After the defeat of Amiens SC against Quevillythe two coaches took turns at a press conference while we heard Jessy Benet’s reaction in the mixed zone.

Philippe Hinschberger

I discussed with Mr. Angoula. On the penalty, I do not agree. There is significant contact from the goalkeeper on Tolu’s foot. In my opinion, Tolu (Arokodare, editor’s note) takes the ball first and the keeper puts a sole on him. For me, there is a penalty. Mr. Angoula doesn’t agree with that, he saw the goalkeeper touch the ball, he made his decision, I’m not here to discuss it.

Philippe Hinschberger and Gaël Angoula in full divergence of point of view.

It is obvious that against Quevilly, being able to open the scoring would have been very important. There, we found ourselves in the bad scenario, being led to the break. We have a highlight in the first 20 minutes of the second half, where we have to sanction our chances. For me, the difference is there. Even if Quevilly did not steal his victory.

It was a good game of football, in spirit, with a lot of chances, it was open. We did what we had to do, I don’t have much to blame my players for, it’s just that Quevilly converted some of his chances. I think we still have a few situations that deserved a better fate, I’m thinking of the incursions of Doums Fofana in the first half.

We went quite a bit on the right side, but I find that Iron (Gomis, editor’s note) played its match, it combined, it also brought situations. We did it anyway, without Antoine (Leautey, editor’s note)a very nice first part of the second half.

We have a lot of crosses, but we are a bit powerless in this side game where we create a lot of lag. Our centers are badly given or are not cut, we have to be in progress on that. But we played our match, we had chances, we should have opened the scoring in my opinion. The match escapes us, but it was not played much.

Four losses in a row is huge. Especially since we have stats! In our three previous games, we can score between 5 and 6 goals at expected goals, we get one. We have a dry breakdown in terms of our offensive efficiency.

It will be good to think about something else, to see something else so that you can come back with a clearer mind. It will do us good. Because it’s hard for the players.

Iron’s idea on the left was to bring something other than what we currently had. I thought what happened was pretty good. I wanted to see another animation, what I saw was not bad. Ring was in reserve because he had played 1 game in the last 7, he has to play.

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Lined up at an unusual left piston position, Iron Gomis made an interesting copy.

We accept to get out of balance, we knew that each time we lost the ball, we would be punished, it’s a team (Quevilly, editor’s note) who deserves better than her place on what she does.

I’m disappointed, we’re not enjoying our first three months. We won 7 games out of 15, it’s about one in two, but we already had them a long time ago, so it’s disappointing, we didn’t manage to embellish our first third of the season.

But it’s not like we’ve gone bad. The matches we are currently playing have a lot of content than the majority of the matches we have won, such as Sochaux, Grenoble, Annecy… […] You shouldn’t try to explain it to yourself, it can’t be explained, it’s a story of dynamics, of trust. We also have the feeling of not having favorable arbitration at the moment.

We are very frustrated not to score any goals in a match like this. There is still content. I don’t think people got bored (sic), there was a lot of action. It was an uphill game. We have always tried to attack, to unbalance the opponent. We paid him back. I’m more frustrated than worried because it’s all about the details, but if there’s a list of things we also need to improve on. The second goal, we must not take it, we defend badly. Even if I don’t think it changes anything, we had missed the train, it was harder for us.

Olivier Echouafni, coach of Quevilly

I think we owe this victory to the perseverance of my players. The players were exemplary.

It was a very open game with lots of chances on both sides. At halftime, I was surprised that we only led 1-0, given the chances. We scored first which gave us confidence.

In the second half, we fell back a little more, we were a little more cornered in our half of the field, because we were struggling to get the ball out and because Amiens had decided to play higher. By dint of suffering, we are not immune to opportunities. And Nico (Lemaître, QRM guardian, editor’s note) was a masterclass, it allowed us to keep this result.

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Having notably disgusted Doums Fofana the whole game, the Quevillais goalkeeper was one of the great men of the match.

Coming to take these points that we lacked in Amiens is a real feat because they are a quality team, they may have lacked a bit of success.

On the number of clear chances, I want to say that it is a deserved victory, because we had a certain number of them. But Amiens also had some. Both goalies made a lot of saves. It shows that there was play, opportunities, it was pleasant to see.

We knew that it’s a team that is loose, we knew that there could be spaces, especially behind the pistons. We took advantage of that at times, as soon as we had the opportunity to hurt them, to take the ball and penetrate their block, we did it. Afterwards, we had other problems to manage with Kakuta’s dropouts in the first half. He is an intelligent player who quickly gets into the game with above-average technical quality.

Jessy Benet

What we lack is efficiency in both surfaces. Because we do good things even if they too have opportunities. We had it at the start of the season when our matches were perhaps less good in terms of content. We must continue, push to force this success.

It is sure that there is a real break, it is a difficult period. But when we look at the rankings, we are not completely off the hook yet. In a season, we know that there are bad periods. We have a cup match before the World Cup break. We are going to do everything to win this match before taking a breather and coming back mentally fresh.

Going on this series of defeats is difficult. We are losing matches at the moment, so it will be important to win this cup match. It can still give us a little confidence. I find that when you’re in a bad spiral, you want to stop it quickly but maybe you need to breathe mentally and physically. Let’s hope it does us good physically to get back on the road at the start.

Amiens SC – Quevilly RM : 0-2 (0-1)

Goals: Cissokho (41′) and Mafouta (89′)

Amiens SC : Gurtner – Mendy, Opoku (yellow 21′), Nojo Fofana – Leautey (Xantippe 45′+2), Benet (Cissé 68′), Gélin (yellow 20′), Doums Fofana, Gomis (Bandé 80′) – Kakuta ( Chibozo 80′) – Arokodare

Quevilly RM : Lemaître – Sissoko, Cissokho, Ben Youssef, Pendant – Pierret, Sangaré (yellow 46′, Sidibé 68′) – Soumaré, Gbelle (Boé-Kane 85′), Camara (Bangré 90’+1) – Mafouta (Jung 90′ +1)

Interview by Morgan Chaumier
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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