Barcelona vs. Aucas: The goal is guaranteed

The LigaPro final will have a special duel in the goal. Javier Burrai (Barcelona) and Hernán Galíndez (Aucas) come to this duel after a consecration season.

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The Canarian archer has greater regularity. During the year he saved in 28 of the 30 games played. That also influences his numbers, since he received 29 goals. That is, he allows 0.96 goals per game.

His worth in the yellow bow extends into others values. For example, in the 2,520 minutes he played he made 82 saves and 21 catches. That places him in the fifth position of the least defeated goals this year.

While, Galindez he arrived in the middle of the season, so he has barely played in 11 commitments. In them he added 970 minutes on the field of play and six goals were scored.

Galíndez has also had a direct influence on the results. He has made 28 saves and 12 catches.

Before his arrival, the goalkeeper was Damián Frascarelli. His numbers indicate that he blocked in 19 games and received 19 goals. He made 64 saves and 5 catches. Between Galíndez and Frascarelli they hold the least defeated bow throughout the season.

These data show that the goals will be guaranteed by footballers who have had constant growth and who are now in full maturity. Burrai has already been a national champion, while Galíndez is looking for his first Olympic round. Much of the final will be in his hands.


Javier Burrai has it clear. For him, the only thing that will leave a satisfaction total is to get the title. After all, that is the way he finds to return the affection he has received since he arrived in the country and, above all, in Barcelona.

“I’ve been in the country for four and a half years and I’m grateful with the clubs that opened the door for me. Of those, I’ve been in Barcelona for almost three years, a beautiful club, where it’s always difficult to live up to it. I have fulfilled and that comforts me, but you want more, you want achievements and we are going for that soon (the LigaPro final)”, said Burrai in a brief visit to Quito.

For the 32-year-old goalkeeper, the duel with Aucas will have differences, in relation to the one lived with Liga de Quito, two years ago. “The final must be enjoyed as in 2020. Of course, there was a different context. That time we won the second stage and in a year of pandemic. This time we won the first phase and with life something normal. We hope it goes well for us, we are preparing for that.”

Personally, he also finds other scenarios. the return olympic against Liga de Quito it occurred in his first season as a bullfighter. “I feel that this year I am a little more poised at the club than in 2020, when it was my first season and I had a giant magnifying glass on me for my performance. Well, in Barcelona there is always a giant magnifying glass, but it is already better assimilated. I’m happy, there are still days of preparation and we want to give the club one more joy”.

Burrai insists that he is indebted to the swollen. “I am grateful to the people. Sometimes the love they give me is too much, I never imagined living something like this. Many things have happened to me personally and sportingly. People recognize it and that’s why they come closer, I try to be respectful in the street before greeting, but you have to be direct, people want feedback on the pitch, they don’t want a thank you, they want results”.

For now, the bullfighter goalkeeper is focused on the final, but also wait looking forward to the letter of nationalization. He wants to be Ecuadorian and play with that card next year.


Hernán Galíndez has been playing in Ecuador since 2012. Except for the six months he was at the University of Chile, he was always one of the most prominent defending the Catholic University of Quito, but without finishing the season. Now, in his first adventure with Aucas, he will experience a final.

“A few months ago it was difficult imagine such a present (I was having a bad time in Chile), but now I am very happy about all this. It is not easy to reach a final. I have been in Ecuador for eleven years and it is my first time. In football there are more hits than joys and that’s why now all we have to do is enjoy it”.

For Galíndez, the most important thing was to put the cluster above personal interests. “That happened even in the bow. We paddle to the same side”, he explained, thanking the support he had from Damián Frascarelli, who was the starting goalkeeper until his arrival.

In this regard, the same Frascarelli He stressed that they always pushed for the same goal. After all, he indicated, it was the hand of coach César Farías. “He gave us all participation. It gave us importance. Some coaches say that it is advisable to have the substitute better than the starter, but in this club there were neither starters nor substitutes. Throughout the tournament we rotated and that raised the level of all of us. No one knew who was going to play until close to the weekend and that’s why we were always ready”.

Regarding the final, Frascarelli believes that they will be even duels. “Right now it doesn’t matter much when each team arrives. In a final there is no favorites. Of course, we feel very good emotionally, we are undefeated in 20 games. That figure for us is not a burden, on the contrary, it is motivation because it reminds us that we can”.

As for preparing for that duel, Frascarelli says they just have to continue in their line of work. He already has experience, with Olympic laps in his native Uruguay. “We don’t want to go crazy before the final. Will follow focused doing what we did during the championship. In the remaining 180 minutes we will give our best. Nothing less”.


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Barcelona vs. Aucas: The goal is guaranteed