The Batman: all the villains of the film. Who’s the best?

In The Batman, many historical enemies of the Dark Knight appear: let’s find them all.

Superheroes are not superheroes without supervillains, who can be represented in various ways and have a narrative function that is always different with respect to the actions of the protagonist. The superhero himself, however, can be somehow nemesis of himself. In short, the villain is not always a clearly identifiable characterbe it evil, violent or sneaky. Just think of one of the most loved and known superheroes, that is the Dark Knight, protagonist of a latest film adaptation directed by Matt Reeves and entitled, simply, The Batman. The film with Robert Pattinson, in addition to showing us a Bruce Wayne also fighting against his own family – something that had never been seen on the big screen before – also presents different types of villains, each of which has different characteristics and purposes, which are not based solely on masks and the disguises they sometimes wearbut they also clearly understand their innermost personalities.

1. The Riddler (Paul Dano), the best villain of The Batman

The character played by Paul Dano is the main villain of the film, the one who with his puzzles and his psychological (and physical) machinations tries to overthrow the status quo of Gotham, cleaning it of the rot and trying to get Batman to his side. On her paper, her motivations are right and acceptable. How can we not support those who profess the will to expose corruption and malpractice? The problem lies in how the Riddler decides to do it: using violence, staining his hands with blood, thus ending up committing a crime in turn. If we were to pigeonhole it in a hypothetical grid based on the peculiarities of the villains, the Riddler would certainly fall into the type psychologically-mentally ill. A bit like the Joker, with whom he shows he has, in the final scene of The Batman, a particular harmony.

2. Colin Farrell’s Penguin

Colin Farrell Penguin

The Penguin, portrayed in The Batman from a unrecognizable Colin Farrellembodies the pure violence, brute force, the one that makes its way to the sound of punches, bullets and bloody betrayals. Right arm of the underworld boss Carmine Falcone, we realize right away that the Penguin has its own agenda and aim for your own personal gain. An advantage that for most of the film corresponds to that of Falcone, and in fact we see them side by side, but which may not correspond at all. How fast is it to download your employer when this is arrested by the Gotham police? It takes a moment to realize that this could be his chance and don’t waste it.

3. Carmine Falcone (John Turturro)

John Turturro Carmine Falcone

If the Penguin represents the stereotype of the strong right arm (even without the addition of the other typical characteristic, namely being dumb), another villain typical of cinematic narration is presented with Carmine Falcone: the king of the underworld, the boss of organized crime. Violent as the right arm, when not more, the underworld boss is also usually sneaky and has hooks all over the place. John Turturro’s Carmine Falcone makes no difference. We never see him getting his hands dirty or commit crimes, except when things start to go wrong for him. He controls everything and everyone without almost lifting a finger and nothing happens without his permission. Like the tentacles of an octopus, it also arrives there – for example the Gotham Police Station – where it would not be believed possible.

4. Zo’s CatwomanAnd Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz Catwoman

Catwoman can also be counted on the list of bad guysalthough in the last two film appearances (played by Anne Hathaway in the Dark Knight – The Return and from Zoë Kravitz in The Batman) the character moved more alongside Batman than against him, while still aiming for his own benefit. You see it very well right in The Batman: only at the end Selina Kyle agrees to abide by the Gotham Crusader rules of conduct, while for the rest of the film the paths of the two characters cross – and the two characters therefore collaborate – only because she needs him to shed light on Anika’s disappearance. Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman is fascinating and lethal just like a cat and does not hesitate to use both of its qualities to make its way and get what it wants. Even the Dark Knight struggles to resist its charms.

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The Batman: all the villains of the film. Who’s the best?