Adinolfi against all: «It is right to give the Donbass to Russia. Melons? He has the caliber of Sandra Mondaini »

After the municipal elections of Ventotene, in which the leader of the People of the family, as a candidate for mayor, took zero preferences, Mario Adinolfi took the field for the electoral round of 25 September. He did it by setting up a new party, Alternative for Italy, founded together with the former Casapound Simone Di Stefano. His is a program entirely centered on support for the so-called traditional family, but which also opposes “the technocrat Mario Draghi”, the health policies of previous governments and Italy’s current position on the international stage. Today, 21 September, Adinolfi tweeted: «They call it a ‘referendum-farce’ because they know that the Russian-speaking population in the Donbass prefers to break away from Kiev. They say we have to arm Zelensky, sink our economy, for the sake of democracy. But they trample it. Dragons at the UN he is horrified by the opinion of the people“.

Adinolfi, do you really believe that the West, as Putin says, wants to destroy Russia?

“No, I don’t have an agenda that can be superimposed on Vladimir Putin’s. I read the facts of history with my history graduate point of view and try to understand cause-and-effect dynamics. In Donbass there is a prevalent presence of the Russian population, subsequent to belonging to the same state, the Soviet Union. Russians and Ukrainians were essentially fraternal peoples. What is happening cannot be answered simply by saying that Putin attacked Ukraine. If this is the narrative, it is a biased, very American narrative. Americans have a tendency to divide the world for good and bad. In the complexity of the Donbass situation, it is necessary to consider a condition that for eight years has seen a problem of a military nature, with thousands and thousands of deaths. I continue to think that the solution cannot be the military one, but to let the people of Donbass choose whether to stay with Kiev or not ».

Putin’s aggression, however, went far beyond the Ukrainian territories where a Russian population insists. Bucha, for example, is not found in those territories which, in his view, can be considered contestable.

“If you are asking me if I consider Putin an aggressor, in my opinion his action could have been cauterized very quickly, if there were no other interests in the field. I don’t notice as much passion in the Azerbaijani-Armenian conflict, just to refer to a neighboring geographical area. And let’s not talk about Saudi Arabia-Yemen, Turkey-Kurds, etc. Here, I do not find in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the beginning of which I trace back to 2014, a condition to say that the war began on February 24, 2022 because Putin crosses the borders. It has simply gone from a low-intensity war to a high-intensity war. I believe that the responsibilities lie with many, and within the many I insert Zelensky’s autocracy and the interests of the post-Trump United States. Joe Biden has resumed a warmongering tradition that Donald Trump had tried to break ”.

Do you think Putin can resort to nuclear weapons?

«In today’s speech he did not speak explicitly of nuclear weapons, but of ‘any measure’. Obviously, if that were the case, it would be the tragic and definitive mistake for the whole of humanity. Long live God, this is one more reason to understand that we must finally stop the conflict and try to build the conditions for peace. Above all, if this peace is to pass through the self-determination of peoples, I do not understand why at times this self-determination is described as a salvific element and at other times as an absolute evil ”.

Do you not think that the annexation referendums held in the regions occupied by Russia are a farce?

“Anyone who knows the reality of Donbass and Crimea knows that those referendums would be easily won by those who want to break away from Kiev. Not because there are weapons, not because there is violence, but because there is a prevalent Russian population. Attention, not Russian-speaking, because in this case we would be talking about almost the entire population. This is why we are afraid of referendums, because they would have a foregone conclusion. Why are the champions of democracy telling us that we are going to make all this mess in the name of Western values ​​and then of the ballot boxes, certainly more reassuring than the weapons and bombs we are sending? I personally would play the referendum card more willingly than the risk of the nuclear Holocaust ».

Why should Kiev accept the fact that Russia considers Crimea part of its territory?

“We too have had a hard time giving up Dalmatia! Then there are some logics that this is better than permanent war. We sold the Italian Nice, the Savoy, because the reasons of history and sometimes the military reasons led us into that form of balance to obtain peace. I don’t understand why only this time the cession of territories creates such a problem for us to accept the risk of a Holocaust ».

Between Zelensky and Putin, who is the most reliable leader?

