The new Walking Dead clip features Carol and Ezekiel in the Commonwealth

Ezekiel and Carol realize they are going their separate ways in a new clip from The Walking Dead season 11, episode 18. Melissa McBride’s Carol and Khary Payton’s Ezekiel became an object in The Walking Dead season 10. But there were plenty of good reasons the relationship simply didn’t work out for fans of the long-running zombie streak.

Obviously a lot more drama has happened to both Ezekiel and Carol since their surprise romance storyline surfaced in season 10. Notably, Carol put herself on the line for Ezekiel by hugging Commonwealth villain Hornsby to help the former king. get medical treatment for your cancer. Given a second chance at life from his surgery, Ezekiel decided to give back to humanity by helping in a secret clinic founded on behalf of the Commonwealth’s many poor.

But of course things have gotten very hot for many characters as well as the Commonwealth’s true dark face was revealed during The Walking Dead season 11. This left Carol and a few others plotting to get out of Dodge before getting even more entangled in Hornsby’s. drawings. But thanks to a new clip from TWD Season 11 Episode 18 released by The Walking Dead (via, it now appears that Ezekiel may not join Carol and the others in their exodus from the Commonwealth. Watch the clip in the space below:

The future of the Commonwealth

Fans of The Walking Dead over the years have grown very accustomed to the storyline where the core group of survivors stumble upon a new community that they think they can finally settle down and come back to live, only to find that their safe haven isn’t. it t so safe after all. But when the Commonwealth was fully introduced in season 11A, it seemed like perhaps the survivors had finally found true liberation. And then the evil designs of Hornsby and his minions came to light, turning the Commonwealth into another seemingly false paradise.

But as The Walking Dead season 11 unfolds, the show continues to tease the possibility that good may ultimately triumph over evil in the Commonwealth. Yes, there is a clear rot in the community system, embodied by the intriguing Hornsby, but there are also good people trying to do the right thing. The show’s core group of survivors is now split into two camps: those like Carol who wish to escape the situation, even if it means once again facing the horrors of the outside world; and those like Ezekiel who believe there is a chance to hold on and make it work this time around.

It remains to be seen whether the soul of the Commonwealth can truly be saved by Ezekiel, Eugene, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly and all the others who seem intent on fighting for their new home, or whether two-faced Horsnby will eventually gain control and transform the place in a nightmare. It also remains to be seen if any CRM-related breakthrough is not in sight for The Walking Dead as it accelerates through its latest run of episodes. A lot has actually been set up and there aren’t many episodes left to fix everything.

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