Scariest Horror Movies: Top 15!

Looking for some good horror movies to watch on Halloween? Here are the scariest ones!

Halloween is approaching and you want to spend a small evening with friends, family, lovers in front of a good horror film? The horror films who scare the most, there are many, but some necessarily stand out. Here are 15 of them, a special selection for you who are looking for THE perfect horror film. We promise, there will be something for everyone. Let’s go !

15. Among the scariest horror movies: A Quiet Place

If you’re looking for a totally scary horror movie, Without a sound is a very good candidate. Released in 2018, this film is undoubtedly one of the scariest horror films. Why ? In this film, we follow a family trying to live normally after an invasion by alien creatures. Except that these monsters are thirsty for human flesh and hunt their prey at the slightest sound. It can even attract them when the characters breathe too heavily.

My personal opinion: it’s a film with a lot of potential. It is scary, but above all is very well built from a point of view script. The fact of seeing a family living “in a normal way” but without any sound, it is a novelty and it strongly supports the drama and survival of the situation. And then there’s something really different about it, a horror movie, without cries in all directions, muffled soundsetc.

14. Ouija, a good horror film with supernatural

the Ouija board movie is not one of the best in terms of realism. On the other hand, it will certainly scare all the people who come across them. supernatural forces, ghosts, demons, etc. This film follows Laine, a young girl who has just lost her childhood friend Debbie in horrible circumstances. In order to say goodbye, the latter tries to contact her via a Ouija boardbut she’s not really going to cross Debbie’s mind with this experience.

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13. Mama: a classic in the history of horror cinema

Released in 2013, mom is a real cult movie when it comes to scariest horror movies. Summary: “Five years ago, two sisters, Victoria and Lily, mysteriously disappeared the day their parents were killed. Since then, their uncle Lucas and his girlfriend Annabel have been desperately looking for them. While the little girls are found in a cabin dilapidated and go to live with Lucas, Annabel tries to relearn them to lead a normal life. But she is more and more convinced that the two sisters are followed by a evil presence… »writes Allociné.

12. Hostel: gore, even more than at Saw

Hostel is a movie gore par excellence. For Halloween, it will be perfect for a very scary evening, to be watched together! The first part (just as well as the others) features American friends who go on vacation and end up meet in Slovakia. A place that was sold to them as paradise with lots of girls who will be at their feet. But… very quickly, they will realize that the pretty girls they have been promised are there, but they are actually used to lure them into a sordid and horrifying trap

My opinion: Hostel films are all very effective in gore and narratively speaking. The societal criticism which result from it are also very appreciable, even beyond the horror side.

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11. Case 39, a soft horror film for the more cautious

This is a film that will certainly freak you out, especially if you are particularly scared of demonic children. With the actress Bridget Jones, this film tells the story of a child welfare worker who takes in a little girl at her home. The girl’s parents tried to murder her. Exasperated by the situation, she therefore had her parents arrested and took the child under her wing. And if the parents had nothing to reproach themselves for? If it was the little girl the villain of the story?

10. The Ring, Japanese version, of course!

This is one of the scariest horror movies. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. The story tells of a haunted video tape that kills everyone who watches it. Chills guaranteed with this original Japanese version.

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9. Scariest horror movies: Host, top 1 for internet users

According to a survey, Host would be one of the scariest horror movies. It is also the number one in this category. Six friends hire a medium for a spiritualism session on Zoom, a technological tool used to make videoconferences. This is happening during the Covid-19 lockdown. But quickly, things degenerate and a demon infiltrates among them.

8. Halloween Kills: return to a classic to watch at… Halloween

We no longer present the history of Halloween, but this 2021 movie is a real nugget in this universe. For the Halloween October is the best.

7. Midsommar: one of the scariest and scariest horror movies

You really don’t know Midsommar ? This is the only horror movie I know that goes on all the time in full light. For good reason, its oppressive side is accentuated by the whiteness outfits of the characters, by the bright colors of the decor. In this film, we follow a group of friends who go on vacation in Sweden. They come to participate in an unknown festival told off by one of their college classmates.

Arrived on the spot, they will quickly realize that the events become strange, the people are strange, it strongly resembles a sect. Moreover, they themselves do not seem to be able to leave when they wish.

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6. “It” for people who hate clowns

This is a Stephen King classic. Released in 2017, this remake will chill your blood. Especially if you too have a blue fear of clowns. The trailer is even more telling:

5. Unfriended: this film will make everyone connected anxious

In the same vein as “Host”, Unfriended is a film that somewhat criticizes technology, or at least the over-connection of young people. In video on Skypea group of friends painfully evokes the suicide of one of their friends. But, they certainly did not expect to receive a message from this famous deceased friend on Facebook.

From there, a mystery guest embeds itself on their video chat and they can’t seem to eject him. These will have to play a sick game with this mystery guest, a game where only one will remain… Will they survive?

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4. The descent: no claustrophobes!

When a group of fan friends cave expedition leave to discover a new path, it is not necessarily synonymous with horror. Finally, unless it is a completely unknown place, even guides. For good reason, in addition to the difficulty of the terrain, the group of friends will quickly realize that they are lost in the cavity and that terrifying creatures are with them, lurking in the dark.

3. La None: one of the scariest horror films in our opinion

This movie starring Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story) is sure to freak you out. From the universe of the Warren Files (true story to see if possible after Conjuring 1 and 2 and Annabelle), this horror movie is among the scariest horror movies. Why ? Well because this film plays with perception and screamers. Watch the trailer, it will make you want:

2. Conjuring 1, the best part of the whole saga

So there, we are attacking the heavy. With La None, the Conjuring’s first film is quite simply a nugget. He’s not especially the most horrifying when you’re used to the scariest horror movies. But, it is arguably the best done of all. Based on real facts, this story is about a family that has just moved into a new house. But, strange happenings alert them: the mother has bruises on her body, the children are starting to see creatures in their rooms, one of their daughters is becoming a sleepwalker more and more often…

In short, a spirit seems to disturb them. But, by doing appeal to the Warren spouses (who really existed), the latter realize that it is even deeper than that. Several evil spirits haunt this house.

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1. It Follows: creepy and unsettling, one of the scariest horror movies

This is also a totally creepy movie. ItFollows or “Traqué” in French, is one of the scariest horror films. The story tells of a girl who is going to have a one-night stand with a boy. Unprotected sex. But, after having slept with him, the latter ties her up and explains to her that he has just transmitted to her a kind of sexual disease. Finally, rather, a curse. He explains to her that from now on, she will have to flee a creature that moves very slowlybut who will never stop following her, wherever she goes.

The only way to get rid of it is to sexually pass the curse on to someone else. The problem is that the creature inevitably seeks to kill the possessor of the curse. If the creature kill the cursed person, the curse returns to the former possessor. The worst ? No one can see the creature, absolutely no one except the cursed person. Additionally, the creature can look like anyone : an old lady, a child, a cockroach… She can be anywhere. Chills guaranteed!

So, do you like this top? Have you found your happiness? If so, let us know in the comments. You can also write your favorite horror movies, the ones you think are the scariest. This will allow other readers to discover films to watch for Halloween.

Scariest Horror Movies: Top 15!