“I’ve seen Zelensky evolve from a largely unknown leader to one who really likes this role. He has a series of totally autocratic behaviors, prior to the war itself, which are never attributed to him. When I see this pattern I am alarmed. In all evidence, it is not the good that you want to tell: he has arrested the leader of the opposition, he has closed all the means of communication that the regime does not like. He is exactly an autocrat. All this before the war with Putin. I do not trust. I try to build within the history of my country the balances that defend the national interest. Historically, Italy had a strong and serene relationship with Russia, resulting in interests related to energy issues, which are not a trifle and we are understanding this with the bills. We have decided to stop paying gas at 2 to Gazprom to pay it at 200 to American tankers that send us liquid and trigger the problem of regasifiers. I can’t understand where the national interest is in choosing Zelensky. I understand it only in a logic of supranational interest to which we have bowed, making the Italians pay the price. As a militant, candidate in the elections and president of the People of the family, I propose an alternative to this government and the parties that support it, including the Brothers of Italy. From this point of view, Draghi’s agenda is identical to the Meloni agenda ».

The death penalty was introduced in the Donetsk region by pro-Russian forces. You who consider your body and life inviolable, don’t you find it difficult to consider the Russian invaders democratic?

“I am absolutely against the death penalty anytime, anywhere. I know the war code, I also know that Italy, the last time it had the death penalty, had a war code in force. Oscar Luigi Scalfaro, then a magistrate and a Catholic like me, had to impose a death penalty. He bore the responsibility and remembered it all his life. It is a real wound to imagine what is happening even today, but unfortunately the war coincides with death. This is why I am against the war ».

In the event that your list exceeds the threshold, how will you approach the issue of sanctions against Russia?

«Immediately cancel the sanctions on Russia. Resume a dialogue with Putin and immediately rekindle Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 to have gas from Gazprom at preferential conditions ».

What about sending weapons to Ukraine?

“Absolutely opposed to sending weapons to Ukraine and also to raising spending on armaments to 2% of GDP, as determined first by the Conte Due government, that is, by Conte and Zingaretti, and then by the Draghi government. I consider it a tragic mistake to bring arms spending to 38 billion euros, from 25 billion euros, just because Biden asks us to. It is an undue interference by the United States in the interests of our country ”.

Positions opposite to those taken by the Draghi government. By the way, what do you think of the prime minister, recently honored in New York as the best statesman of the year?

“Draghi is not a statesman, he is a technocrat. A statesman is running for elections, but Draghi is afraid of the electoral consensus. Draghi doesn’t like democracy. The speech on the referendum is very clear: he loves the sanction. Draghi’s logic is that of a central banker, he just doesn’t understand democratic dynamics, he is horrified by the democratic mechanism. For him, whoever takes votes is essentially a populist. For him, the vote is an unbearable process. Even the referendum in the Donbass makes no sense to him, while it makes sense to send arms: he is an autocrat. The alternative proposal is different: it must govern who has consent. This is why we are asking for the direct election of the top executives ».

To succeed him, according to the latest polls published, there could be Giorgia Meloni. Do you think you are ready to govern the country?

«Giorgia Meloni has by now the caliber of Sandra Mondaini. You are an excellent shoulder to Enrico Letta-Raimondo Vianello, you propose the same foreign policy agenda as Enrico Letta, arms in Kiev, support for the Biden line, the kneeler before the abortionist European Union. Woe to proclaim values ​​that can put it in difficulty as Orban and Trump do. They were once close friends of her, but today they seem like people to avoid. I no longer hear Le Pen and Duda being mentioned as international references. I hear Biden’s agenda re-proposed, so those who vote Meloni are as if voting for continuity with what exists. Plus, you have the weakness of a center-right that won’t let you rule. He will keep it there for those five, six months that will serve to evoke who knows what danger of the right in power, then a blaze of spread will suffice and we will hear Berlusconi re-propose the recipe with which we have been going on for 12 years, nothing but the great center-right-center-left mess. . It is an already written scheme. Those who do not want it must choose Alternative for Italy ».

His political proposal focuses on the family. You ask, I quote you, “from consider life as an unavailable good and in the Constitution indicates the family as a natural society founded on man-woman marriage ”. Is Meloni a leader who defends the traditional family?

«Meloni has understood that these issues are dangerous and does not have the strength that comes from a deep conviction. For Meloni, the power of rooted and lived values ​​is more important. For Meloni today the obsession is the armchair. I do not have it, I have taken off the whim having already made the rounds in parliament. I’ve already pressed those buttons. I prefer to testify ideas even to the detriment of the final outcome. I will never forget the example of the person who is the furthest from me ever from the point of view of values, Marco Pannella. He died after taking 0.13% in his last election. It cannot be said, however, that Marco Pannella, with his ideas, fighting for his values, has not radically marked the overall system of our country. He has produced changes, wrong from my point of view, but he has produced them because he has not abdicated his principles of him, even though he has rarely been elected. I am convinced that the battle to be fought comes first and then the consensus to be gathered. Giorgia Meloni has reversed this priority ».

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