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Once in my country, candidacies for Parliament were a sort of crowning achievement in a political career. A recognition of a party to one of its members, who in turn had conducted a worthy cursus honorum. With the final word, the definitive opinion that belonged to the citizens who in turn would have expressed themselves with the vote.
In short, all very clear and linear.

The latest ups and downs of the candidacies for the next elections on 25 September reconfigure, even at the local level, the usual games with the involvement of candidates who serve either as a filler list or as reliable yes men, faithful disciples who have done nothing for their own territory, with the due exceptions that I will remember in a while. Reduced to the role of pass cards for a certain period, without having affected for the better, whatever their role, they now collect, with an unexpected candidacy for Parliament, the prize for their loyalty to the leaders and not to the people.

Against the background of these games that with the current electoral system lead citizens to decide little or nothing regarding the formation of the next Parliament, between blocked price lists, yes men of various lineages, there are the renunciations that are discussed at the local level. In the beginning there was the renunciation of the first “Peacock”, the Mayor Bottaro. From confident candidacy to cradle dead creature. We do not know if the weakening of relations with Minister Orlando (already been to Trani on several occasions in support of Bottaro) or other various and possible ones by a PD not interested in the candidacy of our first citizen, or again, as We have already said, Bottaro’s desire to wait for better times than an electoral round which, according to the polls, would be very lean for his party, worse than the cows that roam undisturbed around India.

Regarding the resignation of the second Pavone, Ferrante, we believe that ours, however well referenced in the face of several years of experience and strong of the license of race politician for better or for worse, in any case already more at ease in internal movements of the Institutions, pay once again the internal rusts in his party and the hatred towards him by internal fringes at the local level (remember in this regard the insult when he won the Primary and canceled them?).

The inclusion of Zinni in his place, however, leads the electorate to choose one who has shown with facts to benefit his territory (the operation of the new hospital in Andria is the daughter of his stubbornness and self-denial and is objectively a fact. made certain and strong in times of parallel humiliation in the health field for Trani).

There is also a small peacock that for a few hours peeped into the Tranese political farm with a view of Parliament: the good Santoro who said he wanted to have the first place on the list with the party + Europe. But how could he claim a first place in the face of zero attendance in any city council, even with so much good will in the social field? His resignation after a few hours makes me believe more in stable orders from the Tranese majority, alias Bottaro, alias PD, so as not to hinder the already difficult climb to Rome of Cilienta Toma Toma Cacchia Cacchia, who silently and orthodox observant of the Papu discipline Emiliano prevailed in the internal race to the PD (Peacocks Destabilized) nothing less than one who had made the Undersecretary, albeit with good results: Assuntela Messina.

Sic transit gloria emilianea mundi. In the name of the new party: PF.

Ps: To you in the comments the solution of the new initials. To the winner a last minute nomination with my recommendation.

Beard and hair, the massacre of peacocks | Trani news24city