Ancelotti: ‘It may be the best squad I’ve ever had’

Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti has spoken out after his team’s win over Sevilla without Karim Benzema.

Did Sampaoli’s 11 with a lot of midfield surprise you? “No, we were thinking precisely of that, that they are looking for control. We managed well in the first half, pressing high… and we struggled in the second. At 1-1, they seemed to have more control but we won with some action. It was a good match for us.”

This Real is more than a starting eleven? “Today I want to highlight and highlight those who came off the bench. Camavinga, Lucas, Asensio… but also Vinicius who made two assists. He made two passes in front of an empty goal and I told him that he should come out of this game even happier because it’s worth more than a goal. He shows great humility.”

What is the Vinicius limit: “He’s at a very high level already and he needs continuity but it’s not easy because it takes a lot of energy. To progress, he has to work on that.”

The game : “I think what caused us problems was that we had more difficulty recovering the ball and we went down a notch in the second. When we took the goal, we lost confidence. changes have brought energy and confidence to the team. A spectacular counter-attack, the pass from Asensio, that from Vinicius…”

Valverde and Benzema, how are they? “It’s a blow for Valverde, we’ll see. Karim will return next Sunday.”

The team’s reaction: “The entrants have been very good. We have a spectacular bench, a bench that has the right attitude. They make the difference. The group is healthy. It’s a moment when you shouldn’t look too far ahead and you have to move forward. There is a great demand.”

The staff: “It’s a group that I like to train, they don’t give me any problems. They are very respectful. It’s one of the best, if not the best squad I’ve had.”

Benzema has problems… We need to do more rotations? “He is very important for us, but we were able to replace a player like him. That means rotations will be more important in the second part of the season.”

The bet with Valverde: “We take into account that last year he only scored one goal. He is a very responsible person. I rarely make bets with players. I don’t usually. The future may belong to him.”

Seventh match missed by Benzema, it worries you ? “We’re not, he doesn’t have much. He’s healthy, he’s motivated and he remains important to us.”

Marco Asensio and his importance : “He’s a great player. He takes advantage of the little playing time I give him. He made the difference with Vinicius today.”

Hardness with Vinicius: “It’s normal, he’s a dangerous player. Players like him have a specific marking.”

Ancelotti: ‘It may be the best squad I’ve ever had’