Argentina defeated Paraguay and added their second victory in the South

La Garra took a new positive step in the subcontinental tournament after beating Paraguay 25:17 for the third date of the tournament. The National Team led by Eduardo Gallardo will face Chile tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., seeking a victory that will ensure qualification for the World Cup.

In the continuity of the South-Center that has La Casa del Handball Argentino as its headquarters, the Women’s National Team beat Paraguay and was one step away from fulfilling the initial objective of the tournament, which is to secure one of the two places at stake for the World Cup. Denmark, Norway and Sweden 2023. Yesterday, La Garra had debuted with a win against Uruguay 29:17.

In a duel that had defense as the most decisive phase of the game, Gallardo’s team was able to take quick revenge for the defeat suffered against the Guarani in the Odesur of Asunción. Although at that time Argentina had presented an alternative team with all local players, the victory was celebrated for leaving the National Team one step away from confirming a new World Cup participation, the first objective that it will achieve tomorrow if it beats Chile that today defeated Uruguay 24:23.

In front of a good amount of public, who, like yesterday, had the massive presence of several boys from clubs, La Garra prevailed in a duel that went from low to high and which had its main argument in defense to win the victory. As against Uruguay, Elke Karsten, with 6 goals, was the top scorer in a match that, although Argentina was ahead at the 12:8 break, only broke it midway through the second half with a good performance from Ayelén Rosalez on goal national team that closed with 52% saves.

The 3rd edition of the South-Center will be held until Saturday at the Oceania Pavilion in the Olympic Park of the City of Buenos Aires (Av. Coronel Roca 3490). The sale of tickets for the South-Center is being carried out exclusively in person at the stadium ticket office from the beginning of each day, at 5:00 p.m., and until the start time of the last game. They are valid for the whole day, and have a value of $500 for the popular ones and $1,000 for the stalls. All of Argentina’s matches can be seen live on the channel You Tube of the Argentine Handball Confederation.

As against Uruguay, La Garra made an excellent start in defense that prevented Paraguay from scoring their first goal until the 11th minute. Although in attack they seemed somewhat bogged down, they were able to take the first distance of the game with a 4:0 run with a Karsten’s initial goal from 7mts -100% effective in that area during the sixty minutes-, two goals from Rosario Urban and one more from Joana Bolling.

A bad national offensive passage allowed Paraguay to return to the game with a 4:1 partial, with several consecutive goals conceded from the far left, forcing Dady Gallardo to call his first timeout. Alarm set off that intensified reaching the final ten minutes of the first half with a goal from Jazmin Mendoza that made it 6 equal.

Karsten, with a great goal from a penalty, put La Garra back in front and opened what would be a good closing of the first half with a 6:2 partial, adjusting the defense again and improving in attack with Micaela Casasola as a reference. A positive national moment, which led to 12:8 in favor of the break, but which was somewhat overshadowed by the injury to Luciana Mendoza who had to leave the field due to instability in her left knee after poor post-launch support.


In the rotation of the pieces, intensified during the complement, the Selection found a greater fluidity in the positional although in counterpart it failed in 6mts and also decreased the defensive intensity that helped Paraguay to discount one, 12:13. In the figure of Ayelén García, who interspersed in a good way in the extreme and on the right side, and in that of Rosalez in the goal, La Garra recovered the maximum of the match, 16:12, to lead the victory.

Gallardo’s team recovered good defensive sensations with Antonela Mena and Giuliana Gavilan in the center, with Rocío Campigli and Macarena Gandulfo alternating and that together with Rosalez’s string of saves made the difference that would end up being decisive. Sofia Rivadeneira and Lucila Dalle Crode were effective in attack, Campigli and Gandulfo also joined with good appearances in attack and La Garra who sentenced the match for a final 25:17.


Post match statements

Ayelen Rosalez: «We started with a little doubt, it was difficult for the goalkeepers to get into the game, so being able to find those balls was important. It makes the team feel and gives us confidence for the rest of the tournament. We know that tomorrow is going to be a very tough game, Chile has been very confident, very confident in their work. We are going to do the same, to go out to win, to trust ourselves and our game. Brazil will already be a match totally apart from what is technical, tactical, there we go with another mentality. What is Argentina vs. Brazil is always a little more motivation and desire»

Rosario Urban: «Paraguay is always a rival that gives a lot of war, that always goes forward, it is characterized by that and obviously that is why it is complicated. I am happy that the ball has reached me and that I have contributed in some way to the team. Tomorrow is a very important match and we want to get to the Brazil match classified, so yes, that match is very important. We tell people to come that they will not be disappointed. This show is incredible and we look forward to seeing you»

initial formation: Marisol Carratú, Rosario Urban, Luciana Mendoza, Micaela Casasola, Elke Karsten, Joana Bolling and Giuliana Gavilán.

Argentina (25:17 vs. Paraguay): Elke Karsten (6), Ayelén García (3), Lucila Dalle Crode (3), Rocío Campigli (3), Sofia Rivadeneira (2), Rosario Urban (2), Micaela Casasola (2), Joana Bolling (2), Macarena Gandulfo (1), Luciana Mendoza (1), Giuliana Gavilán, Antonela Mena, Macarena Sans, Manuela Pizzo, Ayelén Rosalez and Marisol Carratú.

Next match: Argentina vs. Chile – 4th date | Friday, November 18, 8:00 p.m.

Minisite of the South-Central Adult Female Buenos Aires 2022

Photos: Federico Pancaldi/CAH
By Rodrigo Alzugaray – CAH Press

Argentina defeated Paraguay and added their second victory in the South-Central Adult Female – Handball Argentina