After qualifying for the Coupe de France, the seniors of Football

The U12 team that was on set in Tourouvre ©Le Réveil Normand

U11: Plateau at L’Aigle (brewing)

Opposed to 3 level 1 teams, Abdel’s proteges achieved a good set on Saturday morning at Pauthonnier. A first 0-0 draw against FC Argentan 1 full of promise in terms of the quality of the game produced, a victory would have been deserved. Then two big victories against SAM Foot and US Mortagne. A very encouraging morning.

U10: Tourouvre plateau (brewing)

The young proteges of Aymen did not have the same success with two narrow defeats against Etoile du Perche and US Mêloise but the game produced by the U10s against U11 teams registered at level 2 is also encouraging.

U13A, Level 1 championship Accession: FCPA – US Alençon 1-3

This Saturday, the U13 A received US Alençon A for the first match of the championship to reach the regional level in phase 2. Despite a very good period for the young eaglets by leading 1-0 during the first 25 minutes and without really being worried throughout the match, the yellows and blues lost 3-1.

Bitter defeat therefore in terms of the content of this match. It will be necessary to be more solid defensively in particular in set pieces if the team wants to claim to play at the level above. The work continues.

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U13B: plateau in Bellême (brewing)

Opposed to 3 level D1 formations, Roman’s players did very well. First match against US Alençon B: 0-0. A balanced game. Second match against Saint Germain du Corbeïs: 2-1 victory with very good phases of play. Third match against FC Bellême: 0-0. The team put a lot of rhythm throughout the match and created a lot of opportunities that they did not know how to concretize.

U12: plateau in Tourouvre (brewing)

Going to level 2 for this second day of mixing for the band in Peter.

First match against Berd’huis: the yellows and blues start the match with a lot of desire. The collective game of the Aiglons hurt the opponent and the nets trembled 4 times in 25 minutes. Final score 4-1.

Second game against FC Haut de Perche. After a short break of 5 min recovery, fatigue is felt quickly against the fresh opposing team. Despite everything, the team didn’t give up and made some great counter-attacks, but unfortunately the ball didn’t find its way to the net. Final score 1-0. Congratulations boys, you showed great things, keep working.

U13F: plateau in Ste Gauburge

U15, brewing: FCPA – FC Trun (Trun package)

U18B, brewing: FC Trun – FCPA 3-3

First mixing match for the U18 Bs, a team made up mostly of U16s.

Difficult start to the game for Larbi’s proteges who conceded 3 goals in the first 25 minutes. Before half-time, Lukas Colombel scored a magnificent free kick in the top corner. In the second period, the players find the lawn with a motivation and a desire.

Envy which will end up paying with a goal from Anthony Cresson on a corner kicked by Emilien Durand then the equalizing goal from Emilien Durant on the pass from Charles Teixeira. A thank you to Rémi Ferreira for agreeing to go to goal to replace the goalkeeper. Thank you to the Bienvenu family for making their two cars available to accompany the young people.

U18A, R3: FCPA – AS La Selle la Forge 2-4

Still no referee for the U18s who are nevertheless playing in the league. Thank you to Loïc Buisson absolutely irreproachable. Second defeat in a row for the U18 who failed to bring down the team in form at the start of the season: Selle La Forge.

According to coach Mehdi Afif, victory was possible with a better team block and a more assertive mind. The team has potential but must continue to work seriously, as they have since the start of the season. Go on !

Seniors A, R2: FCPA – CA Lisieux 2-1

After qualifying last weekend for the 4th round of the Coupe de France, synonymous with access to official jerseys, the Aiglons returned to the R2 championship for a first at home with the reception of CA Lisieux, the administrative capital of Normandy football. . The two formations are initially cautious to better understand the opponent’s intentions and game systems.

Alan Billon at 9′ for the first alert of this meeting. Response from visitors at 13′ then new ones, the locals show good intentions: Medhi Afif at 15′, Elliot Sangrado 20′ then the opener at the half-hour mark by Walid El Hasnaoui who volleys a stopped kick.

3 minutes later, the locals have the opportunity to take the break but the visitor doorman keeps watch. 1-0 score at the break.

When they return from the locker room, the visitors will try to be more dominating but the yellows and blues remain solid and well in place. Better, they offer the break after a good recovery from Adrien Bunel who finds Medhi Afif who serves Emeric Milembohoua ideally (67′; 2-0).

While this break can allow the yellows and blues to manage the end of the game, the visitors retaliate from the 71′ by reducing the score. The last 20 minutes resemble these balanced oppositions where the trailing team puts pressure on the opposing goal. Lucas Desplanques the local goalkeeper and the whole collective unite to preserve this score failing to take shelter with some favorable counter situations.

Final score 2 to 1 for the yellows and blues who open their points counter in this R2 championship with 4 runs where each point will count. Congratulations on this victory in line with the game project.

Seniors B, D1: US Le Mêle – FCPA 2-1

The very young Aiglonne B team (7 players under 20 at kick-off) had a real test this Saturday evening at Le Mêle. Defeated last weekend by Mortagne, Anthony and Kamel’s men were counting on this trip to recover the lost points.

But on a difficult ground and facing an extremely motivated and valiant Mêle team, the Aiglons will be upset while offering a good response to the locals.

Locals who will open the scoring from a corner, Vivian, our goalkeeper being a little embarrassed on the spot. The Aiglons will logically equalize through Romain Bunel but the locals will regain the advantage. At the end of the game, Maxence Marie should have obtained a penalty but not in the opinion of the referee of the meeting. Too bad, the young eaglets bow with honors.

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After qualifying for the Coupe de France, the seniors of Football-Club Pays Aiglon confirm in the league