Alfredo Arias was honest: “Millionaires is the best team in Colombia”

The outlook at Independiente Santa Fe has been very good at the moment. Despite the defeat suffered in Medellin against Deportivo Independiente Medellin, the Cardinal team has come from less to more improving their face, and as if that were not enough, showing a good quality of play coupled with the technical direction of Alfredo Arias with more confidence in the team, and its leaders are responding to it.

The day of classics in Colombia are just around the corner, and one of the most important without a doubt is the one from Bogotá that will have Millonarios and Independiente Santa Fe as protagonists. A complicated clash for the cardinals who have not beaten them for a year, and that, with the new process with Alfredo Arias, they have the mission of unseating an intractable team with the desire to finally win a title with samarium.

Millonarios leads the tournament with 21 points, and Santa Fe appears third with 15 points, the same as Unión Magdalena. Alfredo Arias appeared to the media at the Cardenal sports venue, and the Uruguayan analyzed the classic. On how to play it, “he tries to get rid of nerves, to get anxiety, because the game itself, because of the historical weight it has and because there is no one who does not talk to one about this game and who tells you: “we have to win ”, already in itself motivates. So, sometimes the line of motivation and anxiety is very fine. How do you face it? Training well, working seriously and trying to give him peace of mind. That’s my message to my players this week.”

Regarding the negative statistics of Independiente Santa Fe, who have not beaten Millonarios for a year, he stressed, “that is also a psychological burden that one assumes, but, as I tell the players, all the wisest thoughts in the world that are have written in history speak of the present, that you have to live in the present, the past does not exist, that the future does not exist either, because it only influences you by doing you harm. So, if I adhere to those philosophies, which know a lot more than me, I’m going to live in the present, I’m not going to think if a year ago, if 10 years ago, if at some point Santa Fe was winning every game, we won’t going to win or lose.

We always have to try to play better than the rival and have more desire to win than fear of losing. We are in an institution that requires you to win, for that very story. All the things that seem to be a negative charge: that the rival is the pointer, that they are unanimously the best team in the championship, that they are favorites everywhere, that it has been a year since we beat them, everything feeds, at least in me , I try to show it to my team, it feeds a great opportunity, a unique chance to go for it”.

Independiente Santa Fe has been improving its soccer a lot lately, and that is the identity that Alfredo Arias wants to imprint on it, who mentioned this about his team, “I think we are acquiring an identity of Santa Fe. I always say, the teams that I had to face and see in the history of Santa Fe, they had that, that until the last minute they did not give up and that they achieved those feats. And it’s been 2 or 3 games that we have overcome hard blows of missing penalties, of being in extreme situations and all the games the players and the squad have taken it out.

One hopes that it will not always be like this, because you will not be able to win games without playing well and always at the last minute, but it happens sometimes, and in an institution like Santa Fe, welcome, that we have players who feel the shirt, Let them feel the pride and the shame.”

Finally, Alfredo Arias did not hesitate to say that Millonarios is the best team in Colombia today, “Millionarios has the time, the time that other teams have not had, that time that normally gives you the result. In Millonarios there have been very intelligent and clear people in putting up with a great technician in office. I was here when the surveys of some programs that declare that he is the best technician, that he is the best team (and that is true), those same programs conducted surveys on whether or not Gamero was leaving and percentages. Millionaires, I already told you everything, right now it is the best team, it goes first for a reason, it is the one that plays the best and has a great coaching staff”.

Alfredo Arias was honest: “Millionaires is the best team in Colombia”