America vs America: the documentary series arrives on Netflix

We were at the presentation of the series “America vs America” that the azulcrema club will premiere in Netflix next August 31a play that should not be missed regardless of whether you are a fan of the biggest club in the country or an anti-Americanist.

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America vs America: the documentary series arrives on Netflix

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The America Club It is one of the most important and controversial in the country, sometimes loved and sometimes hated, but it never goes unnoticed. Throughout its 106-year history, it has experienced ups and downs, going through nicknames such as “canaries”, “millonetas” or “eagles”, a nickname that describes its present flying at the top as the team with the most league titles, cup and Concachampions on Aztec soil.

America vs America the Netflix documentary series

What will I see in the America vs America series?

In this series of 6 chapters, various personalities and players who paraded through the club talk about what represents, for better or worse, the most popular team in the country, who originally had to break stone from below until it was bought by Emilio Azcárraga Milmo, who in his first speech at the helm of the club said: “I don’t know anything about soccer, but I do know about business and I’m going to turn America into a well-managed and profitable business.”

America vs America the Netflix documentary series

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What else can be seen in the America vs America series?

As everyone knows, America has beaten its classic rivals in finals for league championships in Mexican soccer, from the Pumas of UNAM, Cruz Azul and, the most important for all its followers, the famous “end of the century” in where they defeated Guadalajara 5-3 on aggregate with a superb performance by the entire team, especially Héctor Miguel Zelada who saved a penalty from Eduardo Cisneros shouting “Enormous, enormous, enormous Zelada! And look at this, the Azteca is a branch of the madhouse!”

America vs America the Netflix documentary series

The other side of the coin could not be left out, there are also defeats that have penetrated deep into the heart of the azulcremas, some of these will be seen in the series as part of the adversities that the club has had to face to fight and get up. Although they have lost key matches, they are known to never be left for dead because they will come back stronger to fight for the title they are fighting for.

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For many, being an Americanist is a lifestyle, it goes beyond all logic, it is more than the 90 minutes of each match, a religion or madness; it is what motivated them to love soccer, it is the grandfather, father, mother, uncle, brother or cousin that prompted them to beat the games of the eagles, it is knowing that they are part of the most successful, the largest in the country and that not everyone can boast.

All the chapters of “America vs America” ​​will be available from August 31, so you can enjoy them at any time you like. Netflix and the eagles invite you to share your experience as an Americanist using the hashtags: #AméricaVsAmérica and #MíralaYDespuésHablamos

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