Tom Hanks plans to play the role of Doctor Who

Tom Hanks has in mind the chance to play the iconic British science fiction character Doctor Who. Playing the eccentric Time Lord might seem out of Hanks’ wheelhouse since the actor has generally remained loyal and excels at playing “everyman” roles. However, Hanks recently gave his biggest performance in 2022 Elvis. By taking on the part of The King’s evil manager, Colonel Tom Parker, in full mustache whirling mode, he shunned his typically ingrained characters for something much more. bigger and wider.

Doctor Who has been played on TV by thirteen, soon to be fourteen, major players over the past six decades. The British show ran from 1963 to 1989 on the BBC. Although white men have historically played The Doctor, the character is technically genderless. The tides began to change incrementally after the show’s revival in 2005, with Matt Smith playing the role in 2010 when he was 26, the youngest actor to play the part. In 2017 Jodie Whittaker took on the role of the first woman to play the Doctor, and soon Rwandan-Scottish actor Ncuti Gatwa will be the first POC to play the Time Lord.

According to an interview with Hanks on the Happy Sad Confused podcast with Josh Horowitz, the Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, pressured the show’s producers to make Hanks appear as an incarnation of Doctor Who. Hanks makes it clear that he would have enjoyed the opportunity, but thinks taking the part of him wouldn’t have gone very well with the audience. He finds out what he has to say below:

“It would have been a blast, but that’s it, it’s all planned, I guess. I can’t do all the jobs. And honestly, I as Doctor Who… can you imagine? Can you imagine the indignation? I’m an American, and I’ll go over, and I’ll jump in that you know, red phone booth, and you know, and I’ll wear a scarf and whatever it is. I don’t think Anthony Quinn could play Zorba the Greek in today’s popular judgment, you know. But why? You know why Josh… because he’s not Greek. So imagine the… imagine the scream if I had sounded world famous… I would have played one of the Daleks, maybe. I would have been inside one of those big salt and pepper shakers talking in that automated voice … with an English accent, by the way. “

Just as most people are against the idea of ​​an American playing James Bond, there is something inherently British about the character of The Doctor. Hanks has already played an Englishman; one of his many roles in Wachowski’s epic Cloud Atlas was a Cockney gangster. But unlike that character, taking on a beloved role like the Doctor brings a lot more fan control. Ballot to know something like that that the TARDIS is a blue police booth, not a red phone booth. Being an American doesn’t stop Hanks from fully appearing in Doctor Who. American colleague Neil Patrick Harris will play the villain in an upcoming 60th anniversary special featuring the return of Dr. David Tennant. And even if he seemed to be joking, Hanks might still have a chance to play a Dalek someday.

The great thing about the Doctor, and something that has led to the continued vitality of the show, is the character’s ability to periodically change appearances. This led to numerous actors playing the role without looking weird. It also allows different actors and showrunners to step in and put their mark on the character as they play within the established continuity and guidelines. The Doctor could be of any nationality, race, sex, or sexuality, be it Hanks, another American actor, or even an actor from another part of the world. Doctor Who has been around for so long, across many incarnations, so who can say which incarnation the next Doctor will take?

Source: Felice Triste Confuso

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