5 books to be released in September 2022 not to be missed

Here we are in September, the month in which – perhaps more than January – we feel we have to start over, have to establish new resolutions and let go of the less healthy habits that we have been carrying with us from the season just passed. “New” and “novelty” are words we often say in September. In line with this trend and with the search for the “new”, today we offer you 5 unmissable books coming out this month. Let’s find out the titles in question immediately.

5 books to be released in September 2022

1. “Diaries and notebooks”By Patricia Highsmith

The first of the 5 unmissable books to be released in September that we recommend is this unpublished insight into the life of Patricia Highsmith, the queen of the mystery, a deconstructed autobiography that traces the entire history of the great writer.

Patricia Highsmith is now recognized as “one of the greatest modernist writers” (Gore Vidal). Loved by readers around the world, Highsmith has never authorized a biography of her own, leaving her readers until the end, since her retirement in Switzerland, in the dark about the real reasons for the disturbances that are glimpsed in her writing.

Only in 1995, months after her death, the editor Anna von Planta found the author’s diaries and notebooks in a drawer: a heritage of over eight thousand manuscript pages, which help to discover the secret world hidden behind her legendary pages. . Beginning in her early years at Barnard College in 1941, Patricia Highsmith constantly keeps a diary of her days, and notes in numerous notebooks ideas and ideas for her stories.

This volume organizes and presents for the first time these texts, precious for capturing the fatal intertwining between the author’s private life and her literary imagery. The young Pat goes wild in the bars of the Greenwich Village of the forties, thanks to Truman Capote she frequents Flannery O’Connor in the colony of artists of Yaddo, but already in front of the first successes (such as the novel Strangers in the train, published in 1950 and soon adapted by Alfred Hitchcock for the cinema) a question haunts her: “What is the life that I have chosen?”.

A freedom of thought and writing that clashes with McCarthy’s bigotry America, forcing her to publish her masterpiece Carol under a pseudonym, which will also receive an extraordinary commercial reception. Seeking relief from the provincialism of the United States, Highsmith toured Europe with her inseparable cigarettes until she landed in Italy, in Positano. Here, her notes reveal, the character who would have consecrated her is born, the fascinating and dangerous anti-hero Tom Ripley.

For fifty years Patricia Highsmith has recounted her turbulent life in diaries and notebooks: an irrational and very faithful autobiography, the chronicle of a woman’s rebellion against conventions, and of a writer’s luminous journey towards the Olympus of literature.

2. “Amazement”By Zeruya Shalev

Among the books coming out in September that we recommend there is “Stupore”, a work in which Zeruya Shalev tells the story of two women, Atara and Rachel, against the background of the events that gave birth to Israel.

After the death of his father, a famous scientist who exercised a grim tyranny within the walls of his home, Atara, a fifty-year-old architect with a stormy love life and mother of two children, goes in search of his dark past. Finding his almost 100-year-old first wife and hearing her talk about the heroic season in which both were part of the Resistance against the British before the founding of the State of Israel only deepens the mystery.

And so the lives of the two women, of Atara, who knows nothing of the one whose name she bears and who seems to be the key to understanding many things, and of the elderly Rachel, who had put a stone on that past, change through. the meeting, their words but perhaps above all their respective silences. Zeruya Shalev weaves a story that is both profoundly singular and collective, managing to intertwine drama and irony, the most banal everyday life and the great events of the recent past. The story of two women, family ties, love, guilt.

3. “The weight of words”By Pascal Mercier

Among the 5 books coming out in September that we point out there is also “The weight of words”, the novelty published by Fazi Publisher all focused on books and the passion for reading.

From the author of the longseller “Night train to Lisbona new novel, profound and full of suggestions, which tells the love for books in all its facets. The weight of words it talks to us about the freedom that literature gives us and explores the question of how free we are in the choices we make in our lives. Since his childhood, Simon Leyland has been fascinated by languages.

In spite of his parents, he becomes a translator and resolutely pursues his goal of learning all the languages ​​spoken in the Mediterranean. From London he follows his wife Livia to Trieste, where she inherited a publishing house. In this city of important writers he believes he has found the ideal place for his work, until a medical error leads him off course. However, this apparent catastrophe proves to be a turning point and an opportunity to completely reinvent his life once again.

4. “The latest diva”By Flaminia Marinaro

And if you love biographical books, you can’t help but take a look at this new autumn release dedicated to the diva of silent cinema Francesca Bertini.

“The Last Diva” is the fictionalized biography of Francesca Bertini, an extraordinary diva of silent cinema. From the first of her, timid steps in a theater in Naples during the belle époque until her triumphant career that led her to shine on cinema screens all over the world. The intrigues, the passions and the background of the life of an actress who marked an era.

It is the early years of the twentieth century when little Elena moves with her mother to Naples, unsure of how to fit into a completely new city compared to the Florence of her childhood. Despite her shyness, she is noticed by the father of her classmate, Eduardo Scarpetta, who immediately introduces her to the extras of her theater, renaming her with her stage name that will enter her story: Francesca Bertini.

In fact, it does not take long for the quiet but ambitious Francesca to emerge on the scene, arriving in Rome to enchant with her expressiveness not only directors and colleagues, but also the glittering high society of the time, which she admires so much, as well as the most fashionable intellectuals. of the period, including D’Annunzio.

With a fluid and lively writing, The Last Diva traces the rise of Francesca Bertini in the world of silent cinema, revealing the secrets of her successful career and the intrigues of her private life, but above all bringing out the figure of a woman determined to leave their mark and become the icon of an entire generation, demonstrating an incredible strength of character as well as a great talent.

5. “Fairy tale”By Stephen King

We end this roundup of new books coming out in September with the most anticipated title, “Fairy Tale”, the new adventure conceived by Stephen King.

A boy, his dog, the descent into a magical and dark world. Welcome to the dark side of once upon a time. Charlie Reade is a seventeen-year-old like many others, discreet at school, excellent at baseball and football. But he carries too much weight for his age. His mother died in a car accident when he was seven and his father succumbed to alcohol from the pain.

Since then, Charlie has had to learn to look after both of them. One day, he runs into an old man – Howard Bowditch – who lives in seclusion with his dog Radar in a large house on top of a hill, known in the neighborhood as “Psycho’s House”. There is a shed in the backyard, always locked, from which strange noises are coming. Charlie rescues Howard after an injury, gaining his trust, and takes care of Radar, who becomes his best friend.

Until, on the verge of death, Mr. Bowditch leaves Charlie a cassette where he recorded an incredible story, a secret he has kept hidden all his life: inside the back shed hides the gateway to another world. A parallel reality where Good and Evil fight a battle on which the fate of our own world depends. An epic fight that will end up involving Charlie and Radar, in spite of themselves, in the role of heroes. From the genius of Stephen King, an extraordinary and chilling new adventure, a breathtaking ride into the boundless territory of his imagination.

5 books to be released in September 2022 not to be missed