The book by an author from Petit

The novel summer of flies by author Pierre-Luc Cool could very well be adapted for the big screen.

The novelist from Petit-Rocher confided in an interview with Acadie Nouvelle that the work of adapting the literary work was going well and that the pieces of the puzzle for the making of the film were beginning to come together. to place.

It was Quebec director François Bégin who first approached the 2020 author after reading the novel, which navigates between horror, suspense and paranormal phenomena.

The latter has to his credit several awards and nominations for various films, docu-fiction and television shows made since the early 2000s.

We also owe him several successful commercials and music videos over the years.

“He told me at the time that he really appreciated the book and that he saw enormous potential to make a film adaptation of it,” said Pierre-Luc Cool, surprised and thrilled at the time to receive such a proposal.

About a year later, producer René Savoie, who is president and founder of the New Brunswick firm Les Productions du milieu, joined the adventure.

During his career in the TV industry, the latter received three nominations at the Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie and two nominations for a Gémeaux award for the digital media aspects of Les Newbies.

“He also read and appreciated the book and the idea of ​​the project,” said Pierre-Luc Cool in an interview.

The author has indicated that he takes on the important role of screenwriter for the film, even if it is a job with which he was very unfamiliar until very recently.

Supported by a few people from the industry, self-taught and eager to learn something new, this screenwriting work has occupied him for a year and is already in its third version.

“It requires a lot of technique, it’s a writing method that appeals to visuals and sounds, while the novel gives way to feelings”

Question of providing him with even more ammunition, the author of Petit-Rocher will take part from this fall in the Screenwriting of feature films section of the Élan program, which is aimed at screenwriters, screenwriters-producers and screenwriters-directors outside Quebec.

“This program should allow me to perfect my screenplay and add the final touch to it,” said the principal concerned.

“It’s a process that can be very long… It’s also difficult to predict whether the horror film could end up in the cinema or even on streaming platforms like Netflix or Crave,” said the author.

One thing is certain, Pierre-Luc Cool wants the action of the film to take place in the Petit-Rocher region, and not elsewhere to facilitate its marketing.

The book Summer of the Flies tells the adventures of a few young teenagers who decide to explore an abandoned house in the Petit-Rocher region and spend the night by a river.

These young people were far from suspecting that these altogether rather banal activities were going to dictate their destiny in a rather gloomy way.

Surprisingly, the origins of the book summer of flies date back to the summer of 2011, when the author was in France with his wife.

“We had set up our tent in one place and were sleeping while a car parked next to us and made noise for a few hours… It kept me awake and was the trigger for my novel .”

Details surrounding a possible filming of the film have yet to be determined, as has the film’s budget.

One thing is certain, Pierre-Luc Cool would like certain scenes of the film to be shot in his hometown.

Passionate about novels and film adaptations of the works of Stephen King and horror classics on the big screen and metal music, the 39-year-old author leads a tidy life as an author and teacher in Petit-Rocher with his wife and children, far from the evil beings who find themselves in his three books published since 2019.

The book by an author from Petit-Rocher will be adapted for the cinema