Thor Love and Thunder, Christian Bale and Gorr: “they were looking for an unpleasant, lonely and disturbing guy and they thought of me”

The great actor Christian Bale in Thor: Love and Thunder is Gorr, the Slaughterer of Gods, an interesting and multifaceted villain character that he spoke to us, with a lot of wit, in the world press conference.

The moment long awaited by MCU fans is coming: Thor: Love and Thunderthis mysterious object which is the fourth film – and the second directed by Taika Waititi – dedicated to the character of the Asgardian god, will be released in theaters on July 6. Meanwhile, it was premiered in America and to international critics and even if we cannot go into the merits yet, the director, the protagonists and the Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige spoke about it without spoilers during a world press conference. Among the most anticipated appearances there was also that of Christian BaleOscar-winning and multiple-nominee actor, famous for his physical and psychological transformations, che for the first time he plays a Marvel villainindeed, a supervillain, none other than Gorr, the Slaughterer of Gods, whose mission is to exterminate all divinities. Mustachioed and bearded, gruff in appearance, Bale actually turns out to be brilliant and witty, and opens up new glimpses of the film and its performance.

Christian Bale is / and Gorr

When asked how he found himself playing Gorr, in fact his first time with such a character, Christian Bale replies:

“I think for Gorr they were looking for an actor who was the polar opposite of Chris, that is, an unsympathetic person, a bit lonely, disturbing, someone who no one wants to be with and no one wants to see his ass. And I think Kevin said,” “Ho! It’s Christian!”, and so it went. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of pleasure in being a villain, it’s a lot easier to play than a hero, Chris had a much more difficult task. We are all fascinated by villains. and then the beauty of it is that Taika knows how to make it both hilarious and really moving in the story. Besides, I don’t want to go too far by saying that you feel sympathy for him. man makes terrible decisions. He is a monster, a butcher, but in a certain sense you can understand why he became such “.

From what we know about Taika Waititi and what the other actors have told, his are sets on which you improvise a lot and even a little crazy. What was it like working in those conditions for an actor like him?

“It was not the first time, I worked with many directors who love improvisation, first you do what is written then you see if you can add something. What I really liked is that emotions come through hearing. : Taika plays music in the background all the time on the set, which is fantastic “Tubular Bells”one of his favorites, and then Kate Bushfor which I thank him very much, but then I also found out Bruce Haack, who builds his own synthesizers and has a very Gorr sensibility, which comes from the seventies. All of this was very useful and a lot of fun, comedy and tragedy that go hand in hand. “

About Kate Bush (which is undergoing a major revival, also thanks to the boom of “Running Up The Hill” in Stranger Things), let’s go back to talking about dance which according to some Bale and Waititi would have made the character do. But alas, we will not see it butthe. This is the (sad) truth:

“We didn’t cut the dance sequence, we just planned it, we talked about it, maybe just whispered me and Taika. But we didn’t find half a day to do a Gorr dance. We are both Kate Bush fans and it would have been a lot. bizarre. But it stayed in our heads. I think we realized that it would probably never make it into the final cut. “

Tessa Thompson suggests that he could do it on the spot e Taika Waititi he answers “maybe on weekends” but it’s a real shame to know that it doesn’t exist. We are still pleased that a serious actor like Christian Bale has found himself in perfect harmony with the colorful world – even if his is a character in black and white – and crazy about Waititi’s Thor, which we will then talk about besides him, also Chris Hemsworththe other interpreters e Kevin Feige. After giving make-up artists proper makeup credit (4 hours to apply it every day) that transformed it, claiming their work is as good as his performance in bringing Gorr to life, he hooks on an answer. given by Natalie Portman about being superheroes. The conference was held on the same day that the United States Supreme Court effectively abolished the right to abortion, delegating its enforcement to the states and not the central government. Always committed to civil rights, Christian Bale closes like this: “Speaking of superheroes, can I add something? Regarding what the Supreme Court did today, we have a superpower: that of going to vote.”

Thor: Love and Thunder is approaching and waiting for us from 6 July at the cinema.

Thor Love and Thunder, Christian Bale and Gorr: “they were looking for an unpleasant, lonely and disturbing guy and they thought of me”