Avilés Hurtado clarified gesture that aroused the fury of Rayados fans

Colombian striker Avilés Hurtado danced in celebration of the ‘Law of the Ex’ and the Rayados fans responded / (Instagram: @avileshurtado)

Without any compassion with the fans of Montereythe Colombian striker Aviles Hurtado converted the goal of the final 2-6 in the series between Pachuca and Rayados on October 23 with a very well executed penalty that led to a celebration with dance included near one of the stands of the BBVA Bancomer stadium from the capital of Nuevo Leon.

While the Colombian shouted and celebrated the call law of the former of soccer, he was not spared from being showered with objects, ice, bottles of water, beer and all kinds of insults and boos from the Monterrey fans, who received a vast thrashing and left with a bitter taste after his club was eliminated in the semifinal of the Liga MX Opening Tournament 2022.

Well, the controversy that sparked this celebration of Pachuca against Monterrey in the second leg semi-final was accompanied by phrases from players such as Rogelio Funes Moriwho apparently told the Colombian that “Rayados had fed him and that he was not like that.”

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, October 25, the 35-year-old striker from Timbiquí clarified the situation in an exclusive conversation with the Fox Sports Radio México program and said that he never wanted to arouse fury or celebrate the goal of the Monterrey fans. but to his wife who was greeting him in the stands of the BBVA Bancomer:

A fuss has been made about things that didn’t really happen. Although thank God I was able to score the penalty, at no time did I celebrate it with the fans or did I want to take something from the past, never. When I go and celebrate with my classmates, I dance. Normally I always do it, I’ve always liked it, then I go and celebrate with my wife who went to Monterrey and was in the box and then we always talk before the game and give each other good vibes

This was the celebration of Avilés Hurtado after scoring the final 0-1 of the 2-6 aggregate in the semifinal between Monterrey and Pachuca:

After collecting the penalty that gave Pachuca the pass to the Liga MX final, the fans and the Monterrey team starred in a fight

Áviles Hurtado, emerged from the extinct Dépor de Aguablanca club and with a past in América de Cali and Atlético Nacional, is about to celebrate 10 years of his career living in Mexico. The Pachuca attacker has been recognized for his great Chilean goals in Liga MX and has aroused division in certain teams due to his past wearing shirts like those of Chiapas FC, Tijuana and Monterrey itself, where he did not have the best possible step of his last decade.

Surrounded by the Argentineans Esteban Andrada, Matías Kranevitter and Rogelio Funes Mori, this is how he was approached in stoppage time of the second half in the 2-6 final in Nuevo León:

The soccer players were not oblivious to Hurtado’s dance after scoring the penalty for the final 0-1 in the second leg of the semifinal between Monterrey and Pachuca / (Twitter: @FOXSportsMX)

Hurtado clarified that he did not receive racist insults or at least he did not perceive them while he was concentrating on his celebration and greeted his wife. In this regard, this is how the Colombian spoke with a cool head in the journalistic space of Fox Sports to try to calm the fury of the Rayados fans:

The Caucano striker clarified everything that happened on the night of October 23 in the semifinal of the opening tournament in the Liga MX 2022 when he converted the ‘former’s law’ to Monterrey wearing the Pachuca shirt / (Twitter: @foxsportsmx)

The goalkeeper Esteban Andrada was the one who ran towards the player to claim him intensely and some jostling arose between the players, but it did not get any worse.

It is worth mentioning that Avilés Hurtado was part of Rayados between 2017 and 2021; he then emigrated to the Tuzos of Pachuca and when he has played against Monterrey he has been booed by the followers. Now I angrily celebrate his goal, a fact that caused annoyance in the squad and fans of the Monterrey team.

After the end of the meeting, the supporters of Rayados hurled insults at the coffee striker, but thanks to the passage of the truck that was guarded by elements of the Police, it was possible to prevent the Monterrey fans from getting in front to shout insults at the South American.

In the report by Luis Enrique Santander, referee for Monterrey against Pachuca, and the Liga MX commissioner in charge of the game that was held at BBVA, racist acts are not indicatedbut other indications such as objects being thrown onto the field.

The Colombian player who plays in Pachuca received criticism from the Monterrey fans, because missed a penalty in the final of the Nuevo León classic against Tigresadded to the fact that he did not meet expectations during his time in the royal team.

From its Twitter account, Liga MX itself suggested that the Disciplinary Commission act to prevent such scenes from continuing to repeat themselves in Mexican football:

Liga MX disapproves of bad behavior in the BBVA Stadium stands at the end of the match @Rayados vs. @Tuzos and requests the Disciplinary Commission to take the corresponding measures based on the reports of the refereeing body and the Commissioner

This is how the situation was reported by the narrator and chronicler of TUDN Mexico, Xavi Sol:

They unload their fury for the elimination with Avilés Hurtado when we all know that the one who had to change the destiny of the series is by his side.

Xavi Sol criticizes Avilés Hurtado's aggressors at the BBVA Bancomer Stadium in Monterrey / (Twitter: @XaviSol_)
Xavi Sol criticizes Avilés Hurtado’s aggressors at the BBVA Bancomer Stadium in Monterrey / (Twitter: @XaviSol_)


Avilés Hurtado clarified gesture that aroused the fury of Rayados fans