Alexandre Gaumont wants to take the torch in Gatineau

For the Gatineau resident Alexandre Gaumont, the Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) gala which will take place Thursday at the Casino du Lac-Leamy will be in a way the passing of the torch that he will symbolically receive from the hands of Gaétan Hart and Pascal Villeneuve.

Gaumont (4-0, 2 K.-O.), who attends the BG Buckingham Boxing Club like his two predecessors, says he is honored to be able to put on the gloves in front of family and friends. He will do so by facing the Polish Krzysztof Warekso (3-0-1, 1 K.-O.).

“It’s an honor to bring boxing back to Gatineau and I can’t wait to feel the energy of the crowd,” Gaumont said on Monday. Before my last fight was canceled, everyone was just talking to me about the gala in Gatineau. There aren’t often events like this in Gatineau. So people have been talking to me about it for a long time and everyone who knows me is going to be there.

This fight canceled, it was to take place at the Casino de Montreal, September 16, against the French Gaston Dué (7-4-1, 4 K.-O.). The Quebecer, however, contracted COVID-19 the previous week, forcing his promoter to withdraw his duel from the card.

Gaumont was disappointed, but he can’t deny that illness knocked him out before he could even get in the ring. He also dragged some symptoms for two or three weeks. However, he feels fully recovered now.

“I’m not bad at 100%,” he said. At the beginning, it was more difficult, I had less breath. I was sick for a week, but after that it took a couple of weeks to catch my breath completely.”

“It had been a couple of months since I had fought. I had a big training camp. I had trained with lefties, we were ready for this fight and we had to cancel a week before. I was really disappointed.”

One fight at a time

Like any self-respecting boxer, Gaumont took a look at some Warekso fights. The European advocates an aggressive boxing style, and the local favorite believes he can take advantage of that.

“I watched a few rounds. He likes to attack, he analyzed. He’s not the guy with the best defense. He doesn’t mind eating a shot to give one too. I like to fight against people who come after me because that’s when I’m the best. With my strike force, I like to be attacked. That way, I can hurt my opponents.”

If all goes well, Gaumont will also fight on December 16 in Shawinigan. But for the moment, he does not see beyond Thursday.

“I’m still confident of winning, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this job. We’re going to take one fight at a time, that’s for sure, we’re going to focus on this one, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be fine.

In short:

Gaumont will be in the semi-finals of Thursday’s gala which will end with the clash between Junior Ulysse (21-2, 12 KOs) and the Mexican Jose Macias Enriquez (15-1, 7 KOs) . Also from Gatineau, Harley-David O’Reilly will make his professional debut against Huber Poulin (2-0-1).

Albertan Steve Claggett (32-7-2, 22 KOs), as well as Montrealers Luis Santana (7-0, 2 KOs), Christopher Guerrero (4-0) and Jean- Gardy François (3-0, 2 K.-O.) will also be in action.

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