Woody Allen Quits Hollywood Because He Thinks Netflix Is Ruining Cinema

    Woody Allen hasn’t directed a movie since the little-seen Rifkin’s Festivalreleased in 2020. The two years since then have been chaotic in Allen’s world – an HBO documentary that delves into allegations that he sexually abused his daughter, while employees at his publishing company staged a mass walkout over his memoirs-, but, according to Allen, he hasn’t made any films because the evil Netflix is ​​ruining cinema (we don’t know what he thinks of the series, but we love them, so you shouldn’t miss our selection of the best series Netflix 2022).

    Allen recently joined Alec Baldwin on Instagram Live to discuss his new collection of humorous stories, Zero Gravity. Think about that pairing for a second. Unsurprisingly, the conversation quickly turned to his gripes about Hollywood, something neither of them lacks, with Allen saying that he’s lost interest in making movies during the streaming age.

    “I’ll probably do one more movie, but a lot of the excitement is gone because it doesn’t have the full cinematic effect.” said. “When I started, you made a movie that went into theaters across the country and people went to see it. Now you make a movie and you get a couple of weeks in a movie theater, maybe six or four weeks, and then it goes right into the streaming or pay-per-view. People love to sit at home and watch it on their big screen TVs with good sound and a clear picture. It’s not the same as when I got into the movie business. And that’s why I don’t I find it so nice.”

    When Baldwin announced the interview in an Instagram post, fans criticized him for hanging out with the disgraced filmmaker while still in the spotlight over the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who died on the set of Rust when Baldwin fired a prop gun loaded with live ammunition. “Let me preface this by stating that I have ZERO INTEREST in judgments and sanctimonious messages from anyone here,” Baldwin wrote. “OBVIOUSLY I’m someone who has my own set of beliefs and I DON’T CARE about anyone else’s speculation. If you think a trial should be conducted through an HBO documentary, that’s your problem.”

    But the facts speak for themselves: The documentary Allen v. farrow HBO painted such a damning portrait of Allen’s alleged sexual abuse of his daughter, Dylan Farrow, that Amazon canceled his $68 million four-picture deal. Allen has continued to make films, although his films are having difficulty finding distribution. But, if you understand him, he throws in the towel because he doesn’t feel well, for no other reason.

    “I don’t have the same fun of making a movie and putting it in a movie theater,” Allen said. “It was a nice feeling knowing that 500 people were watching it at once… I don’t know how I feel about making movies. I’m going to do another one and see how I feel.”

    Later in the interview, Allen’s WiFi went dead, leaving Baldwin blinking in confusion. Once he realized what was happening, he went out of frame to yell at someone offscreen in Spanish. Then the troubleshooting began, with Baldwin showing off a Titleist golf-brand cap. All in all, it was a pitiful and out of place scene. It seems like the right thing to do for two guys who should have been taken off the stage a long time ago.

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Woody Allen Quits Hollywood Because He Thinks Netflix Is Ruining Cinema