“The Night of 12”, “The Nights of Mashhad”, “Ducobu president! “… Movies to see at the cinema this week


The nocturnal shadow extends over the releases of the week with its share of threats and spells, which concern the dark part of the human experience. The Night of 12, by Dominik Moll, and The Nights of Mashhad, of Ali Abbasi, announce the color from the outset: black as a moonless evening or the detective series of the same name, with their anonymous killers who strike at street corners, both attacking isolated women, the first in a town in Savoy, the second in a holy and corrupt city in Iran.

“The Night of 12”: unclassified case

On the night of October 12, 2016, in Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne (Savoie), a 21-year-old young woman, Clara, was murdered, burned alive by a hooded man, as she was returning from an evening with friends. . A brigade of the Grenoble judicial police is dispatched to the scene to carry out the investigation.

In this Night of 12, it will be the daily work carried out by the police on the case that will guide us. Which concerns men, and more specifically their relationship to women. These questions haunt the film. They determine its darkness and gravity.

The femicide referred to here actually happened. It appears, among many others, in 18.3. A year at the PJ, by Pauline Guéna (Denoël, 2020) – thick work in which the author recounts her twelve months of immersion in the services of the PJ of Versailles. Dominik Moll has produced a seventh feature film from it, whose formal power, writing quality and casting intelligence match those of his first films, Harry, a friend who wishes you well (2000) and Lemming (2005). Veronique Cauhape

French film by Dominik Moll. With Bastien Bouillon, Bouli Lanners, Théo Cholbi, Pauline Serieys (1h55).


“The Nights of Mashhad”: the city through the prism of the killer

Presented in official competition at the Cannes Film Festival, Nights of Mashhad is the third feature film by Ali Abbasi, an Iranian filmmaker who has lived in Europe since 2001. The strong impression it made on the public on the Croisette is undoubtedly based on the way in which the story told there is constantly subjected to the stimulation of a priori more trivial art. The adventures and conventions of genre or exploitation cinema are used here to look at a society experiencing its own contradictions.

Nights of Mashhad is based on a series of murders that occurred in 2000 in the city of Mashhad, located in Iran, near the Afghan border. Several prostitutes had been murdered by a serial killer, who turned out to be a religious fanatic bent on purifying the city. Having become a sort of paradoxical hero for a section of public opinion, he was nonetheless condemned to death and executed. Shot in Jordan, far from the radar of Iranian censorship, the film follows the investigation of Rahimi, a female journalist (it was Zar Amir Ebrahimi who won the prize for female interpretation) determined to discover the identity of the culprit by taking foolish risks. Jean-Francois Rauger

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“The Night of 12”, “The Nights of Mashhad”, “Ducobu president! “… Movies to see at the cinema this week