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With a history spanning over forty years and over 200 games, Mario is one of, if not the most popular video game character of all time. Although primarily a platform character, the Mario franchise has also featured games in other genres, such as the ghost-busting game Luigi’s Mansion and the ever-popular racing game Mario Kart.

Over so many decades of games and iterations, Mario and his supporting characters have grown tremendously. Given that, there are plenty of treats that can be overlooked, overlooked, or brushed aside, and important facts about the lore that only superfans keep in mind.

Updated October 28, 2022 by Stacie Rook:

The world of Mario returns to the big screen with The Super Mario Bros. Movie. in 2023, and the first trailer (via YouTube) showed many recognizable parts of the franchise. Even so, certain aspects of Mario lore are often overlooked, and it remains to be seen if any of them will be referenced in the next film.

Birdo’s gender changed

Early in her tenure, Birdo was portrayed as a man who believes himself to be a woman. In Sattela-Q, a game released only in Japan on a Japanese-only console, she was introduced as and voiced by an “Okama”, a Japanese term for a man who introduces himself as a woman.

He/him pronouns were originally used to describe the character, later changing to “it” to avoid gendered pronouns. Nintendo has since embraced Birdo’s gender, now using her pronouns in all promotional material and including her in a “Women of Racing” banner in Mario Kart 8.

Goombas are people

The backstory behind the most basic enemies in Mario canon is actually pretty gruesome. In the story of the original Super Mario Bros on the NES and Famicom, Bowser and the Koopas cast magic that transformed living members of the Mushroom Kingdom into bushes, clouds, and the very blocks that Mario hits for coins and coins. bonuses.

All who did not succumb to this fate were transformed into mindless chestnut-shaped bipedal creatures to fight alongside Koopa’s army, known as the Goombas. It’s not something that many casual gamers are familiar with, but it adds a sinister twist to the many types of Goomba found in the Mario universe.

Boo was based on a developer’s wife

Boo is the original and one of Super Mario’s strongest ghost enemies. As reported by The Guardian, Shigeru Miyamoto based the idea for the mischievous enemy on the wife of a colleague and close friend, Takashi Tezuka.

Tezuka’s wife was said to be sweet and shy until one day when Tezuka came home late after spending a lot of time at work, she got very angry and scolded him. In the game, Boos are equally shy and shy at first, but if ignored for too long, they will become deadly and cause damage to the player.

Bowser was originally an ox

Mario’s main antagonist, Bowser, has undergone some design changes. In an interview for Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto reveals that early in development he envisioned Bowser as more of an ox-like character, drawing inspiration from the king of oxen in Toei Animation’s Alakazam the Great.

When it was pointed out to him that his original design made him look more like a turtle, he leaned into it and created the strange demon turtle dragon creature known and loved by players today.

Mario was once bald

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto explained that initially the iconic hat that Mario wears was a way to avoid drawing his hair. This may have led to an interpretation by American artists that the hat was there to cover something – or rather a lack of something.

As compiled by GameFragger, depictions of early American-made merchandise, including an official coloring book, showed Mario sporting a bald head under his hat, a look that dramatically changes the character’s mood.

Yoshi’s real name is not Yoshi

Yoshi is Mario’s sidekick who saved him as a baby and is one of the friendliest characters in the Mario franchise. What most might not know, however, is that “Yoshi” isn’t even his real full name.

As reported by Destructoid, according to a 1993 Nintendo character guide, Yoshi’s full name is T. Yoshisaur Munchakoopas – which is a mouthful even for the dinosaur creature that can fit almost anything in its mouth. It’s understandable that he just goes through Yoshi.

Mario was named after the owner of Nintendo

For a time during the development of Donkey Kong, the character that would become Mario was simply referred to as “Jumpman”. Technologizer details that Nintendo’s mascot and game protagonist owes its namesake to Mario Segale, Nintendo’s owner at the time.

The story goes that during a meeting to discuss names, Segale interrupted to berate the game developers for their rent. The developers then, for some reason, decided that “Mario” was an appropriate name for the character, and the rest is history.

Brothers names are puns

Mario-esque extended character names beyond Mario have some clever twists. Take, for example, Luigi, Mario’s brother. Although Luigi is a standard Italian name, his name is also a play on the Japanese word “Ruiji”, which means “similar”, referring to the fact that Luigi originally visually resembles Mario a lot, just by changing of color.

On the other hand, the evil duo Wario and Waluigi have names that combine the Japanese word “Warui” (which simply means “evil”) and the names of their respective rivals. Essentially, in Japanese, their names are puns that translate to “bad Mario” and “bad Luigi.”

The Mario Bros are twins

With their difference in size and mannerisms, many may think that Mario and Luigi, one of the best sibling duos in video games, are years apart. This perception is also likely tied to their portrayal in the Super Mario Bros. live-action movie, where the age difference between actors Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo is rather obvious.

Although in the games Luigi is often depicted as Mario’s younger brother, the two are actually twins. They are portrayed as such in Yoshi’s Island, when a stork delivers the twin brothers to their parents before they are separated, prompting Yoshi to skip the game delivering him and his brother to the right place.

Waluigi is not Wario’s brother

The rivalry between Mario and Luigi and Wario and Waluigi is well known. Since the former couple are siblings and seeing a resemblance, many assume that Wario and Waluigi must be similarly related. However, Waluigi is not actually related to Wario.

Although the early games depict Waluigi as Wario’s younger brother, Nintendo’s official Japanese bio states that the two do not appear to be brothers. Waluigi is apparently a random stranger who hates Luigi and bonded with Wario because of their hatred of Mario Bros. In a now-archived interview for Kombo, Charles Martinet, the voice actor for all four characters, even described Wario and Waluigi as “two nice bad guys who found each other.”

Donkey Kong is not the first Donkey Kong

The Donkey Kong arcade game marks the first appearance of Mario and Donkey Kong, or at least a Donkey Kong. The original arcade Donkey Kong in today’s canon is actually Cranky Kong, which makes appearances in Donkey Kong Country and other game series.

The quirky character will occasionally reference the original game in his ramblings, mentioning an epic battle with a carpenter named Mario and how he would kidnap Pauline several times a week. The Donkey Kong shown today in the eponymous game series and in appearances in Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Mario Party, is actually the original grandson of Donkey Kong.

Super Mario Bros. : 11 things only diehard fans know about gaming | Pretty Reel