The evening of horror returns on October 31 at La Ferté

Six films on the bill for the full of strong emotions! ©Allo Cine Posters

This year, the feast ofHalloween October 31 falls on a Monday. But no worries for the children since they are on vacation.

Also, the team of Cine Ferte has concocted a lively afternoon for them, which will begin at 2:30 p.m. with a make-up session carried out by the association’s volunteers. There is no doubt that ghosts, witches, monsters of all kinds will be out. At 3:30 p.m., place at the cinema with The Little Vampire (see below).

At 5 p.m., it’s new, with video games on the big screen and a virtual reality film. Starting at 7 p.m., the zombie walk in the streets of the city center, with the return sharing of the traditional pumpkin soup. The other highlight for teens and adults is scheduled from 8:30 p.m. to 7:40 a.m. the next day, with the screening of five horror and horror films. The night will end with an onion soup.

Movies showing

3:30 p.m. The Little Vampire by Uli Edel, released in October 2020. From 6 years old. Nine-year-old American Tony Thompson is having a hard time adjusting to his new life in a small town in Scotland, where his father has been sent to build a tourist resort and a golf course. One evening, Tommy meets a vampire of the same age as him, Rudolph. This one does not represent any danger, because to avoid the persecutions of the humans, his family only feeds on cow’s blood. The imminent passage of a comet will allow them to become human again, but Rookery, the vampire hunter, rode…

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8:30 p.m. Howls by Joe Dante, released in January 1981 and revived in July 2022. Prohibited for children under 12. A series of gruesome murders terrorizes the people of Los Angeles. A young television journalist conducts her own investigation. Karen West narrowly escapes death during a date she voluntarily agreed to with an assassin named Eddie. He is shot dead by the police. After this attack, the young woman begins to have nightmares and goes to rest in a therapy center, with her husband Roy. But instead of improving, her condition worsens and her relationship with her husband deteriorates. The screening will be followed by an exchange with the youtuber Monstre de film.

11:15 p.m. Halloween ends by David Gordon Green, released on October 12, 2022. Prohibited for children under 12. Four years after the events of Halloween Kills, Laurie now lives with her granddaughter Allyson and is finishing her memoir. Michael Myers hasn’t come forward lately. After allowing Michael’s shadow to hang over the course of her existence for decades, she finally decided to free herself from fear and anger and turn to life. But when a young man, Corey Cunningham, is accused of murdering a boy he was babysitting, Laurie must confront the evil forces that elude her one last time, in a surge of violence and terror…

1:15 a.m.. Smile by Parker Finn, released in September 2022. Prohibited for children under 12. After witnessing a traumatic incident involving one of her patients, psychiatrist Rose Cotter’s life takes a turn for the worse. Overwhelmed by a mysterious force, Rose will have to confront her past in an attempt to survive…

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3:30 a.m. Black Phone by Scott Derrickson, released in June 2022. Prohibited for children under 12. Finney Shaw, a shy but intelligent 13-year-old teenager, is kidnapped by a sadistic killer who locks him in a soundproof basement where shouting is of no use. When a phone hanging on the wall, yet out of order, starts ringing, Finney will discover that he is in contact with the voices of the previous victims of his captor. They are as dead as they are determined that their sad fate will not become that of Finney.

5:30 a.m. Boop by Jordan Peele, released in August 2022. The inhabitants of a lost valley in the depths of California witness a terrifying supernatural discovery. A nightmarish adventure.

Prices for each session: €4; €17 for 5 films (all night). Only the workshops are free. Reservations: Gérard-Philipe cinema, 8, rue Saint-Denis, La Ferté-Macé, 02 33 38 29 02, [email protected]

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The evening of horror returns on October 31 at La Ferté-Macé