Bakery Basket Piacenza


Bakery Piacenza pride at the photo finish, beaten by Andrea Costa Imola

The Piacenza Bakery fights, suffers, comes back and wins against Andrea Costa Imola in a game that is enjoyable for its intensity, in which the Piacenza players put their heads forward two seconds and seven tenths from the final siren.

It’s Angelucci who opens the ball with a triple after El Agbani’s offensive rebound effort.

The match is intense from the start, few goals are scored: after 5′ the scoreboard reads 6-6, the Bakery struggles once again from the 6.75m arc

Del Re plays the double playmaker weapon with the entry of Levels next to Coltro, but Imola in the meantime has taken the measures of the red and white and with a partial of 0-7 forces the Piacenza bench to the first timeout at 6-13 after 6 ’48” of play, the guests then push themselves to 8-17 at the end of the first quarter.

Angelucci tries to get the red and white back in motion with the first basket after several minutes, but Imola despite some inaccuracies manages to adjust its maximum advantage (15-27 in the middle of the second fraction).

In the meantime, Bakery has a good reaction and gets back to five lengths away and, above all, rediscovering her fighting spirit.

If the 2-3 area of ​​the Bakery moves well and forces Imola to think more, the Piacenza attack has in the meantime unlocked: 20 points scored in the second half, with the scoreboard reading 28-33 in favor of the guests.

The match remains at a high pace and low scores also in the third quarter, Piacenza tries to take advantage of it with Angelucci (17pts after 26′) and Cecchetti (7pts) on the shields: 3’30” from the end of the third quarter the Bakery goes back to -3 , 38-41, and it was always Angelucci who made the triple that momentarily brought the red and white back to -1, before Fazzi’s reply in the next possession for 43-47 one minute from the last mini-half. It is a tap-in at the end of El Agbani that brings the Bakery back to -2 (45-47) when the third quarter ends.

Two free throws by Coltro are the first points of the last fraction, after a good 2’30” of play: they are worth the first tie of the match ever. However, the Romagnoli find the new +2 with Agostini (47-49), and it is always him with two triples who brings his back to +6. Levels doesn’t fit and scores five consecutive points, rekindling the PalaBakery: it’s 58-59 with 2’20 to go, the Imola bench is forced to timeout.

Coltro scores at 42” on 61 all, in the following possession it is always his triple in step back of 64-61: the PalaBakery explodes, it is victory for Bakery Basket Piacenza.


– Difficulty in spacing in Q1 for Bakery Piacenza, which does not create an advantage for its conclusions and closes the first fraction with 18.8% shooting: Imola builds its first advantage here

– Deficit percentages for the red and whites from Piacenza in the lineup: 17/28 (60.7%) which risks compromising the company

– Defense, compactness, desire not to raise the white flag: in an intense and confusing match, the Bakery finds the energy to turn the game around and conquer another success

Bakery Basket Piacenza – Andrea Costa Imola 64-61 (8-17, 20-16, 17-14, 19-14)

Bakery Basket Piacenza: Simone Angelucci 25 (4/7, 3/4), Umberto Livelli 13 (1/5, 3/6), Mattia Coltro 9 (2/5, 1/1), Alessandro Cecchetti 8 (3/7 , 0/1), Gabriele Berra 3 (1/3, 0/4), Zakaria El agbani 2 (1/4, 0/2), Kirill Korsunov 2 (0/1, 0/4), Riccardo Agbortabi 2 ( 1/2, 0/0), Stefano Carone 0 (0/0, 0/0), Matteo Balestra 0 (0/0, 0/0), Mattia Alessandrini 0 (0/0, 0/0), Mattia Molinari 0 (0/0, 0/0)

Free throws: 17 / 28 – Rebounds: 36 10 + 26 (Alessandro Cecchetti 9) – Assists: 7 (Mattia Coltro 4)

Andrea Costa Imola: Pietro Agostini 16 (4/6, 2/3), Alex Ranuzzi 13 (4/7, 1/2), Lorenzo Restelli 8 (2/4, 1/3), Luca Montanari 6 (1/2 , 1/5), Federico Tognacci 6 (3/7, 0/1), Carlo Trentin 4 (2/4, 0/1), Luca Fazzi 4 (0/2, 1/3), Nunzio Corcelli 2 (0 /0, 0/2), Tommaso Marangoni 2 (1/1, 0/2), Matteo Barbieri 0 (0/2, 0/0), Samuel Roli 0 (0/0, 0/0), Federico Spagnoli 0 (0/0, 0/0)

Free throws: 9 / 14 – Rebounds: 32 8 + 24 (Lorenzo Restelli 10) – Assists: 10 (Luca Montanari 3)

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Bakery Basket Piacenza – Andrea Costa Imola 64-61 (8-17, 20-16, 17-14, 19-14)