Because Biden talks about Armageddon

The US president talks about the Russian nuclear threat, citing Armageddon. What do his words mean?

WASHINGTON – Joe Biden evokes nuclear war, Armageddon, the day of the clash between good and evil, before the Last Judgment. But on what basis?

In the past nine to ten months the American president has often displaced public opinion and, above all, the ministers and councilors of his own administration. Sometimes anticipating real choices or events. In other cases by expressing a personal opinion which, however, naturally becomes a heavy political act, given that it comes from the leader of the United States. How should we classify therelease on Thursday 6 October?

Biden was speaking at a fundraising event hosted in New York by James Murdoch, the evidently dissident son of conservative Rupert Murdoch. A context, therefore, apparently more informal, freer than a live televised speech addressed to the nation. In other crucial passages, the American president has always specified what the sources were of his statements. For example, in the days leading up to the Russian attack on February 24, his admonitions cited US intelligence reports or consolidated information. And in the end, things went as Biden had announced: the Putinian tanks actually headed towards Kiev.

Last night, however, the US president did not premise: we have signs that Putin is preparing…; or: I just talked to the director of the CIA … etcetera. But he started like this: We’re dealing with a guy I know pretty well. He is not joking when he talks about the potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or chemical or biological weapons, because his army is doing very badly. And I don’t think there is the ability to use an atomic tactical weapon without ending up in an Armageddon. It’s still: For the first time since the Cuban missile crisis (1962 ed), we must face the threat of a bomb, especially if things continue in the direction we are going. As if to say: trust me, my decades of experience, because I know Putin, I know history, I know the world.

At the moment this is the material basis, the knowledge platform from which the new escalation started.

Not the first time this happens. Perhaps the most sensational case dates back to last March 26when Biden, concluding a speech in the Royal Castle in Warsaw, almost whispered: For God’s sake, this man (Putin ed) it cannot remain in power. Most of the world media interpreted the sentence as proof that the US wanted to overthrow the Moscow regime. White House advisers scrambled to explain that this was not the case. And, indeed, six months later, we can say that it was not. Are we facing a similar scenario?

We have no indications that Russia is preparing to use the nuclear weapon but Putin’s rhetoric is irresponsible and threatens to escalate, said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre aboard Air Force One. taking President Biden to Maryland, reiterating that the United States had no indication of the need to change its nuclear posture. A few hours earlier a US administration source, consulted by CNN, had said the same things: the United States did not detect any indication of activity on the part of Russia, such as to cause a change in the posture of its nuclear deterrent. The official said President Biden spoke frankly, but without relying on new information.

Even last week the National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, had repeated what for months, at least since last April, the official line of the White House and the Pentagon: it cannot be excluded that Putin can make use of the tactical nuclear weapons
, with a limited range, but at the moment we have no clue that it is actually preparing to do so. On the negotiation front, the stalemate remains. Secretary of State Antony Blinken repeats that the United States is ready to negotiatebut on condition that Putin ends the war he has started and that, another necessary requirement, Zelensky agrees.

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October 7, 2022 (change October 7, 2022 | 18:30)

Because Biden talks about Armageddon