Alfa Romeo: there is room for a supercar in the future

A SUPER ALPHA ON THE AGENDA – There is also room for a dream carin the future plans ofAlfa Romeo. This is what emerges from the latest statements released by the CEO of the Milanese house, Jean-Philippe Imparato. “We are working on a something exclusive. It could be an iconic car, very sexy and recognizable at a glance as a real Alfa Romeo “, the number of the Biscione revealed a few days ago to Autocar.

THE NEW LAUNCHES IN PROGRAM – In terms of new launches, the industrial plan that Alfa Romeo’s top management presented at Stellantis envisages a new model starting from 2027 until 2030, when the company should by now have completed thecomplete electrification of the range. The new one will carry the Biscione in the near future Tonalsupported by the newly renovated Giulia and Stelvio (here to find out more), but as early as 2024 the 100% electric baby-suv based on Jeep Avenger. A year later, according to some rumors, it could be the turn of the Giulia’s replacement. And the family could expand further in 2026 With the’heir of the Stelvio. Both of these models would be powered exclusively by current and built on a completely new concept STLA platform of the Stellantis group.

> Above two drawings released by Alfa Romeo in 2018, when it announced the heirs of the 8C (higher) e GTV (above) then, unfortunately, canceled from the industrial plans (here the news).

THE TONAL WILL BE THE LAST WITH THERMAL ENGINES – In this scenario of great news – in which, Imparato has hinted in his interview with the British magazine, there will also be room for models with roadster bodies and hatchbacks – a supercar capable of touching the strings of emotion will fit in. . “With the transition to electric, new possibilities and new styles arise”, explained Imparato, turning on, about a possible new Alfa Romeo Spiderthe suggestion of the “sound of silence” of one Battery duet. As for the supercar, in confirming that the Tonale will be the last Alfa in the new course to be fitted with combustion engines, the number one of the Milanese family said that “work is underway and the study of the car’s positioning on the market”.

OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT IN MARCH 2023? – Virtually nothing is known about the Alfa Romeo sports car that will come at the moment. Always interpreting “with logic” the ideas full of enthusiasm and desire for the future offered by Imparato, it seems however that it will be a machine designed starting from a blank sheet of paper, and therefore not necessarily related to other super sportsmen of the group, such as the Maserati MC20. And in terms of timing? A car from a thousand and one nights to be produced in a limited series is already on the Biscione’s to-do list, but there is still no sure date. “We are working on it, we have so many enthusiasts who ask us to do something special”, Imparato concluded, adding that a certain answer on the arrival of the supercar could arrive in March of next year.

Alfa Romeo: there is room for a supercar in the future