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Many fans are surely thrilled to hear that Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s Batman 2 is in development, but the Dark Knight has a healthy backlog of memorable moments in DC Comics’ various animated films. All in all, many longtime fans of the publishing world would probably agree that animation is where DC really shines.

Batman has an embarrassment of riches regardless of the medium, though, and he’s provided great quotes in all of them as well. Whether in DCAU-specific films like Mask of the Phantasm or animated comic book adaptations like Under the Red Hood, all of these quotes say something quintessential about the superhero.

“There is a difference between you and me; we both looked at the abyss, but when he looked at us, you blinked. »

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths saw DC’s titular pantheon of heroes face off against their evil counterparts. Owlman serves as Batman’s dark mirror; a bitter nihilist who can’t come to terms with his feeling that no decision made by anyone in a timeline really matters. This forces Owlman to completely destroy the multiverse, as he believes it’s the only thing that matters, culminating in a climactic battle with Batman.

He ruins Owlman’s plan by transferring him and his doomsday superweapon to a frozen Earth, delivering a cold one-liner that highlights their glaring differences. Owlman took the coward’s way out in the face of his fears, choosing to justify his evil. Meanwhile, Batman has taken that fear and turned it into an unrelenting force for good.

“I know I made a promise, but I didn’t see it coming! I didn’t expect to be happy. »

Batman: The Mask of Fantasy

The scene with Bruce at his parents’ graves certainly yields one of the darkest yet poignant quotes Batman has given in any medium he’s featured in. She is emblematic of Bruce Wayne’s complex and fascinating psyche, as well as the wish that he has completely convinced himself. he must keep. In Mask of the Phantasm, and for the first time in ages, Bruce’s life looks good.

He is happy and in love with Andrea Beaumont, but finds it difficult to propose to her. He pleads at the graves of Thomas and Martha Wayne to renounce this vow. It’s a tragically beautiful scene that befits one of the best and most true-to-character Batman movies available, showing how, on a deeper level, Bruce has indeed tricked himself into believing that Batman is what his parents want for him.

“But if I do this, if I allow myself to descend into this place…I’ll never come back.” »

Batman: Under Red Riding Hood

Contrary to popular belief, many superheroes adhere to a “no-elimination rule.” However, the Dark Knight himself apparently popularized this concept, and it’s a mainstay of what makes his character so compelling. In a tense scene from the Under the Red Hood adaptation, Batman gives Jason Todd/Red Hood a nuanced explanation of this moral standard, and it’s deeper than it first appears.

Batman doesn’t refuse to kill because he thinks he’ll instantly become as evil as the Joker, but he knows he won’t stop. He is self-aware enough to recognize that if he allows himself to cross that line, he will gradually sanitize the idea of ​​murder. The line between friend and foe would blur, and few would be ready for this Batman.

“You ate Gotham’s wealth; his spirit… But your feast is nearly over; from this moment none of you are safe. »

Batman: Year One

The Caped Crusader line gives the crime families of Gotham is a direct adaptation of one of the greatest Batman comic book arcs of all time. Still, it’s still great in the movie Year One. It’s perhaps one of the best origin stories in comics, with Frank Miller’s retelling of Batman’s early life fitting right into the noir crime atmosphere.

This era of the hero’s life was characterized by organized crime that still sucks the life out of Gotham City. And in one of the scariest and most triumphant scenes of both versions, he crashes Carmine Falcone’s mob boss dinner to let them know their days are numbered.

“If you can’t see the potential danger of an out of control justice league, I don’t need to wait for a vote, I don’t belong here. »

Justice League: Doom

A loose adaptation of Mark Waid’s JLA Tower of Babel story arc, Justice League: Doom centers on a conflict sparked by Vandal Savage. Savage hires Mirror Master to steal highly classified files the world’s top detective had on every member of the Justice League in case they turn evil.

Besides being a power play, the last speech he gave to the rest of the League when they voted to kick him out was a memorable show of conviction. Batman’s paranoia can certainly be a weakness, but it’s also arrogant to think that no member of the League can go rogue given the threats they regularly face.

“The real reason you keep coming back is that you never made the old man laugh. »

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

A cult classic that came out of nowhere, Batman Beyond was an ingenious cocktail of Batman, Blade Runner and Spider-Man. Terry McGinnis gave the city a proud new incarnation of Batman, and Return of the Joker saw him at his best against a resurrected Joker.

Terry brings his own flavor to the mantle and his fight against the Clown Prince of Crime where he taunts the villain and cements how he was the right man for the job. He’s the DCAU’s dark knight for a new era, and his dismantling of the Joker’s psyche proves it.

“In all the years to come, in your most private moments, I want you to remember the one man who beat you! »

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2

One of the most important comic books in the history of the medium, Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, was an equally gripping film adaptation. The second film contained the iconic fight between the grizzled, aging Dark Knight and the political lapdog that Superman has become.

Batman, as is, could never hope to take down the Man of Steel, as few beings in the universe can. Therefore, his tactical ingenuity helped him win the day. Green Arrow deserves some credit, but Batman’s line to a defeated Superman was completely cathartic.

“Yes father. »

Batman: Year One

Simple yet punchy, the line a battered Bruce Wayne gives in his father’s study is an abridged version of Miller’s even more punchy take on the seminal comic book. Nonetheless, the anime adaptation of that line and scene hit the chords it needed.

Searching for a way to get Gotham out of its quagmire outside of its daytime philanthropic efforts, Bruce feels exasperated that he doesn’t have a concrete answer. Bloodied and ready to die, sudden inspiration crashing into a bust of Thomas Wayne set the stage for one of the most iconic moments in Batman history. It will become a bat.

“You don’t understand, son; it is not a mud hole; it’s an operating table – and I’m the surgeon. »

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1

The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1 brilliantly captures the hardened new beginnings of this version of Batman. With the U.S. government actively neglecting the economic and social health of Gotham City, Bruce returns from retirement to take over the city once again.

The Mutants emerge as a hyperviolent Clockwork Orange-style gang that rules the streets with terror. It takes time for Batman to learn to make up for his age, but he eventually comes back and puts his leader firmly in his place – and out of commission. It is the hallmark of the Dark Knight to “respect your elders”.

“Now, I never really said I wasn’t Batman. »

The movie Batman Superman: the best in the world

This film chronicles the origins of the Batman and Superman dynamic in the DCAU television canon. Many of Batman’s most iconic quotes from the animated movies are introspective, moving, and melancholic, but it’s a fun showcase of Bruce Wayne’s dry wit and sense of humor.

Lois Lane becomes entangled with the two heroes in different capacities, and she eventually discovers the Dark Knight’s identity and is frustrated that he lied about it. And, in typical Batman fashion, he gives this witty line.

The 10 Best Batman Quotes In The DCAU Movies | Pretty Reel