The Academy of Good and Evil: Is the Sequel to the Film Coming?

The Academy of Good and Evilthe new movie Netflix signed by Paul Feig, arrived on the video on demand platform this week, debuting at # 1 of the most viewed movies on Netflix. The film is based on the first book of the novels of the same name Soman Chainani (which you can find HERE) and therefore many fans are now asking: “Will there be a sequel to The Academy of Good and Evil?“.

Despite the duration of 2 hours and 27 minutes, in fact, there is still a lot to tell, but a sequel will obviously depend on the success of the film on Netflix. Although it garnered an unfortunate 37% positive critical reviews on Rotten Tomatoesaudiences seem to have enjoyed it more, with the film currently on the well-known review aggregator with an audience score of 72%.

On the possibility of seeing a sequel of The Academy of Good and Evil made, the director of the film himself intervened, speaking with Entertainment Weekly addressed the topic.

“If we had shot everything in the first book, the film would have cost billions of dollars”Feig explained with a laugh. “You take the things that the public, readers and fans love about books and then rearrange them to make them still yours, but in a way that makes them happy. You will also have an audience that does not know the books, or an audience that is experiencing it without having to know the material – I am very much against all films where you have to know things before you go to see them ”.

The director then added: “It’s fun to watch a movie based on a comic if you’ve grown up with comics and know all the characters, because there are all these easter eggs. But I also find that this can be very discriminatory for the public. For this (film), it is not necessary to know the book. Come in, enjoy this story, enjoy these characters, then if you want to go read the books, that’s fine. They both need to stand alone. And we hope to continue to do so in the sequel as well ”.

The director of The Academy of Good and Evil is already thinking about a sequel

Netflix obviously has not yet confirmed the arrival of a sequel to The Academy of Good and Evil, but Paul Feig he seems to be optimistic about the matter and more than willing to make a second film.

In the first Netflix movie, “Best friends Sophie and Agatha are about to discover where the legacies of fairy tales go to school: the Academy of Good and Evil, where ordinary boys and girls are trained to become fairy tale heroes and villains. With her princess ambitions, Sophie knows that she will be chosen for the Academy of Good and that she will join the ranks of past students like Cinderella and Snow White ”.

“Meanwhile, Agatha, with her dark look and her evil cat, seems to be the most suitable for the villains of the Academy of Evil. However, the girls soon find themselves with their fates reversed: Sophie is assigned to the Academy of Evil, Agatha to the Academy of Good. What if the mistake was the first clue to finding out who Sophie and Agatha really are? Their friendship will be tested in this exciting and comical story in which the only way to get out of a fairy tale is to live one ”.

We just have to wait a little longer to find out if Netflix will actually kick off a sequel to The Academy of Good and Evil.

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