A Pro Vercelli fan: do we do anything else besides criticizing?

We receive and publish an article-contribution from a fan attentive to passionate.

It is a long, complicated speech, perhaps it will not help but I try to do it anyway.
Vercelli is decaying, it is becoming a big town. For a number of reasons that I will not dwell on, it is not the right group to talk about it, but on the Pro yes, this is the right place.
It is true we are no longer in B, but it is not that in the last forty years we have often been in B.
It is true we were promised to return to Serie B in two years but actually a little something in the world has happened in recent years, it has been hard for everyone.
Several years ago the late Paganoni also promised C1, B and A and then we always remained in C2.

We are all the first to admire other clubs by saying how many people, how much enthusiasm, how much cheering, but we Vercelli also known as bugianen do something to make Vercelli and the Pro return to their former glory?
Besides criticizing, do we do anything else?

It is nice to see a like on the Pro but a presence at the stadium is even more beautiful, especially if a pass in the corners cost only 50 euros.
We used to be a great crowd too, why don’t we all go back to the stadium and have fun together? Of course, many problems, many difficulties in today’s world, but precisely for this reason why can’t we spend two hours having fun or getting angry or cheering for the team of our city?

Of course you want to say I care about Inter, Juve or Milan, let’s not joke, should I start watching a Serie C or singing with four cats?
Of course I understand, those who care about the Pro are considered a loser, do you want to get kicked and thrown out of the Meazza / San Siro stadium to honor a deceased person or say from a sofa how strong we are at Milan or us at Juve? Want to put what’s cooler?

In Veneto they still have a territorial identity that has disappeared here, in Verona there is Verona and that’s it, whether it is good or bad in the standings.
The Vicenza has a very rich ownership, it could stay comfortably in A, it spends and spreads and has even found itself relegated to C yet their curve is impressive, their incessant cheering, bounces with that made in the distinct, no one is at home because the Lane is relegated to C after promising the fans Serie A, no one in any sector of the stadium cares what the neighbor will say if he sings or shouts or jumps, because the neighbor will be doing the same things and will not care in the least what people will say, they also enjoy themselves, regardless of the outcome.

Once I heard in the stadium, from us, someone who turned around and said, sorry can you scream more softly? At the stadium not at the cinema, here your arms really fall, they make you understand that something must be done to make the desire to have fun come back to the stadium.
Let’s try as far as possible not to become a big country where you can enjoy only if someone fails the objectives instead of cheering if you win, let’s go back to see the match of the team of our city, does it cost so much?

Once I remembered a fan who, even though he no longer lived in Vercelli, always came to the stadium, even if he was terminally ill, he wanted to return once again to greet his friends and attend the Pro match for one last time.
Let’s remember it every now and then when we prefer not to go to the stadium to see some “losers”.
Because white is the magical color that once gave us chills.

It’s time to go back, I don’t know why it occurred to me after a victory in Vicenza to write such a post or maybe yes, it’s November and tomorrow there will be the commemoration of the dead.

Clearer than that….

A Pro Vercelli fan: do we do anything else besides criticizing?