Sonic & Dr. Eggman Cosplay Is Absolutely Perfect (Especially The Mustache)

A talented sonic the hedgehog fan recently channeled the infamous Dr. Eggman in an epic cosplay, with Sonic captured in the clutches of the Mad Doctor. The evil Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik was introduced in the original sonic the hedgehog game in 1991, and he and the Blue Blur have been at odds throughout the various sequels since. Even when the not-so-good doctor isn’t the main threat Sonic and his friends have to deal with, Dr. Eggman is more often than not the one to unleash danger on the world.

While his basic appearance has remained largely the same, Dr. Eggman has seen many redesigns in the three decades since his debut in the first. Sonic game The leap to 3D games from 1999 Sonic Adventure saw the mad scientist take on the larger form that has served as his primary look to date. As one of the only major human characters in the primarily animal-centric world Sonic series, Eggman is also a popular source of inspiration for cosplayers who want to recreate his bald head, chubby figure and unruly mustache – especially after Jim Carrey brought the evil genre to life in the recent live-action sonic the hedgehog movies. Before that, the notoriously badly received Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) saw Eggman take on a more realistic appearance that also lent itself well to cosplayers – though he was dropped almost as quickly as he was introduced.

Twitter user and sonic the hedgehog fan Kirbymania_ recently shared an image of such a cosplayer, praising them for their “perfectRecreation of Dr. Eggman as he carries a Sonic doll in one hand and a Chaos Emerald in the other. Everything about Eggman’s modern design is well captured, including his mustache and red jacket. Many other users agree in the comments section of the Kirbymania_ post, sharing stories of how they met this particular cosplayer at fan conventions and posting photos of their own cosplays of sonic the hedgehog Dr. Eggman for comparison. Some have even gone so far as to wish this was what Jim Carrey looked like in the recent sonic the hedgehog movies.

Dr. Eggman will make his next big video game appearance sound borderswhich is expected to launch later this year. sound borders long-time conversationalist sonic the hedgehog Comics scribe Ian Flynn recently teased Eggman’s role in the upcoming open-world adventure, suggesting a darker, more “melancholic” storyline for the often whimsical archvillain. The game could also explore Eggman’s life before he became the evil robot-building genius fans know and love today.

In the meantime, talented video game cosplayers like the one shared by Kirbymania_ continue to bring Dr. Eggman to life in the real world, much to the delight of fans who spot these creative actors at gaming and comic book conventions. sonic the hedgehog Dr. Eggman is considered by many to be one of gaming’s most beloved and iconic villains, and the brilliant evil scientist with a love of machines, a hatred of blue hedgehogs, and an irrational fear of shoelaces has the attention for prove it.

Source: Kirbymania_/Twitter

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Sonic & Dr. Eggman Cosplay Is Absolutely Perfect (Especially The Mustache) – GameSpot