“An unforgettable experience” for Juan Pedro Ferretti

23|10|22 08:43 a.m.

The publicist from Tresarroy is one of the brains behind the new Pepsi advertisement that brings together Ronaldinho, Pogba and Messi and that aroused the admiration of thousands of Internet users. A project that began as a challenge and took him to three countries in two weeks and to meet his football idol

A few days ago, social networks (especially Twitter) were revolutionized by an advertisement. It is that, as happens every time a World Cup is played, brands launch commercials appealing to football sentiment. This time Pepsi broke the internet with one that features Paul Pogba, Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi.

“Advertising is reborn.” “Brutal”. “Tremendous commercial”. “Wow, what an announcement Pepsi made for the World Cup! With an air of advertisements from the ’90s” were just some of the many tweets I found while browsing the little bird’s social network. The aesthetics of the short and the music remind us of those old ads that brought together soccer stars in the late ’90s and early ’00s.

Great surprise was mine when I found one of the brains behind such a piece: Juan Pedro Ferretti from Tresarroy.

The production team with Ronaldinho

“Everything that is happening is crazy” Juan tells me at the beginning of the talk, still surprised by the high repercussion obtained. “They are all crazy, it is a flash. The truth is that this ‘publishing of the ’90s or ’00s is back’ is good, they’re saying it all over the world. When you do a global campaign it comes out everywhere and the feeling you see is that, ‘good football advertising is back’”.

The comments all follow one line and rescue the message. “Today I received a report from Italy that showed why the publicity had hit so much, then we received a report from an American journalist and the same thing… the truth is that we thought it would have an impact, that it had been good, but we did not think it would to be so like that, it is a delirium… everything that is happening up to now is unthinkable”.

The idea of ​​the work was from minute zero. “When we were doing the campaign, it happened to us that every time there was a global commercial for a World Cup, it got kind of weird… it was more of a show than a soccer ad and when we thought about it we didn’t want that, we never negotiated that. It has to be soccer, a neighborhood ‘fight’ between friends, a soccer game, let that happen and touch what is most genuine in people, which is the competitive spirit… play with friends in a square, on the street or whatever I mean, I think that’s what hit people.”

“He saw the final product and he loved it and on top of that the comment was ‘I like it because it’s like the ones from before'”, said Ferretti about Messi’s impression when seeing the advertising


Now, how does a local publicist and a national agency get to make a piece worldwide?

“I work in an agency that is like a multinational and we received the order to work on this World Cup commercial through a competition against five other offices from different parts of the world. I work at BBDO Argentina and we compete with different BBDOs from other regions… two English, one from Dubai I think, one from Colombia… the one that presented the best idea or the one that the client liked the most got the project” Ferretti explained.

“This was in October of last year. In December we were announced that we were finalists with another agency and that we had to work on a few things that the client wanted to reformulate; we did it and until February we didn’t know anything. There they told us that we had won the competition and we got to work and produce.”

The process

Throughout this stage, Juan Pedro played a fundamental role. “In the agency I am a creative director and my role is to have a pair of creatives in charge, they tell ideas to my group and me and we try to channel them or take them to the side that we think they have to go. Then we present them to our bosses who are the ones who say ‘this one yes’ ‘this one no’ and they finish shaping it”.

Once they found out they were selected, pre-production began. “We read the script that we had presented to see what was in the budget and what was not… there were many more famous people but it had to be shortened,” she explained. Despite this, he noted that “the script didn’t change much from the original we submitted.”


For Ferretti this work “was crazy”

In that sense, he confessed: “We defended tooth and nail that it be a good soccer fan, the client understood it and felt the spirit of the old soccer commercials where they competed, where there was a game and not colored mirrors; people who like soccer want to see a soccer commercial and that was what we wanted to impose in the piece”.

There they contacted the players. “We talk to the representatives because they have to endorse the script.”

Then “the script was taken to a list of directors, each of whom proposed their idea of ​​how to tell it and we really liked Ernest Desumbila’s, who is a well-known Catalan director who directed a Gatorade commercial that is Messi vs. Suárez and he had that spirit of competition”.

With everything chosen, filming began. “In July we started filming; It was two weeks in three countries, everything was very intense, with a huge production, with a lot of people”.

Here the most difficult part was bringing together the three players. “A lot was filmed with green screen because the players don’t move much from places due to time, it’s kind of complex.”


Paul Pogba was another of the great protagonists of the commercial and with whom Juan Pedro had the pleasure of working

with the idol

I am lucky enough to have known Juan Pedro for many years and I know of his fanaticism and love for Messi, whom he was able to meet thanks to his work. “It was crazy, you don’t fall until you’re not there” he tells me. “I am sick of Messi” he reaffirms, in this round trip by telephone. “You never fall into the dimension of what is going to happen but seeing Leo there, chatting a couple of things with him, was crazy. Besides, he was very happy with the commercial, you could tell he was plugged in again. Later he saw the final product and he loved it and on top of that the comment was ‘I like it because it’s like the ones from before’… the same thing happened to everyone. The message reached everyone well, there was no noise, they all understood where we were going”

“Leo was dying of laughter, he was crazy. Ronaldinho and Pogba also ”he maintains. “Having them by our side and chatting with them was incredible…the two of them also really liked the commercial, Pogba was horny…he has more of an actor’s spirit than a Hollywood one, he’s very cool, he even proposed ideas. The truth was spectacular, a luxury and a challenge because we did it in a short time. It was intense but divine, it is an unforgettable experience”.


From Argentina to the world

Juan says that what happened is an event “almost impossible to repeat, a utopia” and highlights the fact that an Argentine agency is in charge of making a global commercial. “A lot of budget has been cut compared to what it was in the ’90s or early ’00s; the best creatives are all going abroad or going freelance and it’s increasingly rare for a local agency to do a global campaign. Despite that, this year there were a couple of agencies putting in global campaigns, and one of them was ours”.

The election generated surprise. “Many creatives wrote to us saying ‘it’s incredible that Argentina has done a global campaign’ but it’s wrong because it’s happened before… maybe the rarity is that it’s gone so well.” In this sense, he stressed that “there is always talent here in Argentina, the country is well seen because it was always of great quality of creatives for the things it did and now, luckily, we were able to demonstrate it again.”


Ferretti is creative director of a multinational agency

– Do you think that this work can help put Argentina back in the forefront in terms of advertising work?

– It has been shown that great things can be done here, there is talent in all Argentine advertising agencies to do things like this… the spirit is still there and even though a lot of great people have left, talents continue to appear.

to stand out

Despite his busy schedule, Juan always makes time to come to Tres Arroyos to visit family and friends and also to find out what’s happening in the city.

That is why in the end he took advantage of the talk to highlight that “there are many very good kids in Tres Arroyos doing creativity and sometimes they get a little down because it is difficult to break the thought structure of how to advertise in Tres Arroyos.” Thus he named “Tomás Paniga and Sara Daruich who are doing a very good job.”

He also highlighted “Flor Dionisi, the teacher who pushed me to go study in the Federal Capital… if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be here” and remarked: “There are people in Tres Arroyos doing crazy things, we have to break the stigma a little of how to do them and give opportunity to new voices and new ways of doing things”.

“An unforgettable experience” for Juan Pedro Ferretti