A man died in Paris last week after consuming 3-MMC. This synthetic drug More and more circulates in festive circles, popular with consumers attracted by its attractive price: half the price of cocaine. RTL was able to meet a former consumer.

His first rail of 3-MMC was two years ago. Nicolas, a Parisian in his forties remembers this evening when he practiced some “chemsex” with other men in an apartment.

The principle: take drugs to make lovemaking more intense. “I snorted 3-MMC, in 15 minutes it took effect. I felt completely uninhibited. I felt almighty, I was good. The more I took, the more I “I wanted to take it. I snorted every 20 minutes. The intercourse lasted all night, until the morning,” he says.

Nicolas no longer remembers the quantity he ingested, “probably several grams”. The Parisian remembers above all the consequences on his body: “During these evenings, you couple 3-MMC with viagra and poppers”.

I took so many that I passed out

Nicolas, former consumer of 3-MMC

“At one point, I had taken so much that I lost consciousness, I woke up a few seconds later on the tiled floor. I still finished the evening,” recalls the forties, who then recounts the days following that evening.

The descent was a disaster. For two weeks I had a feeling of deep unease. Physically, I had ants before my eyes, palpitations, it was very difficult“. After two evenings under 3-MMC, Nicolas decided never to touch this drug again. “If you don’t have the willpower, you can very easily fall into it”.

From orgies to nightclubs

In the form of powder, crystals, or injection, this substance from the cathinone family is now consumed in festive evenings or in nightclubs. “3-MMC is a synthetic molecule that has stimulating properties that can be compared to amphetamines,” explains Sabrina Cherki, research officer at the French Observatory of Drugs and Addictive Tendencies.

“This substance is diffused in a festive context to last all night long, to have fun, etc. Users originally consume other substances such as cocaine or MDMA, they come in particular to 3-MMC to have similar effects at a lower cost”, continues the specialist. The same effects for a product that is actually much more accessible and half the price of cocaine. On the internet, it is possible to order two grams for 45 euros.

A drug much cheaper than cocaine

You risk absolutely nothing. Secure delivery, within two working days”, provides us with the customer service of a platform by email. For the past few months, dealers in large cities, called “ubercoke”, have added this new drug to their menus, their lists of available products. We contacted the one who calls himself Tonny on WhatsApp, he offers us a delivery during the day: 50 euros per gram of 3 MMC, 70 euros per cocaine.

This drug does not only circulate in France. The police of Europe are alarmed. Netherlands, Poland or Belgium. The federal police confirms to RTL that this product was consumed this summer at festivals. According to a report by the EMCDDA, the European specialized agency, published in March, 3.3 tonnes of synthetic cathinones were seized in the European Union in 2020, compared to 750 kg a year earlier.

The addiction specialist alert

Practitioners are seeing more and more patients addicted to 3-MMC in their offices. “There are risks of stroke, cardiac arrest. There are also psychological and psychiatric consequences, with manifestations such as anxiety, depression”, warns Professor Amine Benyamina, president of the French Federation of addictology and head of the psychiatry department at the Paul-Brousse Hospital in Villejuif.

“For the moment it is not an epidemic, but this summer, we had an alert so things have to be put in place right away“, especially in terms of prevention. In 10 years, at least 27 people have died in Europe after consuming 3-MMC.

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3-MMC: “You can very easily fall into it”, warns a former consumer