Being moved means being strong: that’s why

Land tears, even those of joy, are a sign of great inner firmness. Being moved means being strong: that’s why

Reading a special book, an unexpected hug, an unexpected surprise, watching a film, there are many situations that can lead many of us to experience that intense inner transport called emotion. To be moved literally means put in motion and it is precisely from this etymology of Latin derivation that we can understand the grandeur of such a profound and emotional upheaval that brings those who feel it even closer to the most intimate part of themselves, to their truest and most sincere self. And if from a sterile external look those who are moved are sometimes seen as a fragile person, prone to easy enthusiasm and excessively at the mercy of events and feelings, in reality the emotion conceals a very different scenario.

To be moved means to be strong, well yes. Many of us have always known this, they have always been well aware of their tenacity, of their courage, of their inner strength and at the same time they have often found themselves embracing their emotion in the face of particular events, gestures and situations, freely and without fear. . And it is precisely in this fearless demonstration of emotion that the strength of those who are moved is evident. Shedding tears of joy and being surprised without hiding, means having great emotional balance, strong empathy and boundless strength: that’s why to be moved means to be strong.

Tears are a sign of vitality

Charlotte Brontë he couldn’t use better words to explain it: “Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Ever since you were born it has always been a sign that you are alive ». And that’s right. Getting excited about a particular gesture, crying while listening to a song or receiving an unexpected gift it’s all a question of vitality. The reason is obvious. Emotion moves deep sensations and emotions and does so in a very intense way.

This intensity is related to life and the desire to fully experience it in all its nuances. Those who are moved are not afraid of what they feel. She does not distrust what moves her interiority of her, but on the contrary she lives fully the most emotional part of her without being afraid of the feelings she feels at that moment, nor of the judgment of others. To be moved means to be strong, yes, but above all to be alive.

The power of empathy

As we have mentioned several times in different articles, empathy is a capacity that indicates a great inner strength. Being able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, trying to understand the problems of those around us by sharing what you feel is a sign of great strength.

Usually an empathic person is a person who tends to to be moved easily and that he does so without hesitation and in a manner absolutely detached from the judgments of others. His sensitivity leads to a deep understanding of reality and the world, to a mature awareness that is the key to his own strength. A typical strength of people who are not afraid of to be upset internally moving in a pleasant and free way.

Tears have healing power

It may seem counterintuitive, especially for those who associate them with moments of anger, sadness and despair, but the tears really have a healing power and those who are moved know it. The well-being that one feels after being moved is a state known to many, but it is not the only reason why tears are considered therapeutic. In fact, crying means discharge voltage, anxiety and stress, purifying the eyes and at the same time the heart.

Being aware of this and indulging in a liberating cry, even for small things, means having the strength to understand that it is not healthy – primarily for oneself – to keep everything inside, to avoid express what you feel, for better or for worse. It means putting in motion a small act of courage to free ourselves from those things that make us feel bad. Toxins of the heart, soul and body that only strong people can eliminate through frequent liberating cries.

Those who are moved do not fear the judgment of others

Weakness, fragility, instability, are some of the judgments that society often assigns to those who are easily moved. Crying, especially for women, has always been seen as a consequence of their excessive emotionality. This assumption has been denied by countless studies on the subject which have not highlighted any particular differences between male and female emotions.

But regardless of what we may consider stereotypes, those who are moved do not fear the judgment of others. He is well aware of what he is feeling and how he is manifesting it. He is not afraid to do so, especially since he is not afraid of the judgment of people and society in general. The expectations of the world in which he lives do not influence him and above all they do not affect his ability to intentionally and totally free a whole series of emotions that cause a pleasant and beneficial emotion.

Being moved means being strong: that’s why – Donnamoderna