Analysis of Temtem on Nintendo Switch, a more than worthy mirror in which Pokémon should look

Today we bring you the temtem reviewCream’s Pokémon-inspired game that, after a successful kickstarter with which it raised 10 times the amount to finance itself and having been in early access for about 2 years, has just been launched on physical format for Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

As its own creators have stated on numerous occasions, it is a game inspired by Pokémon, and as such, it replicates many of its characteristics: there are dozens of collectible monsters, turn-based combat, dojos with masters, a group of villains…

If you know the first generations of Pokémon, here you will find a full-fledged tribute. Not in vain, Temtem is considered one of the best monster collecting games outside of the hegemonic domain of The Pokémon Company in the matter.


Temtem – Trailer Release Date

After talking at length about the first version for PC or the early access of Temtem on PS5, it doesn’t make much sense to go into detail what is it and what does Temtem offer. As we have said, it is a tribute to Pokémon that takes its main characteristics and gives them a twist, wrapping them with new ideas.

It is both, to put it badly and soon, a tribute and a poison dartwhich celebrates the ideas of the Pokémon series and brings them to the fore where there is room for improvement and The Pokémon Company doesn’t take the time or bother to want to explore.

tem, tem a little more content”

Since we last dove into the world of Temtem, things have changed. Pokémon Legends: Arceus is out and two new installments are in the offing. But also, the boys from Crema have been fattening and polishing Temtem to the beast.

The game is already at version 1.0 and offers a total of 6 islands, 164 wild creatures, more missions, post-game content… It is the final version of the game, and it has grown significantly in content after completing its time in the game. early access.

In preparing this Temtem analysis we have played with a physical copy on Nintendo Switch OLED, although it is also available on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X | S, at a price ranging between 44.99 euros for the standard edition and €149.99 for the collector’s edition.

It has crossplay (we can play with and against users of other consoles and PC), in addition to keeping our progression on other platforms. That is, if you have played on PC, you can take your progress to Switch and play indistinctly on one or the other.

For newcomers, the Pokémon base is noticeable in everythingfrom the creation of our tamer, which is what they are called here, to choosing a starter, the way to capture the wild Temtem in the tall grass after weakening them, the structure of the missions or the turn-based combats in which the monsters level up.

A Pokémon with Cream toppings

But as if Crema Games were watchmakers, each piece has been reviewed independently, and once polished and improved, they have been reinserted into the mechanism, expanding the initial possibilities. And it shows in everything from combat to the multiplayer component.

The combats, for their part, introduce novelties beyond 2 vs 2, such as a bar of stamina or energy that limits our actions and that, if we use attacks that require more energy than we have, they will damage or knock down our Temtem (who also need to rest to recover).

Analysis Temtem Nintendo Switch

There are attacks that require “loading” in several turns, altered states… they are combats that as you advance in the adventure have a more tactical nuance if possible, and above all, with a higher difficulty. This is especially evident, for example, in duels with dojo masters.

It is something that you will suffer especially at the beginning, where you will bite the dust if you do not adapt your way of playing. Even if you have everything in your favor, in Temtem you can easily get defeated if you don’t pay attention to the tactical factor.

It is one of the things that the Pokémon players of a lifetime have demanded the most, and that you have here from the first bars. It’s not a difficult or impossible game, but it’s not as easy as Pokémon either.. The level of challenge is higher, and it is something to be thankful for.

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An MMO? Can’t play offline?

Another area that has more weight compared to Pokémon is multiplayer. Temtem is conceived as an MMO, in which we see other playerswith which we can exchange Temtem, play cooperatively or competitively.

In this sense, yes or yes we need an Internet connection to play, and there is no offline mode. If, for example, you are playing in portable mode and you put your Switch to sleep, when you turn it back on you will have a few seconds to wait until it reconnects to the servers.

Luckily, save your game often enough, and you’ll be back at almost the same point. According to its creators, it is a way to avoid “traps” with the Temtem, either by altering the saved game, or to have the ecosystem controlled.

But the truth is that, unless you connect to a Wi-Fi network or share the connection using the data of your mobile rate, you won’t be able to play Temtem on the street.

Is Temtem worth it on Nintendo Switch

In the same way, when many players converge in the same playing area, you can notice that Nintendo Switch suffers and backfires. It is far from common, but there it is.

Added to this is that you will have to have a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online, an essential requirement to be able to play on Nintendo (and the same applies to the PS5 version with PS Plus).

A Pokemon “with little things”

Despite all these barriers, perhaps, the biggest drawback of Temtem is that many tasks are repetitivewhich force us to move between islands to deliver a message or an object, and after a few trips and repetitions, they leave a certain bittersweet feeling.

In the same way, random fights in tall grass are too frequentand although you can easily run away and we liked the duel system, the repetition ends up taking its toll.

They can be avoided with items, but perhaps there should be some option to adjust the experience to one’s taste, although its MMO approach may be the reason that the experience is the same for everyone.

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In the same way, Temtem’s post-game content requires quite a bit of grinding… although there will be people who like it, depending on the type of experience you are after.

Although in terms of design the game is more than correct, and the feeling of sharing space with other tamers is priceless (we insist, with whom you can interact), if we get a little finicky the appearance of characters and Temtems is a little below what The Pokémon Company usually offers.

The creatures, although correct, and with funny details that foreigners will not catch (such as certain names of the Temtem, starting with Paharo), lack that extra charisma and genius that we already find in the beginning of any Pokémon installment.

Even with flaws and stuff, Cream has proven to be a studio perfectly capable of creating a game with ideas that can make Pokémon itself and The Pokémon Company blush, with a proposal that tries to go further and satisfy some of the demands of its players.

It’s not perfect, and as we said, it has pacing issues and having that MMO factor leaves some uncertainties up in the air. Right now it’s populated with players, but what will happen in a few months, when many have completed their Tempedia or completed the post-game content or are not attracted to it?

Let us hope that by then, in Crema, they have considered an offline mode, because in my opinion it is one of the few things that are missing to be able to enjoy Temtem Pokémon styleor rather, anywhere…

And we say that with Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Purple ever closer on the horizon, and betting on a formula that anyone who has tried temtem you will miss some of its features… and if not, at the same time.

Analysis of Temtem on Nintendo Switch, a more than worthy mirror in which Pokémon should look