And without counting the bonus: The 5 highest

The 2022 NFL season starts on September 8 with the Rams vs. Bills, a real game, but much has been said about the player changes, but little of the coaches who will be in the teams.

And we will not only talk about coaches, who are a very important point in the success of franchises, We will also talk about a topic that everyone likes and that is money..

Yes, the players earn millions, really millions of dollars with their contract, but lthe coaches are one step belowperhaps because they do not generate as much merchandise sales.

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But, despite the fact that the coaches’ faces don’t appear on shirts or their last names are not sold on jerseys, they are the ones in charge of a team doing well or badly on the gridirons.

So, team owners have to fork out a good amount of money to take the coaches with the best poster and in one of those, think about reaching the Super Bowl.

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The five highest-earning coaches in the NFL

5. John Harbaugh—Ravens

He has been in charge of the Ravens for more than a decade and within his experience has a Super Bowl wonIn addition, he has only had two losing seasons with Baltimore since 2009.

All your credentials, give you the fifth place in the list of highest paid coaches in the NFL with nine million dollars.

John Harbaugh, Ravens NFL Coach
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4. Kyle Shanahan – 49ers

No one can deny that The 49ers are one of the oldest teams in the NFL.but unfortunately it has not been able to translate all that tradition into success.

Kyle Shanahan has already led his team to a Super Bowl, which he lost to the Chiefs, but continues in the fight to increase his 9.5 million dollar contract with an important victory for Vince Lombardi.

Kyle Shanahan, 49ers coach in the NFL
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3. Pete Carroll – Seahawks

He is one of those coaches who achieved the success of a franchise, which was painted to be a dynasty, but was just a step away, literally. The Seahawks with Pete Carroll reached important things, today does not look so bright.

This season 2022, Pete Carroll will be the third highest paid in the NFL with 11 million dollarsbut unfortunately on the gridirons, everything seems to indicate that they will do quite poorly.

Pete Carroll, Seahawks head coach
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2. Bill Belichick – Patriots

Possibly the best coach in the history of the NFL, who will surely bear his name when an award is withdrawn. The dynasty that Pete Carroll could not make, Bill Belichick did.

That’s why, He has a contract of 12.5 million dollarsalthough in recent years he has not been as successful as he was when he was in conjunction with Tom Brady, but his CV is worth the money he is paid.

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1. Sean McVay-Rams

The reigning NFL champion and with one of the coaches with the best last years in the entire league. Since he started working with the Rams in 2017 he has never finished below .500 and has won the NFC Championship twice.

His triumph in the Super Bowl and a “threat” of retirement set off alarms in the franchise and he got a raise. Currently He has a contract between 15 and 18 million dollars, the best paid in 2022.

Sean McVay, head coach of the Rams in the NFL
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And without counting the bonus: The 5 highest-paid coaches for the 2022 NFL season