As summer vacation draws closer and closer, school supplies are a concern for many families. Indeed, because of inflation, some of the supplies increased between 10 and 40% compared to last year. A considerable and difficult to manage increase for families who are already struggling to make ends meet. Faced with this situation, the government, which already grants a back-to-school allowance, has decided to upgrade it. Indeed, so that she can cover the cost of school supplies it had to be increased. But many people against this aid often say that this allowance is not used for children. We’ll explaine everything here.

The back-to-school allowance, an essential aid

Since January, the whole daily life of the French has changed. After years of Covid, now it’s inflationthem shortages and also the product recalls who come to change the lives of the French. But faced with such inflation, people who already did not have much to end the month are at risk of entering a precarious situation. To avoid this, the government made a bill called Purchasing Power. In this one we find numerous measures such as the upgrading the back-to-school allowance.

This back-to-school allowance affects more than 3 million French people. It is a great help for many families. Thanks to it, the children will be able to work all year round in better conditions. Thus, in the bill proposed by the government, passed in the National Assembly and slightly modified by the Senate, we see a revaluation of 4% of many aids. And the back-to-school allowance is no exception. She also benefits from 4% revaluation.

An allocation that creates opposition

But although this back-to-school allowance is a real breath of fresh air for some, for others it is different. Indeed, many people who do not benefit from it are against this allowance. For them, it is obvious that the money will be used for everything except for the children. Indeed, for a child between 6 and 10 years old it is €392.05. For those aged 11 to 14 it is €413.69 and finally for 15-18 year olds it is €428.02.

So the question seems to arise. With all these people against social assistance without restrictions, how can you be sure that this money from the back-to-school allowance will be used for the children and not for the latest flat screen TV? To put an end to its debates, most of the time demeaning and very limited morally towards the beneficiaries of the back-to-school allowance, Les Républicains offer something. This is a proposal of legislation aimed at supervise the use of the back-to-school allowance and fight against fraud” according to TF1 Info. But this proposal does not seem to please the parents and even the government spokesperson enormously.

Olivier Veran angry

Olivier Véran did not fail to react on the subject of the back-to-school allowance. He even tweeted about it. “The back-to-school allowance is helpful and fair ! It is a great help for 3 million families to finance children’s supplies and meet back-to-school expenses. Let’s stop them stigmas”.

Even if for the moment the government has no means of monitoring each of the beneficiaries of the back-to-school allowance, the Caf is conducting the investigation. And from this study emerges figures that may not please. Yes, indeed, not all the money is used to buy school supplies. Part of it goes into children’s back-to-school clothes. But can’t that be considered school supplies? Thus the argument that the parents are having fun with this money falls apart. CAF reveals that 99% serves for school supplies and 95% for clothes for the start of the school year.

Back-to-school allowance: what parents who use the aid for something other than supplies risk