Supermaggot: The review


- Release date : 09/21/2022
- Original title : Supermaggot
- Film length: 40 minutes
- Directors: Oana Lacroix, Marina Karpova, Katalin Egely, Jac Hamman and Sarah Scrimgeour
- Screenwriters: Oana Lacroix, Katalin Egely, Max Lang, Suzanne Lang according to the work of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler
- VO performers: Olivia Colman, Matt Smith, Patricia Allison, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith, Rob Brydon, Paul Thornley, Cariad Lloyd, Felix Tandon, Samara Sutariya, Lizzie Waterworth-Santo
- VF performers: Valrie Muzzi, Michel Hinderyckx, Sverine Cayron, Karim Barras, Jean-Michel Vovk, Martin Spinhayer, Alexandra Correa, milie Guillaume


Supermaggot is a good anthology of 4 short films intended for a very young audience.

We can thus discover in traditional 2D animation a small bird whose song enchants the animals of the forest, also in 2D a ladybug who wants to find her children, a vision of nature made of paper cut-outs and in stop Motion and finally the short film produced in 3D which gives its title to the film and which tells the story of a very determined maggot and his friends.

The first three works are really short, making it easy for children to catch each of the delightful stories that are told. The last one allows you to follow the adventures filled with twists and turns of a spirited worm told in a versified way.

The different techniques used give the opportunity to appreciate at best the extremely varied possibilities that animation brings to the narration. We can therefore marvel at the beautiful colors and the sympathetic characters which are present and which were to delight the children.

Two of the films are silent, while the French dubbing of the others is very well done. The music is also particularly pleasant and the superb song closing A paradise remain in memory for a long time.

through his stories, it is beautiful lessons of living together, friendship, will and courage that are put forward. With these extremely positive elements, you come out of the projection amused and calm.

Supermaggot is a good compilation of small animated films which should appeal to the young audience to which it is dedicated. With stories as diverse as the way they were created, very clean realizations and a pleasant composition, time flies by.

Cute and generous.




A plump nightingale sings in the forest. Its song puts the bear to sleep and soothes the quarrels of the squirrels. One day, a storm broke in the forest. The nightingale catches a cold and can’t sing anymore…

Mrs Ladybug

A ladybug is having fun in the open air when, suddenly, she finds herself in a small dark box. Will she be able to get home?

A paradise

Based on Guarani mythology, this animated musical film offers a vision of a paradise on earth where all creatures live in harmony.


Supermaggot is superlanc, Supermaggot is supermuscle! A hero with a big heart, he spends his days saving the animals in the garden. When the evil Saurian magician captures him, who can come to his aid?



- Assembly : Robin Sales
- Music : Jerme Vittoz, Oreru-Tonolec, Ren Aubry
- Producer: Nichola Burlet and Zoltn Horvth, Martin Pope and Barney Goodland for Nadasdy Film, Magic Light Pictures
- Distributer : Films from Prau






Supermaggot: The review