Friday, October 21, 2022

LMost changes in life are usually complicated, but there are times when you must accept that renewing yourself, changing the scene, is the best option; something like that experienced by the historic former striker of the Women’s America: Daniela Espinosa; who in chat with ELEVENrecognized that accepting the offer of the Tijuana after five years of being azulcrema it was necessary to be able to advance in his career, because he felt he had stagnated.

A brave decision for the native of Los Cabos, because she is not afraid to start from scratch, break stones and compete to win a place, not only in the hearts of border fans, but also to knock on the door of Selection and be taken into account again.

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Making an important decision.

It was something that I already needed, I had been in the same institution for 5 years and I had to take that leap, leaving home, which was how I felt in America, yes I had entered a rut in which I felt a bit stuck, but thanks God was given the opportunity to leave and here in Xolas I have had a great opportunity, I have had the trust of everyone, the board, the coaching staff and my colleagues, I have felt very good, very protected, little by little I have been identifying myself with the institution, with the team, with what it means to be part of Xolos and I am very happy to be part of this institution“.

From one media club to another that is just beginning to take off.

Here the fans are calmer, there is not so much that pressure that always exists in América, little by little the club is growing and they take it seriously, I am very happy to be part of this squad and I hope to be able to leave my mark and also get involved in the history of the club“.


It’s a short time, but, do you already feel the DNA of the “perrísimas”?

Little by little I am familiarizing myself with the club and that “Somos Perrísimas” has turned out very well in the team, game by game we show that we can fight against any rival that comes our way, we don’t underestimate anyone and we don’t underestimate ourselves either, that is something that has helped the team to maintain that attitude and go out on the field with everything”.

Do you feel you are on the right track?

I have known parts of football that I had not experienced, I am in a position that I had not played so often before and I have realized that I can also contribute in other areas on the pitch, the personal objective was to score goals and until now I did not know It has given me that opportunity to score in such consecutive games, but I have felt very calm with what I have contributed to the team, it is also part of my adaptation, it is my first season here”.


The competition in the attack of the Club Tijuana is red hot, with Renae Cuellar Y angelina hix on fire on the subject of scoring, it has not been easy to ensure the role of protagonist, but for Dani The most important thing is to be united and between all of us to ensure that we reach the league.

We always support that part, we dedicate ourselves to what we have to do, to train, seek to deserve to be in the starting ELEVEN and that is what we go with every day. The competition has been very healthy and the team is very united, I hope that for this Liguilla we can have that meeting between all of us and advance”.

Adaptation to new coach: Juan Romo

My respects to the teacher, we are learning together with him and it is something very cool that there is always that openness and that confidence, it is something that will always benefit the team and I am also very grateful to him for having the confidence to want me to were here, I will try to answer on the court

Is he a good leader?

He has always had that approach with us, they also scold us when necessary, I don’t see it badly, it is something that is part of sport, not only in soccer but in any discipline, we have a good leader and he is going to help us a lot, between all of us we focus on the objective, we have that very clear”.

Xolas is one of the five teams already qualified for the league beside Chivas, Rayadas, America and Tigresbeing in that sack has not been easy, but they are clear that, despite the difficulties, they are ready to fight for the championship.

What is the team for?

We aspire to great things and if it hurts us not to be able to advance when we have had the opportunity, but it is something that we also have to learn, the team is growing little by little. Lately Xolos Femenil has given more to talk about, we are growing together”.

We learn from mistakes.

We talked about it in the dressing room, which are things that cannot happen to us again, they are experiences that are going to make us improve and we always have to take it in the best way so that it doesn’t happen again in the next game; improve in that aspect so that we can have a good place in Liguilla and be among the first four“.

Possible Liguilla vs. America, What do you expect?

It is one of the options because of how the table is adjusting, meeting América in the quarterfinals, there are mixed feelings being with my former team in a Liguilla, I never imagined that it could happen, we still don’t know if it will be like that or not, but if it happens it will be a good scenario for the team, we are prepared to face any team. I’m just going to enjoy the moment, I know that Xolos Femenil is going to leave everything on the field as we show it in every game and that’s the most important thing for us“.

Where do you see the team? Juan Romo has said that they are the best squad Tijuana has ever had.

It is one of the best squads that Xolos Femenil has had and we have seen it this season, several players have stood out and I really like that every day at least one Xolos player was in the ideal ELEVEN, that speaks well of the work, that It is what we are always thinking about, working as a team, thinking about the team before the individual and that will help us to face the rivals that have been doing things well, such as the Regios teams, also Chivas. America”.

Rivalry vs Rayadas.

Against Rayadas there has been that rivalry that lately they have been draws, Xolos has already beaten Rayadas for the first time at home, they are numbers that excite the team’s fans, I can’t say I’m sure what’s going to happen, but what What I am sure of is that we are going to make an effort and leave everything on the field so that the dreams of both the fans and ourselves come true.“.

Despite the fact that in recent calls Daniela Espinosa has not received a call to participate with the Mexican Women’s National Team, she welcomes the arrival of Spaniard Pedro López as DT, and assured that she will work full time to earn a space again.

What do you think of the changes in the technical direction of the Women’s Tri?

I think that changes are always good, the Federation made this change for the better, I do not have the pleasure of meeting the coach, I hope that the best players are on that list in each call, that they can work and improve both individually as a team and, obviously I’m going to work to deserve to be among the best in Mexico, if given the opportunity I’m going to take it with great pleasure and leave everything on the field and enjoy it to the fullest”.

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