Bishop criticizes Biden for his “repulsive” statements in support of abortion

Msgr. Robert Barron, Bishop of Winona-Rochester, harshly criticized the President of the United States, Joe Biden, for his “repulsive” actions and statements regarding abortion, a practice that he says he personally opposes but constantly promotes in the public sphere.

In a video Posted on YouTube, Bishop Barron explained that many times “President Biden has affirmed his personal belief as a Catholic that human life begins at conception and therefore abortion is morally wrong.”

However, “he has always been quick to add that is unwilling to use the law to impose this personal conviction on anyone”.

The American Prelate specified that “the opposition to abortion is not a matter of doctrine in the strict sense of the term, but a conclusion drawn from moral reasoning and the findings of objective science.”

Noting that life begins at conception and that “innocent human life should never be attacked,” Msgr. Barron noted that these principles “are the basis of an argument against abortion that can and should be made in the public sphere. Clearly it is not a dogma of Catholicism.”


The Bishop of Winona and founder of the Word on Fire apostolate, also said he was “very tired of the way the president and his allies use the term impose. Over and over they say some version of ‘I’m not willing to impose my beliefs on others.’”

In that sense, he explained, “the laws do not suggest but rather impose. That is its nature and behind every truly just law there is some moral principle: preserve life, establish greater justice, protect the poor by promoting the common good, etc.”

The Bishop also made a request: “Can we end the silly position first articulated by Governor Mario Cuomo 35 years ago and then boringly repeated by too many Catholic politicians that ‘I personally oppose abortion but publicly support it‘?”.

This, he explained, because the opposition to abortion “is not a conviction born of dogma but of moral reasoning, it is completely inconsistent to state that one can hold the position in private but not defend it publicly”.

“That would be precisely analogous to someone in the 19th century saying that although he personally finds slavery abhorrent, he will do nothing to eliminate it or even stop its spread,” he remarked.

Biden and his public support for abortion

Msgr. Barron also said that President Biden “claims that he opposes abortion because he considers it morally wrong, and yet, time and time again, in the most direct and even forceful manner, strives to make it more accessible, more acceptable and more legally defended”.

The Prelate then recalled Abraham Lincoln, who, being against slavery, did not oppose it directly, but supported its gradual extinction.

“Now, if our current president were convinced, as he claims to be, that abortion is wrong, if he had taken steps in the direction of at least reducing the practice, or if he could have found positive words to say about the Dobbs decision that at least it gives individual states the right to restrict abortion, I could see it then in Lincoln mode. But instead of that, continues to defend the most radical pro-abortion policy imaginable”.

Biden, Msgr. Barron said, “seeks to codify into law the Roe v Wade and Casey decisions that essentially made abortion up to the moment of birth a matter of legal impunity in our country.”

The landmark Dobbs vs. Jackson Supreme Court ruling in June of this year allowed the Roe vs. Wade, who legalized abortion in the United States in 1973.

Since then, Biden has done everything in his power to promote abortion, including signing an executive order that goes against this year’s Supreme Court ruling.

In his video, Bishop Barron also recalled that Pope Francis recently said that Biden’s position on abortion is “incoherent.”

Biden’s “repulsive” statements

The Bishop of Winona then indicated that “President Biden speaks often of his Catholic faith, attends Mass regularly and prays the Rosary.”

Msgr. Barron said he applauds the president for all of that but lamented that “when it comes to the most pressing moral issue of our time,” namely abortion, Biden not only does not defend the teaching of the Church but is also contrary. to “right reason”.

In light of all this, concluded the American Prelate, “can you see why so many Catholics, including your humble writer present here, find the statements and actions of the president regarding abortion so repulsive?”.

Bishop criticizes Biden for his “repulsive” statements in support of abortion