2022 amateur rugby trophies in the Tarn: vote for the best player in the 1st and 2nd series

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You have an appointment, until November 13, to vote online on the website of La Dépêche du Midi in order to elect the best players of the Tarn amateur rugby. They will be rewarded at a ceremony organized on November 24. Place for 1st and 2nd series players.

Pierre Trouche (Puylaurens), preciously discreet

Pierre Trouche (Puylaurens)

To listen to the president of Puylaurens, his player Pierre Trouche is an exceptional element. It must be said that Patrice Cougot was a coach before presiding over the destinies of the red and black club. “I would like to have fifteen like him and we would be champions of France. Needy, tough, adorable…. there are no words to talk about Pierre Trouche.

Aged 34, he has already been at the club since the 2012-2013 season, coming late without going through the youth categories but always available and loyal. Its president never tires of talking about him. “From the start, his place has been in the pack but if he has to take a position behind, he does it without asking any questions. He likes it when it’s rough, when there’s contact. And if unfortunately he misses a tackle, we quickly understand that he will not miss two. Everything is in the eyes. He practices the profession of the earth and this is certainly what gave him this solidity. When he leaves the field, we can say that he has given everything, he is on his knees, exhausted, but satisfied. It’s true that he lacks a bit of technique but he makes up for it with his generosity and liveliness. If by chance he has to be late, we always have a little message to let you know. During the third halves, he is like on the field, discreet and not big mouthed. He knows how to party and have fun without overflowing. »

Jean-Baptiste Lapeyre (Sidobre), the altruist

Jean-Baptiste Lapeyre (Sidobre)

Jean-Baptiste Lapeyre (Sidobre)

He fell into the rugby pot when he was little. Jean-Baptiste Lapeyre is the heir to a long line of Castres players – including his father Roger and brother Benjamin – who have worn the colors of the CO. Currently a very popular player for the Sidobre Montagne XV club, he started rugby at the age of 6 at Castres Olympique before climbing all the levels of the club to Espoirs, then heading to Lourdes, Graulhet and Revel.

If he recently came to the Brassagaise mountain, it is to find his friends from the CO: Quentin Séguier, Valentin Maury and Julien Béziat. Pierrick Girbas, his coach is full of praise for him. “He’s a 30-year-old with a great state of mind, very involved in the life of the club. He is able to lend a hand to everyone. A real nice guy. He is a complete player who knows how to impose himself on the field with his technique and his impressive size. A very mobile mainstay, he has a lot of play. We made him captain during Sylvain Diez’s injury and he took it on well. »

Michel Giacomini, his Espoirs coach at the CO also says nothing but good things about it. “We call him Patou. This big guy has rugby in his blood. Powerful in the game, he would put his head down and move forward. He loved fighting but he was also a ball player. In short, a real needy. »

Arnaud Gondran (Valence-d’Albigeois), the driver

Arnaud Gondran (Valence-d'Albigeois)

Arnaud Gondran (Valence-d’Albigeois)

Player, manager, head of the rugby school, coach driver for the club’s players and youngsters, Arnaud Gondran is the Swiss army knife of Valence Olympique. After a few years at the Aveyron club of Lévézou-Ségala, he followed his friends, six years ago now, to come and play in Valence. He quickly joined the ranks of the rugby school educators before recently becoming its manager with Mathieu Loubet.

This beautiful 1m90 chicken plays second line with the Blue and White. Exemplary in his behavior, before, during and after the matches, he is the guide of this young team. Reassuring, he speaks to his teammates with a positive speech. Never beaten down, he knows how to question himself and use bad performances to bounce back. President David Génieys, also a former second line, is admiring: “I love this guy because he has an extraordinary mentality. The club owes him a lot. He is always looking for perfection and when he speaks, the guys are listening, nobody moves. He is a player in the shadows, combative, but never making a bad move. He has a very good individual technique that he puts at the service of the team. Beyond the field he is the team bus driver and if he is injured, it is his partner, manager at the club, who replaces him. He is the boss in life but also in the field. He also knows the repertoire of third halves but always knows how to stay within reasonable limits. »

Cédric de Cillia (Vielmur-sur-Agout), the teacher

Cedric de Cillia (Vielmur-sur-Agout)

Cedric de Cillia (Vielmur-sur-Agout)

At almost 40, he is no longer very young to play and tells anyone who will listen that this is his last season. But his friend and trainer Fabrice Fournials likes to recall that he has already heard that in previous years. In the meantime, Cédric de Cillia is very active within the club. Responsible for the rugby school and pillar of the Vielmuroise fray on Sundays, this firefighter from Toulouse airport has integrated well into the club since his arrival three years ago.

Fabrice Fournials is the best placed to talk about it. “I first played with him and now I train him. As soon as he arrived among us, he took charge of a team at the rugby school and, quickly, he became the manager. He is fully involved and it works perfectly, since with our young people, he started from scratch to currently have 70 kids. And all this thanks to his investment with his team of educators. On Wednesdays, he spends the afternoon with the youngsters and continues with training for the seniors. It’s been a good day. On the pitch, he’s a tough guy, tough on things, a guy better to have with you than against. He is an old-fashioned player who is very present in the game. Cédric has a deep-rooted desire in him to pass on his knowledge to young people. What’s more, he’s an extraordinary entertainer who, on Sunday evenings, is in charge of the sound system. »

Raphaël Vidotto (Briatexte), 35 years of rugby on the clock

Raphaël Vidotto (Briatexte)

Raphaël Vidotto (Briatexte)

Forty years. This is the age at which all rugby players take their place in the stands. Raphaël Vidotto is still on the pitch. And this for 35 years. “I was premature in this sport. I went through several clubs in the region before landing in Briatexte last year. »

Residing in Graulhet, the refrigeration technician quickly found a club looking for experienced players to supervise a rejuvenated group. “I don’t know the weariness yet, I haven’t considered any specific date to stop. As long as I have fun and the club, poorly ranked at the moment, needs me! “Beginning in the third center line, his career continued in the second line at SC Briatexte. “This club suits me. I met some nice people there. “Starting with Jerôme Gilbert, the Briatextois coach, who does not save praise for his outdated foal. “He is a warrior, a needy. But respectful of the rules because little penalized. He knows how to play standing as much as in the intervals. He has reassuring experience. But he is very shy when it comes to speaking! »

If there is one who can judge the qualities of Raphaël Vidotto on the ground, it is his captain and third line Clément Mauriès. “He’s the father of the team. You know you fear nothing when he’s here, you can go to war. He’s a guy from the shadows, a false calm. He puts his head where you wouldn’t put his feet. Vidotto is worth three opponents! »

2022 amateur rugby trophies in the Tarn: vote for the best player in the 1st and 2nd series