The Coach, after the match against Napoli, said he was afraid of falling in love with 0-0 and his followers satisfied him: no heartache and this defeat! The boys have no faults, their characteristics are those even if a greater commitment would be welcome, no top players have arrived who can change the fate of Fiorentina and the Italian himself has ruled that in the market “we have replaced and not added”, but then how can he present himself in Udine with a formation with 9 different players since Sunday? It can also be good to let everyone play, to make everyone feel protagonists but we are not in the oratory where all the children must be taken into consideration in the same way!

Then Italian goes to the press room and says that “there are very few owners here” and I have a doubt: he has brought this squad to the field to make it clear to those in charge that not everyone is up to playing at certain levels ? If it were so, talk to each other in the secret rooms without making us make these not exactly edifying figures. Thinking about it, I have a second doubt: if there are few owners here, hasn’t the Mister endorsed the transfer market? In his second year of Italian, did he not have a say in the sales and acquisitions campaign?

I respect our coach very much but I think it is right to make certain considerations because I would like my team to always do well or at least not lose face. I would also like not to try in every way to defend the indefensible because hearing that the boys played with their heads held high, that you shouldn’t make any drama makes me even more angry because against Udinese Italiano they have their goodies. faults. Unfortunately Fiorentina is one, the group can count 13-14 good players and we cannot afford to let Fiorentina two play in Udine because we risk getting hurt and so it was. Some of the players who went down yesterday at the Dacia Arena are not presentable for a team with some ambition and the mistakes made were many, including that of Venuti who cost us the match. Was there a phallus? Maybe, but our Lorenzo cannot make that move near the area and be bugged by Deulofeu. Since he was chosen as the owner, I do not understand why at the time of the substitution it was not Dodò but Benassi entered in his place… mysteries of the bench!

These massive shifts with affordable teams, if the group were thick, should bring us positive results but unfortunately, as seen with Fiorentina, we risk not scoring points either with the small or with the big names in the league and this I am sorry because the I liked the team on Sunday against Napoli very much even if with the age-old problem of scoring you can’t win easily. As has been happening for some time now, not even this time have we tried to turn the game by inserting the two points, something banned almost obsessively by our coach and for now we have played, if you remove the Neapolitans, against Cremonese, Empoli and Udinese, scoring three goals. only at the first, winning due to a mistake by Radu. Yesterday too a lot of sterile ball possession and an end in itself, without any noteworthy ideas or ideas but situations that have highlighted many shortcomings.

I would not like to be catastrophic, but I am unable to be proactive when I see games like yesterday’s because I know that the Viola’s journey will be long and complicated, with three competitions to play, and I think it is good not to lose points on the road “a bischero”, no offense to anyone. I try to console myself at the thought that Juventus can be asphalted on Saturday, that our best players rested for this match but I know, as history says, that it will be very tough.

The Lady in Purple