Alvarez freezes Torino at the end: Sassuolo beats Juric

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Agustin Alvarez’s first goal in Serie A gave Sassuolo victory on the Turin pitch. Race stingy in emotions, with the talent of the neroverdi who finds the goal in the third minute of injury time.

The initial choices
Juric fielded the young Seck from the first minute in attack supported by Vlasic and Radonjic. On the bands Singo on one side and Lazaro on the other. Even Dionisi surprises everyone, deploying the young D’Andrea in attack from the first minute. The other novelty compared to the forecast on the eve is the starting shirt for Harroui.

Toro starts well, double chance for Sassuolo at the end of the first half
Torino, who finds Juric on the bench, starts well and immediately takes control of the game. The grenade team owns the pitch and tries to hurt the green-and-blacks. First the free kick is beaten by Lukic, then the conclusion of Seck, the most sought after by him, saved by Consiglio. Sassuolo relies on the counterattack to respond to Toro: Frattesi and Laurienté the most active in the first half hour, even without creating real dangers at the goal defended by Milinkovic-Savic. Shortly before the half hour Sassuolo has a great chance, with D’Andrea who takes advantage of a mistake by Buongiorno and serves Pinamonti on the race: the conclusion of the former Empoli is blocked by Schuurs in a slip. At minute number 37, Toro finds the goal of Toro’s advantage: Vlasic makes a great play but his conclusion is printed on the post. Lazaro is on the trajectory and sends the ball back into the net, but the referee, with the help of the VAR, cancels the Croatian for offside. A few minutes before the end of the first half, Sassuolo has a great double opportunity to take the lead. Good morning hole the intervention and leaves the field to the young D’Andrea, who tries to take the ball on the left but then is forced to kick with the right. Conclusion walled in the corner by Buongiorno, which thus remedies the error. On the developments of the corner, Milinkovic-Savic miracle on Frattesi: perfect insertion of the neroverde midfielder, the Tora goalkeeper flies and saves on the line.

The music does not change in the shot
The second half begins as the first half had finished, with Torino playing the game and Sassuolo ready to hurt at the restart, even if compared to the first portion of the game there were very few scoring chances. The first shot on target came at minute 80, with Laurienté’s free-kick blocked in two halves by an attentive Milinkovic-Savic. In the final minutes, the young Alvarez, as soon as he entered, gave the grenade fans a thrill: the ball was kicked high after a nice serpentine on the edge of the penalty area.

Alvarez in full recovery freezes the Turin fans
When everyone took it for granted that the match was over, Alvarez found his first goal in Serie A, the one that gave Sassuolo the victory. Error in defense of Buongiorno that the young black-green striker is lost: great twist and winning header, Sassuolo wins 1-0 thanks to Alvarez’s goal in the final seconds.

Alvarez freezes Torino at the end: Sassuolo beats Juric