The sixth edition of the Isla Calavera Festival kicks off, with John Landis and Deborah Nadoolman as guest stars

The VI Fantastic Film Festival of the Canary Islands City of La Laguna, Isla Calavera, which will be held between November 18 and 26 at Multicines Tenerife, the Teatro Leal, the ex-convent of Santo Domingo, among other venues, is an event for fans of genre cinema in the Canary Islands and has positioned La Laguna in the circuit of the great fantastic film festivals. Isla Calavera has this year the sponsorship of the City Council of La Laguna through the Department of Culture, the Cabildo de Tenerife, the Canarian Institute of Cultural Development, Canary Islands Film and the Tenerife Film Commission.

Under the direction of Daniel Fumero and Ramón González Trujillo, the screening program this year includes fifteen feature films in the Official Selection in competition, among which are the most original and risky national proposals (‘La piedad’, ‘Irati’, ‘Venus’, ‘Old Men’, ‘The Antares Paradox’ and ‘Stoyan’) and international (the Belgian productions ‘Megalomaniac’ and ‘Vesper’, the British ‘The Lair’, the Korean ‘Project Wolf Hunting’ and ‘Hunt ‘, the French ‘Smoking Causes Caughing’, the Mexican ‘Huesera’ and ‘Mal de ojo’, and the United States-Mexico-Argentine co-production ‘Satanic Hispanics’).

The Official Section of Short Films in competition, another of the highlights of the Isla Calavera Festival, includes in this sixth edition a total of 19 works, which stand out for their quality and variety of styles, and which can be seen grouped into two sessions of two Hours of duration. The first session consists of: ‘(N)os miran’ (Kiko Prada), ‘La nueva’ (Iván Villamel), ‘665’ (Juan de Dios Garduño), ‘Angler’ (Ángel Hernández Suárez), ‘There is only one ‘ (Mik. J. López), ‘Zombie Meteor’ (Alfonso Fulgencio and José Luis Farias), ‘Operation Frankenstein’ (José María Fernández de Vega), ‘La Masía’ (Víctor Catalá) and ‘Fría’ (David Sainz) .

The second session contains: ‘El semblante’ (Raúl Cerezo and Carlos Moriana), ‘Influencer’ (Nerea Torrijos), ‘The Sprayer’ (Farnoosh Abedi), ‘Face not recognized. Try again’ (The Also Sisters), ‘Superjodidos’ (Gastòn Haag), ‘La inquilina’ (Lucas Paulino and Ángel Torres), ‘El umbral’ (Javier Carneros Lorenzo), ‘Dativa’ (Daniel Calavera), ‘Mermaid Killer ‘ (Israel González and Joel Codina) and ‘Paralelos’ (Sam Ortí).

Skull Island Honor Awards 2022

The Canary Islands Fantastic Film Festival Ciudad de La Laguna, Isla Calavera, will receive in its sixth edition the visit of great names of fantastic cinema, who will be recognized with the highest award, the Isla Calavera de Honor Award in recognition of an entire career: John Landis, Deboran Nadoolman, Sarah Douglas, and Lamberto Bava.

John Landis, who will collect the Isla Calavera de Honor Award at the Opening Gala in recognition of his career as a master of fantastic cinema, with titles such as ‘An American Werewolf in London’ (1981), ‘The Prince of Zamunda’ (1988) or the mythical video clip ‘Thriller’ (1983), by Michael Jackson. Oscar-nominated costume designer Deborah Nadoolman, to whom we owe Indiana Jones’ memorable costumes, will also be recognized with the honorary award at the opening ceremony. The winners will be the protagonists this Saturday of a special event with live music and the screening of ‘Rogues at full speed (The Blues Brothers)’, directed by Landis with the collaboration of Deborah Nadoolman in the costume design of the film.

Known for her portrayal of the villain Ursa in the movies ‘Superman’ (1978) and its sequel, and other legendary roles such as the evil queen Taramis in ‘Conan, the destroyer’ (1984) or Pamela in the television series ‘V: The Final Battle’ (1984), sarah douglas He was in the Canary Islands shooting the adventure film with dinosaurs ‘Voyage to the Lost World’ on the island of La Palma in the mid-1970s. The artist will receive the Isla Calavera de Honor Award for these and other unforgettable characters that she has brought to life on screen, and she will participate in a meeting with the public after the screening of ‘Superman II’ (1980).

On the other hand, Isla Calavera will pay tribute to the writer, director and producer Lamberto Bava, author of essential fantastic, horror and gore film titles, including ‘Demons’ (1985), the story of a young student who attends the premiere of a film at the Metropol cinema, where terror will go beyond fiction. This title, key in his filmography, will be screened in the Isla Calavera Classics section. Son of the legendary filmmaker Mario Bava and grandson of Eugenio Bava, cinematographer and sculptor, Lamberto Bava began his career as an assistant director and screenwriter to later work under the orders of Dario Argento in films such as ‘Tenebre’ and ‘Inferno’.

