Ame and Chivas, prompt information; Miguel Herrera in Tigers

We will have 3 days without Liga MX, which in these months is something very rare.

But it will be a column week for the best, the biggest, America, the powerful team that no one, no one stops.

And also the surprising Chivas, who has 3 wins in a row, who is going to get involved and hopefully this is not a mirage. I am a critic of that team, but I hope they continue to win. It gives us a lot to talk about.

And what about Pumas. The biggest flop in decades. The team disappoints and something worse is coming.

We will also talk about Cruz Azul. They beat the worst team in the league, a rush 2-1, so that doesn’t tell you anything.

I have all week to inform you of what is being said inside each team. Take that for granted.

But today I want to tell you what happens inside another, and although their numbers and position in the table tells you that they are going well, inside they are not so good.

The U of NL

There is an unequivocal indication that, as much as it wants to disguise itself, hide, make up, demerit or deny itself, it tells us that something is not right or is getting out of control.

That has happened with all the teams at some point, it has even been repeated at different stages.

It recently happened with five, between powerful, great or popular: America, Chivas, Rayados, Pumas and Cruz Azul.

Well, today it’s already happening with another powerful one, which is neither big nor popular, but powerful: the Tigres de la U. de NL.

There are applauding fans who see everything well and who, when what is wrong is highlighted, they brand you as being anti-Tiger, Rayado or such stupidities.

Those people will never understand that if something fails, it has to be said. They want only the good to be said and never the bad.

But let’s get to the important thing, the soccer team.

The trend on Saturday was that something is happening in Tigres, and it shows from here to Qatar, where – by the way – we will be in the World Cup starting on November 19, if Satan doesn’t stick his tail. Let’s proceed.

The team lacks joint football, it lacks a goal, it needs to beat the good ones, with whom it will face in the Liguilla, because it is no secret to anyone that its triumphs are against the little ones, not now, but from a long time ago.

Before his fans criticized, because the team was not forceful, because he played to win 1-0 (that’s what they said), because they did not like it and because they prioritized not getting scored.

Well today is the same. The same, but without generating good football.

And nooo, that exit so (…) of saying that “Ferretti is not going to return” is even laughable. As if one wanted it to come back.

That man who left through the back door will never come back and I would never want him to come back. Neither he nor the directors. That door was closed and we all agree on that.

“What’s past is past, I’m not interested, I no longer suffered or cried, everything was left in yesterday, I already forgot, I already forgot, I already forgot…”

After this tiny and battered tribute to José José, I continue with the Tigres.

As much as we want to hide what is happening, which I am not one of those, the dressing room reveals it.

“There is no goal. Gignac is a crack and there will be no one like him, nor has there ever been, but he is already 36. He scores when he can, but if here we believe that he will get us ahead in all the games, how wrong we are ”.

When my Judas Player told me that, it gave me the opportunity to talk to him about the reinforcements that the feline leadership has brought.

Florian Thauvin… Very good player. Enormous qualities and he is a great soccer player… but in Tigres he did not give, nor give, nor will he give. Bringing him was a failure. Good bet, yes, but he failed.

Jeferson Soteldo… The worst hire in a long time. Huge mistake the change by Carlos Salcedo. He lost Tigres, in sports and economics.

Caicedo… It is not necessary to wait any longer to say that this is, with all due respect to the player, the one who will go on to the Top 5 of the worst signings in the history of the team.

He doesn’t dribble, he doesn’t control, he doesn’t shoot, he doesn’t have a goal, he doesn’t coordinate. Now one begins to think about why they brought him.

We can’t say anything about the Brazilian Samir yet, because we haven’t even seen him touch a ball.

“Everyone has reinforcements, at least two of quality, and us? It seems that we have to bring and we are becoming a Puebla”.

He told me this about “Puebla”, because he knows that I will never say who my player is that tells me everything. I know that if it were with a microphone, he would not dare to say it.

People/team relationship

This begins to be not good, something that coach Miguel Herrera sets on fire in large part.

To begin with, the bulk of the people still do not want it. Every home game they boo him, and the one on Saturday against Necaxa was no exception, but with a different detail.

When the screen put his face, a loud sound was heard: “Buuu…”, and the local sound that says the names of the players and DT, chose to remain silent and better NOOO mention: “Miguel Herrera, technical director”. He heard the “Boo…”, and better let her pass.

But why do people boo him if the team is in the Liguilla zone?

People have already realized that something is happening inside, and it is so happening that Miguel defended himself more openly.

“People boo just for booing and I don’t agree.”

And Miguel’s mistake is wanting to put the crack, the best of all, the one who will always live at the top of Tigres, into the slaughterhouse to get rid of the complete criticism and it’s not like that.

He mentioned that they even booed Gignac, something that is not true, Miguel.

When he was going to take the throw-in, they squeezed him with whistles to hurry up. People are very desperate and believe that if they do it 4 seconds faster it will be solved.

They would never boo André-Pierre. But I understand that desperation makes you say things. Don’t divide people with the team, Miguel, we already have a lot in the country with divisions that don’t even lead to anything good.

You divert attention with statements: That it should have been 12 minutes vs Pumas, that people boo at Uni, that they arrive but don’t score… and when are we going to hear a self-critical beggar of your work, your approaches, your decisions? Never.

It’s always others, it’s always something external, it’s always the players, the referees, the VAR, the people, but never you.

Let’s keep deluding ourselves that Tigres is fine and that those of us who criticize it are because we are against it.

It is the problem of not speaking the same language.

They think we should all think like fans… and no, I’m not.

Miguel Angel Arizpe

Twitter: @ArizpeMiguelZ

Ame and Chivas, prompt information; Miguel Herrera in Tigers