fantasy and Horror Film Week in San Sebastián, where the organization of the Canarian event presented a new program preview. In addition, the conceptual artist Jonay Bacallado and the writer and film critic Jesús Palacios will also be awarded.

Known for her portrayal of the villainous Ursa in the films Superman (1978) and its sequel, and other legendary roles as the evil queen Taramis in conan the destroyer (1984) or Pamela in the television series V: The Final Battle (1984), Sarah Douglas was in the Canary Islands filming in the mid-seventies, on the island of La Palma, the adventure film with dinosaurs journey to the lost world. The artist will receive the Isla Calavera de Honor Award for these and other unforgettable characters that she has brought to life on the screen and she will participate in a meeting with the public after the screening of Superman II (1980).

Isla Calavera will also pay tribute to the screenwriter, director and producer Lamberto Bava, author of essential titles of fantasy, horror and gore cinema, including demons (1985), the story of a young student who attends the premiere of a movie at the Metropol cinema, where terror will go beyond fiction. This title, key in her filmography, will be screened in the section of Skull Island Classics. Son of the legendary director Mario Bava and grandson of Eugenio Bava, cinematographer and sculptor, Lamberto Bava began his career as assistant director and screenwriter to later work under Dario Argento in films such as dark and Hell.

Italian filmmaker Lamberto Bava. / GIVES


The SS Venture Award, an award that seeks to recognize the trajectory of those Canarians who have taken their talent from the Archipelago to the whole world within the framework of genre cinema, this year will go to Jonay Bacallado, an illustrator born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife who started his career in the industry as a conceptual artist with the film Apocalypse (2006), by Mel Gibson. After this work, he has participated in Avatarby James Cameron John Carter, Warcraft: The Origin, The big Wall either Thor: Ragnarök. His most recent works include the series Wandavisionwinner of the Emmy Award for Best Fantasy and Science Fiction Costumes; Thor: Love and Thunder; Marvel’s Halloween special feature film The curse of the werewolf and films currently in production blue beetle Y Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes.


The writer and film critic from Madrid Jesús Palacios will receive the Calavera Island Award 2022 for the dissemination of the fantastic. Author of more than 20 books on cinema, literature, esotericism and popular culture, he has become a reference in the genre. A regular contributor to radio and television programs, fanzines, magazines and film festivals, he is an advisor to the Valdemar publishing house, with which he has published satan in hollywood (1997) and damn hollywood (2010), in addition to coordinating anthologies of horror stories, including TerrorVision. Stories that inspired modern horror cinema (2018). Lecturer at universities and other cultural spaces, with the Satori publishing house he has coordinated the book Eroguro. Horror and eroticism in Japanese popular culture (2018) and with Hermenaute, Folk Horror: the ancestral in fantastic cinemaamong many others.

These awards are added to those already announced for John Landis, who will collect the Skull Island of Honor Award in recognition of his career as a master of fantastic cinema, with titles such as An American Werewolf in London (1981) or the legendary video clip thriller (1983), by Michael Jackson; and to Oscar-nominated costume designer Deborah Nadoolman, to whom we owe the memorable Indiana Jones costume.

The sixth edition of Isla Calavera, the Canary Islands City of La Laguna Fantastic Film Festival is sponsored by the City Council of La Laguna through the Department of Culture, the Cabildo of Tenerife, the Canary Islands Institute for Cultural Development, Canary Islands Film and Tenerife Film Commission; and the collaboration of the University of La Laguna, La Caixa Foundation, Fly Luxury, Reel One Entertainment, Juan Antonio Ribas Subtítulos y Ediciones Digitales, Cinedfest, Playmedusa, Cáncamo & Company, Mercado Nuestra Señora de África, Iro Pictures, McDonald’s, Audi Canarias , Dark channel, Coca-Cola, Teatro Leal, José Acosta Style, Floor 0: Digital Consulting and the Association of Families of Transsexual Minors Chrysallis Canarias. DIARIO DE AVISOS Foundation and Canarian Television participate as media partners.

Sarah Douglas and Lamberto Bava, Calavera Island Honor Awards