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Five months. An eternity. It’s been a long time since La Charité played in its Georges-Picq gymnasium. The last time was against Metz (73-78), April 16. The work carried out in the Charitoise enclosure then led the Charitois club to play the last three matches of the 2021-2022 season outside. Exiled to Marzy and Nevers during the preparation matches, La Charité finally finds its gymnasium, for the reception of Furdenheim, Saturday September 17 (8 p.m.).

Good indicators in Holtzheim

“Without particular attention or tension”, warns Guy Arnaud, Charitois trainer. “What matters is the reconstruction of the team”, which he has taken charge of since this season, and largely renewed this summer. Beaten on the first day at Holtzheim (62-70), when she was still in front five minutes from time, La Charité reassured.

“The pressure at the end of the game was too much for us. But we were very good physically, not too bad tactically. The indicators were good, it reassured me that we were on the right track. »

Coach “of a team in full development”, Guy Arnaud wants to see further than the next match. “We approached the week by recalling that the season was not decided on the second game”, even if it was against a competitor in maintenance, mounted from NM3.

Without Palcy or Katumbayi

“My team still lacks a bit of cooking time”, formulates the technician, who has not given his troops full fuel. “But I have players who trade with each other. We have to be surgically precise in what we do, because we don’t have the most talented team, ”insists Guy Arnaud.

La Charité, made up of “guys without individual inclinations”, strives to rely on good collective bases to move forward. “The group is tight. I expect a little more offensively”, the dynamics of the public can help. But it will still be necessary to do without the rear Dylan Palcy and the interior Irvin Katumbayi, affected in an ankle, the second being more subject to a problem of license preventing him from being aligned against Furdenheim.

“An opponent who has done well in friendlies. Their defeat at home (66-79 against Gennevilliers) surprised me a bit,” concludes Guy Arnaud.

Saturday, September 17, 8 p.m. THE CHARITY (gymnasium Georges-Picq). La Charite-Furdenheim. Referees: Messrs. Demkiw and Godin. La Charité: Salaneuve (1.80m, cap.), Pouye (1.83m), Genty (1.87m), Poncet-le-Berre (1.89m), Jackson (1.93m), Dimitrov (2.00m), Hangoué (2.02m), Bea (2.03m), Mikic (2.03m). And a tenth to draw from the reserve team. Trainer: Guy Arnaud.

Owen Cudgel

Basketball / NM2 – La Charité, still perfectible, receives Furdenheim: “My team still lacks a little cooking time”