At the mercy of the waves (New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills 20

Despite the initial 14-3 advantage, gained within the first half of the 2nd quarter, a bad copy of the Buffalo Bills is literally overwhelmed by the running game of the New York Jets, who proved to be shrewd in completing the so-called “comeback” and win by 20-17 from the green mantle of the MetLife Stadium, avoiding the nightmare of the potential 3rd “sweep”In as many consecutive seasons.
Yesterday’s was the 1st match, since 2011, which both franchises faced with a positive record: 6-1 for the Bills and 5-3 for the Jets.

The first fraction, which ended with a score of 14-10 in favor of the guests, was for better or for worse almost exclusively the prerogative of QB Josh Allen, author of 2 TD on the run (respectively from 1 and 36 yards) as of an avoidable interception, captured by the raptor Jordan Whitehead.
By Michael Carter, with a 6-yard run when I was only 32 missing on the clock, the only one TD scored by the hosts during the 1st half, never dominated and skilled in mending the initial disadvantage thanks to a drive competent, driven by the receptions of the rookie Garrett Wilson and the races of the Carter-Robinson duo.
Before the double whistle there was still time to attend the field goal missed by kicker Tyler Bass, unable to hit the posts from 55 yards.

The second half opened with a drive very long and well orchestrated by Zach Wilson & associates but suffocated on the most beautiful by fumble forced by the never domo Von Miller and recovered from the other Defensive End AJ Epenesa, which was followed closely by the 2nd interception of the day launched by QB Josh Allen, grabbed and returned for 16 yards, up to the 22-yard line opponents, from the very strong rookie “Sauce” Gardner, author of a sumptuous performance.
Not even the time to regroup the ranks and here the hosts completed the overtaking, thanks to TD on receipt reported by the other RB James Robinson, recently acquired via trade by the Jacksonville Jaguars.
The field goal from 51 yards converted by Kicker Tyler Bass brought the score in a tie at 17-17, before that, after a punt per side, 8 consecutive runs and a 12-yard reception by WR Denzel Mims allowed the hosts to get within range of field goalthen transformed for the final overtaking, forcing the Bills to “burn” all the Time Outs but allowing them to have another 1.43 minutes at least impact on the score.
The last one drive of despair ended bitterly with the 2nd bloody drop of the day of WR Gabriel Davis, committed only a few moments after the rotational pass rusher Bryce Huff, on the occasion of a 2nd & 2, had almost “snatched” the ball from Josh Allen’s hands, forcing a ruinous as well as decisive loss of 19 yards .

With this defeat, the second (after that of Miami) in as many games against divisional opponents, the Buffalo Bills (6-2) not only see the Dolphins and the Jets themselves (both with a record of 6-3) getting dangerously close to the leaders of AFC East but also find themselves hooked by the Chiefs, triumphs at the end of the OT in the home match against the Titans, leading the entire conference.
While Zach Wilson proved to be very skilled in leading the entire offense of the “Green Gang”, avoiding errors to a minimum and ending the game with 18/25 passes completed, 154 yards, 1 TD and a passer rating of 101.1, on the other Josh Allen, on the long wave of the performance to say the least revisable put on display in the second half of the match against the Packers, again appeared hasty and highly inaccurate in the launch phase, as well as quite revisable in the “decision making ”, ending his game with 18/34 passes completed, 205 yards, 2 interceptions and a disastrous one rating not even 47 points.
The n ° 17 basically seemed a carbon copy of the one admired in 2018, focused exclusively on the depth of the field, unwilling to explore the medium-short and decisive with its own games, ending up producing in this way 86 yards, 9.6 Y / A and the only 2 TD scored by their team.
If we exclude from the equation the 2 WR n ° 1, respectively Stefon DIggs (5 receptions for 93 yards) and Garrett Wilson (8 for 92), the receiving corps of both teams appeared apathetic and scarcely productive, ending up almost getting noticed. exclusively for a very long series of mistakes that are as avoidable as they are bloody.

The final outcome of the dispute, as often happens, however, was decided within the trenches, in which the New York Jets have irrefutably outclassed the Bills in both halves, thanks to a rampant D-line, responsible for 5 sack and an infinity of pressures and an O-line which, although decimated by the injuries that had deprived it of even 3 starters, only granted 2 sack and proved dominant in run blocking, allowing the alternating RBs behind it to produce 141 yards and 1s TD in 27 courses, maintaining an average of over 5 yards per attempt.
Instead, the run defense of the Bills continues to prove to be nothing short of disastrous, overwhelmed for the second consecutive week by the opposing RBs, thanks to a myriad of missed tackles and the inability of the coaching staff to apply the necessary counter moves and adjustments, both during the week. as for the game in progress.

It seems to relive the nightmare of last season, when after the bye the various Taylor, Fournette and Harris they had gleefully feasted on the rubble of run defense orchestrated by DC Leslie Frazier.
The absences of Jordan Poyer and Matt Milano, replaced respectively by the disastrous Jaquan Johnson and the rookie Terrell Bernard, did not wait to be heard, forcing the overtime safety Damar Hamlin, the only happy note of the entire defensive department like Von Miller.

On the contrary, the defense of the New York Jets on is confirmed as dominant from head to tail, both in front 7, dragged by the duo of DT Williams-Rankins and the linebacker CJ Mosley (1 sack1 QB hit and 1 ball deflected the loot of the former Ravens) as in the backend, where the rookie “Sauce”, chosen with the 4th overall pick and the safety Jordan Whitehead, addition of the latest free agency, amassed an interception each and 3 balls deflected altogether.

Next Sunday the Buffalo Bills, with the sole intent of raising their heads after this so ruinous as well as impacting defeat, will host at the Highmark Stadium of the Minnesota Vikings on the wings of enthusiasm after yet another victory, the seventh of their season, matured in home to the detriment of the Washington Commanders, who were defeated 20-17 at the end of a match pulled up to the last moment.

The New York Jets on the other hand, returning from their 5th success in the last 6 games, will be expected from the bye week with a strong record of 6 wins and only 3 defeats, potentially valid, at least for the moment, of winning a place in the next Playoffs.

Curated by Luca Poglio

At the mercy of the waves (New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills 20-17) – Huddle Magazine