SS Venture Award for Canarian Talent for Jonay Bacallado

The SS Venture Award, an award that seeks to recognize the trajectory of those canaries who have taken their talent from the Archipelago to the whole world within the framework of genre cinema, this year will be for Jonay Bacallado, an illustrator born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife who began his career in the industry as a conceptual artist with the film ‘Apocalypto’ (2006), by Mel Gibson. After this work, he has participated in ‘Avatar’ by James Cameron, ‘John Carter’, ‘Warcraft: The Origin’, ‘The Great Wall’ or ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. His most recent works include the series ‘Wandavision’, winner of the Emmy Award for best costumes for fantasy and science fiction; ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’; Marvel’s Halloween special feature ‘Curse of the Werewolf’ and the films currently in production ‘Blue Beetle’ and ‘Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes’.

Isla Calavera Award for the dissemination of Fantastic for Jesús Palacios

On the other hand, the writer and film critic from Madrid Jesus Palacios will receive the Isla Calavera 2022 Award for the dissemination of the fantastic. Author of more than twenty books on cinema, literature, esotericism and popular culture, he has become a reference in the genre.

Documentary Section

Within the out-of-competition programming of the Isla Calavera Festival, the documentaries can be seen at Multicines Tenerife: ‘Lynch / Oz’, by Alexandre O Philippe, ‘[REC] Terror without pause’, directed by Diego López-Fernández, and ‘El valle de Concavenator’, by Víctor Matellano, the latter two with the presence of their directors.


In addition to ‘The Blues Brothers’ (1980), ‘Superman II’ (1980) and ‘Demons’ (1985), the Isla Calavera Festival offers the opportunity to see other fantastic film gems of all time on the big screen: from ‘Nosferatu, a symphony of horror’ (1922), on the occasion of the centenary of its premiere, to the fant-terror classic ‘A thousand screams has the night’ (1982), on the fortieth anniversary of the film by Juan Piquer Simón, with the presence of actor Jack Taylor, the master of special effects and makeup Colin Arthur and the specialist in the genre Víctor Matellano.

The family audience will be able to enjoy ‘Inside the labyrinth’ (1986), while on the occasion of the premiere of the documentary ‘[REC] Terror without pause ‘will be able to see'[REC]’ (2007),

The classics program is completed with ‘Parasite’ (1982) and ‘Shocker. 100,000 volts of terror’ (1989), in two free admission sessions by Reel One Entertainment.

IV Industry Meeting

The Fantastic Film Festival of the Canary Islands City of La Laguna Isla Calavera offers this Saturday, the 19th, at 12:00 noon, in the ex-convent of Santo Domingo de San Cristóbal de La Laguna, a new edition of the Filming in the Canary Islands Industry Meeting that will bring together prominent producers, directors and creators with representatives of the Canarian audiovisual fabric.

This professional activity will allow attendees to learn in detail about the possibilities of settling in the Canary Islands and filming on the islands, both because of the fantastic and diverse locations they offer, as well as the tax conditions and opportunities it entails. In addition, for the first time, a leading international video game company, Ubisoft, will participate in the Industry Meeting.

The Meeting includes a round table with the participation of Carlos Fernández (CEO Filmax), Eugenio Mirá (director, ‘Grand Piano’, HBO series ‘¡García!’) and José Herráez (Ubisoft Barcelona), representing the sector of video games. Other renowned filmmakers, some with films in competition within the framework of the VI Isla Calavera Festival, will also participate in the Meeting to learn first-hand why the Canary Islands have become a benchmark for national and international filming and to establish the development of animation productions. and video games.

Confirmed guests include names such as Nerea Torrijos (Goya Award-winning costume designer, director), Paul Urkijo (director), Carlos Grau (director), Alejandro Ibáñez Nauta (producer and director), Miguel Ángel Poveda (producer ), Kiko Prada (producer and director), Diego Rodríguez (La Charito Films), among others. Tenerife Film Commission, Canary Islands Film and the Consortium of the Canary Islands Special Zone, dedicated to promoting audiovisual production in the Archipelago by both foreign and national production companies, will set the standard for the advantages of establishing filming and audiovisual and entertainment companies on the islands .

More than 20 accredited local professionals will participate in this fourth edition of the Isla Calavera Industry Meeting, which seeks to establish itself as a benchmark for the presentation of opportunities and to share knowledge and experiences of filming in the Canary Islands in order to promote the local industry and give visibility to the potential of the professionals who carry out their work in the archipelago.

A festival that transcends the big screen thanks to its programming of projections and parallel activities, which include meetings with the public, talks and round tables, exhibitions and festive events at its different venues, bringing together a large number of fans of the fantastic.

The sixth edition of Isla Calavera – Fantastic Film Festival of the Canary Islands City of La Laguna has the sponsored by the City Council of La Laguna through the Department of Culture, the Cabildo de Tenerife, the Canarian Institute for Cultural Development, Canary Islands Film and the Tenerife Film Commission; and the collaboration of the University of La Laguna, “la Caixa” Foundation, Fly Luxury, Reel One Entertainment, Juan Antonio Ribas Subtítulos y Ediciones Digitales, Cinedfest, Playmedusa, Cáncamo & Company, Mercado Nuestra Señora de África, Iro Pictures, McDonald’s, Audi Canarias, Dark channel, Coca-Cola, Teatro Leal, José Acosta Style, Floor 0: Digital Consulting and Chrysallis Canarias. Fundación Diario de Avisos and Televisión Canaria participate as media partners.

The sixth edition of the Isla Calavera Festival kicks off, with John Landis and Deborah Nadoolman as guest stars