The 10 worst films with the lowest score on IMDb

If you love bad to be good movies, this list of worst movies ever made, rated by IMDb users is just for you

2022 has given viewers many great movies to see and enjoy, but sadly also some bad ones. Morbius is one of the films that not only failed once at the box office, but even twice. So when the Spider-man comics make a subtle joke about the movie, it’s a good indication that it wasn’t much appreciated by Marvel fans.

Some films will always receive harsh criticism, even if they have something vaguely good about them. Others, on the other hand, seem totally nonsensical and receive a justified amount of criticism when the film includes terrible acting, effects and storylines that bore or irritate viewers.

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10. Birdemic: Shock And Terror (2010) – 1.7


Many classic films are still held in high regard and used as a source of inspiration, and films like 1963’s The Birds are a prime example of this. While it’s nice to look at the classics for inspiration, it doesn’t mean that using them as inspiration always leads to a good movie. This is the case of the film Birdemic: Shock and Terror.

The 2010 film, which tells of mutated birds terrorizing a quiet Californian town, features terrible birds in CGI, which earned him a “it’s so bad it’s funny” response in many reviews, as well as those that define it. uniquely terrible. Despite receiving such a low rating, the film would later come out with a sequel in 2013 titled Birdemic 2: The Resurrection.

9. Pledge This! (2006) – 1.6


It is a fact when a movie is so bad that even the actors themselves hated it. Whether or not this is the case with socialite Paris Hilton, star of the film, those who have seen Pledge This! they have a lot of disappointments to share.

Pledge This! is a film about a South Beach University fraternity president who welcomes a group of girls who want to be accepted into her fraternity. From the reviews, viewers were not amused by the plot and criticized him for the acting and the story. Although I received some replies like “it’s so bad it’s funny”, most viewers were not kind in commenting on the film about the life of the fraternity.

8. Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) – 1.6


Some low-rated films receive little or no recognition after some time has passed. However, some end up on MST3K, where new viewers are exposed to the film, while those who have already seen it are reminded why the film didn’t like it. The 1966 film, Manos: The Hands of Fate, received this treatment.

The Hands of Fate tells of a lost family and stumbles upon an underground sect of devil worshipers led by the Master and his servant, Torgo. The film fell into obscurity and remained there for some time, until it was featured on MST3k and shown to thousands of viewers who received more enjoyment from the comments from the MST3k cast than the actual content of the film, intended to scare viewers.

7. The Cost Of Deception (2021) – 1.5


Some films are great in concept, but have poor acting performance which may or may not make them effective. Others, on the other hand, don’t have many good qualities to redeem, but have a little glimmer of hope in reviews from time to time.

The 2021 film, The Cost Of Deception, is about a young market researcher who discovers that her boss is involved in spreading a scandalous prime minister’s speech and decides to investigate. Most of the reviews are low and those with a little more empathy focus on the politics expressed in the film and how it may have caused the hatred towards her. Despite this, the film received more negative than positive reviews.

6. Turks In Space (2006) – 1.5


Not all bad, low-quality movies are considered bad by all viewers, and critics sometimes offer some redemption in their reviews. However, Turks in Space did not receive this redemption and was crushed by negative reviews from almost everyone who saw it.

The sci-fi comedy with a secondary name, Turkish Star Wars 2, centers on the world consumed by chaos in the year 2055 and how a Turkish family tries to adapt to life in a new solar system. The reception of the public was not what the director had hoped for and the film was criticized for its predominantly coarse humor.

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5. Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004) – 1.5


Today, there are many children’s films that parents can also like. But there will always be those that parents look to for the sake of their children, wondering when this torture will end.

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 may have been a hit for the kids, but the parents or babysitters who saw it weren’t quite as satisfied. As with the first movie, the reviews weren’t all positive, but at least among the negative reviews were the positive comments that at least the kids enjoyed it.

4. Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas (2014) – 1.3

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Christmas specials can be a fun addition to the holiday season, and many become a family tradition. But if this may be the case with some films, Kirk Cameron’s “Saving Christmas” was not on the list of Christmas films to be reviewed.

The film revolves around Kirk Cameron, who attempts to save the day by showing his cynical brother-in-law that Jesus Christ is the key part of Christmas. Viewers left more negative than positive reviews, noting how little fun the film was and that there were little or no redeeming qualities that could save it from being in the lower ranks of IMDb.

3. Foodfight! (2012) – 1.3


Acting in a movie can make a big difference, but a good cast can still make a bad movie, in both live-action and animated movies. But animated films have a lot of other things to worry about aside from bad acting.

Foodfight! is an animated film best known for its hideous bad animation and its less-than-exciting story, in which the evil Brand X takes control of a supermarket that, after closing, becomes a city. Despite the presence of some decent actors, the story and acting weren’t well received and the film became a meme after its release.

2. Smolensk (2016) – 1.2


Films inspired by real events can be heavily criticized for the way the director uses the source material. Some of these films end up being great portrayals, while others provide inaccuracies that lead viewers to question the directors, especially if it’s a tragedy.

Smolensk was inspired by the tragic 2010 crash of the Tupolev Tu-154 Air Force jet near the Russian city of Smolensk, which killed 96 people on board. The spectators were not happy with the representation of the event. Some denounced the director because of the inaccuracies and many felt the film was offensive to the surviving families. This is the worst kind of review a movie can get.

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1.Daniel The Wizard (2004) – 1.2


Movie trailers are great for attracting audiences and for creating excitement for an upcoming movie. While some come out great and get positive attention, others can be heavily criticized. If the movie is as bad as the trailer, viewers won’t be very kind in their reviews.

Daniel the Wizard follows Daniel Kublbock, third place in the German idols contest, who is hunted down by evil assassins. The movie received some positive reviews, but the overwhelming majority of reviews rated it 1 in 10. It received some “so bad it’s good” reviews, but most tore it apart due to bad acting and bad photography, and is considered one of the worst German films ever made.


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