For the fifth date of the Pampean Region, Emiliano Capella’s team defeated Villa Sanguinetti de Arrecifes at home by 4 to 1 and at least until this afternoon, returned to the top of Zone 2. Juan Duarte in the first half and José Pittaluga, Lautaro Gaitán and Martín Tolosa scored for the “Pañero” in the complement, discounted Aaron Monzón. Beovides saved a penalty

El Pañero scored at home and for now he is the leader. SPORTS TODAY

Diego Fretes
Special for THE NORTH

After last Sunday’s loss to Regatas as a visitor, La Emilia was in a hurry to return to victory to fit into the group. Opposite was the most accessible rival, but at the same time the one who had stolen two points from him in Arrecifes, wasting a penalty and with two more players. Yesterday the “Pañero” left no doubts, he won with solvency and with 10 points he puts pressure on Regatas and Peña Boquense who are playing today.

The place did not start well. Barely 30 seconds went by when Mirko Monzón was left alone against Beovides, but he defined very badly. Against a rival who had nothing at stake, Emilia knew that she had to be attentive to these distractions. As the minutes passed, Capella’s men began to settle into the field. Velo and Ruben shared the middle, while Tolosa, Sarco and Viñale moved behind Duarte. But the local’s first risk would come through a set piece and a Merello header that went high.

Duarte opened the account. They were 15 min when the albinegro broke the zero. Viñale overflowed from the left – he changed position with Tolosa – and put the center in the middle for Duarte’s advance. With the advantage, the venue was enlarged and Duarte was once again close to second. But after 20 he regressed and Villa Sanguinetti began to worry. The visit was close to equalizing with a long free kick from Morosine that stung in the area and hit the crossbar. And then, after another stopped ball, Beobides swiped before Leiva pushed the goal.

Emilia in the final part took center stage again and Sarco almost scored the second, but the visiting goalkeeper covered his shot. Before the epilogue Duarte had to be injured, and Pittaluga entered.
The “Pañero” came out to the final stage ready to settle the lawsuit. And after 4 minutes Sarco on the right put in a low cross for Pittaluga himself to push into the net.
The visiting DT moved the bench looking for variants that would return him to the game, but he was far from it. Based on the mobility of Viñale and Sarco, the climbs of Tolosa and the security of the double five, La Emilia controlled the match at will.

Gaitán liquidated the match. At 29 Sarco had a one-on-one again and the goalkeeper again took it out. From that corner, Gaitán, recently admitted, appeared behind everyone to score the third with a header.

In the end, and when it seemed that the story was sealed, more emotions appeared. At 39 and after a misunderstanding in the background, Sanguinetti had a penalty. Melón Beovides became a giant and blocked Leiva’s shot to his right. Against that penalty Tolosa, a great match, finished off a cross and put the fourth for the local. And at 43 Aaron Monzón with a shot from outside discounted for Arrecifes.

La Emilia won and, beyond the final visitor’s discount, they did it by a good difference. He provisionally climbs to the top and in a week he returns to play at home.

The Emilia 4 Villa Sanguinetti (Reefs) 1

Court: Jacinto Lopez
Referee: Martin Bonomi
Assistants: Laureano Zárate and Enzo Gutiérrez (Salto triplet)
The figure: Martin Tolosa

The Emilia: Ariel Beovides; Franco Mansilla, Kerly Merello, Alejandro Agotegaray and Enzo Martínez; Franco Ruben, Agustin Velo; Leandro Viñale, Franco Sarco and Martín Tolosa; John Duarte. DT Emiliano Cappella.

Villa Sanguinetti: Laureano Hernandez; Sebastián Lynch, Matías Benatti, Facundo Morosine and Valentín Romero; Daniel Alessandro, Ezequiel Sare Negri, Santiago Mendoza and Tomás Leiva; Mirko Monzon and Lautaro Luna. DT Martin Diaz.

Goals: PT, 15m Duarte (LE). ST, 4m Pittaluga (LE), 30m Gaitán (LE), 40m Tolosa (LE) and 44m Monzón (VS)
Detail: ST, 39m Beovides (LE) held off a penalty against Leiva (VS),
Substitutions: PT, 41m José Pittaluga for Duarte -injured- (LE). ST, 12m Danilo Ciari, Cristian Pellegrini and Aaron Monzón for Romero, Luna and Mendoza (VS), 20m Aaron Morales for Alessandro (VS), 24m Isabelino Cardoso and Lautaro Gaitán for Ruben and Martínez (LE), 34m Juan Fernández for Monzón ( VS), 35m Lautaro Nieva and Leonardo Barcella for Sarco and Viñale (LE).