Which horror books to choose for thrill seekers

There are those who love them love stories and those who prefer to extricate themselves from the intrigues of a historical novel. Those who enjoy following the characters engaged in solving a mystery and those who are looking for a little scare to cheer after school, between sport and study. What is certain is that, numbers in hand, the horror literature it is among the genres most appreciated by today’s kids, not only in the period before the famous one Halloween partybut throughout the year. Macabre and bloodthirsty stories of vampiresbut also tales of fearsome ghosts And evil spirits who persecute their victims night and day, up to the most monstrous (and famous) love and friendship stories, which have also conquered the film box office in recent years.

The teaching that lies among children’s horror books

Sometimes it’s not just stories about monsters, ghosts and other evil characters. The scary stories enclosed between the pages of best horror books for kids, are also the vehicle of a real teaching for the youngest. They help to understand that life is not always easy and that people, with their ambitions, can also hinder them. However, feeling fear is not something exclusively negative, it allows us to get to know each other inside and, bringing us back to our most primordial instincts, make us grow. The best books horror for kids also help the little ones and young people to develop the right mentality to solve situations in which they feel scared and in danger, always with interesting ideas even for the most difficult events in life.

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Among the best books horror for children – but also for adults – certainly one cannot forget to include the gothic novel par excellence, written by the British Mary Shelley in the early 1800s. With over 200 pages, Frankenstein tells the controversial story of the homonymous doctor Victor Frankenstein who, grappling with strange scientific experiments aimed at bringing corpses back to life, finds himself giving life to a monstrous creature, later remembered over time as Frankenstein’s monster or even just Frankenstein . Why is it a horror book that kids still like after two centuries? Because Frankenstein it is the emblem of the ‘different’ that has always upset all human certainties, bringing out in many ways what is true fear, only to reveal itself many times, much better than what is already known and exists. Frankenstein is the perfect novel for anyone looking for a scary story without too macabre images, but on the contrary reflective of what is monstrous nature in direct relationship with human nature.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

The second novel that we recommend among the best horror books for kids is another great classic of literature from the early 1900s. In this case the Irish one. We are talking about Dracula from Bram Stoker from whose pen, without knowing it, was born the vampire most famous ever and still today much talked about between big box office films and costumes to wear for scary masquerade parties. Dracula is a ghostly and ruthless novel, where blood is certainly not lacking, which owes its everything to the story starring the young real estate agent Jonathan Harker, grappling with the sale of a beautiful castle in Transylvania, to the well-known Count Dracula. Only to discover that his rich and lucky client is actually a monstrous creature. A book that is once again instructive, in staging the eternal struggle between Good and Evil that has afflicted man since the dawn of time.

The House of Death. Little shivers by Robert L. Stine

When it comes to the best books horror for young people, it is a must to include one of the novel series, among the most famous of the 90s and 2000, Little shiverswhich began with the famous The House of Death from Robert L. Stine (1992). What is this book about? Amanda Benson and her brother Josh are the protagonists who, after moving with their parents to a quiet and peaceful village, called Cascata Gloomy, lead their existence in a suggestive red brick house with a black roof, inherited from an old uncle. Monotony of the days that won’t take long to be disturbed since their daily lives will suddenly be disrupted by strange and inexplicable facts. Noises and laughter that no one knows where they come from, strange presences that even frighten their dog, forced to bark insistently. Everything around them appears dull and shady, until one day it will be their beloved pet Petey who escapes, leading the two brothers who are looking for him, to discover the bitter truth.

The son of the cemetery by Neil Gaiman

Among the greatest storytellers of the 12-year-old horror genre, too Neil Gaiman. The famous was born from his pen novel The son of the cemetery. The protagonist, Bod, is apparently a normal boy, except that, when still in diapers, he managed to escape the tragic murder of his family, crawling secretly from the Assassins, up to the city cemetery, located up on the hill. A gloomy and gloomy place, where, however, Bod – now Nobody and able to communicate with the dead, thanks to the gift of the Lady on the gray horse – he was welcomed and adopted by the non-living who chose to protect him. But growing up, the call of the world that lies beyond the cemetery is strong and Bod will probably choose to follow it, abandoning the companions who have always offered their support.

Macabre tales by Edgar Allan Poe

Last, but not least, among the best books of horror for 10-year-old boys certainly could not miss the very famous necklace of Macabre tales signed by the US Edgar Allen Poe. Inside Berenice, The black Cat, Fairy Island it’s still The revealing heart, There fall of the Ushers, The oval portrait, Morella And ligeria. Eight thrilling stories, for all tastes, and illustrated by Benjamin Lacombe. The volume also contains an essay by the cursed poet Baudelaire, dedicated to Poe’s literary genius.

Which horror books to choose for thrill seekers