Bonaccini vs. Nardella?

Bonaccini vs. Nardella? In this historic moment, the possibilities of the mayor of Florence to climb the secretariat of the Democratic Party should be extremely limited. Provided that he dissolves the reservation definitively.

We are not in America

In America there are primaries, in which the most telegenic candidate often manages to prevail over more capable administrators. Surely Dario Nardella looks good on television. He is a media man, likeable, with a ready, brilliant and reassuring joke.

All qualities, however, that in Italian politics are useful. But they can’t make a difference if behind them there isn’t a strong apparatus and some important results to show off.

Surely the apparatus of the Democratic Party, at least that of historical communist tradition, goes towards Bonaccini. Certainly the historical apparatus cannot have sympathy for the mayor of Florence. An identity too indefinite, to characterize him as a companion.

As an administrator

If the media figure of the political Nardella may have some strengths, certainly that of the administrator Nardella is weaker. The results in Florence as mayor, and the appreciation from the citizens can certainly not be his strong point.

The administration of the city of Florence demonstrates all the flaws of a marked indecisionism and a feel-good, almost fatalist vision of social problems. Florence is constantly in the limelight for problems of degradation and insecurity. The illegal activity has never really been curbed. All issues on which the opposition has always fought. But they represent only a fraction of the failures.

The Florentine airport issue has demonstrated the eternal difficulty of coordinating even with the mayors of the hinterland. Reaffirming the impossibility of a short-term solution to a problem that has been going on for decades now. It was no worse than its predecessors, but heir to that inaction on major works that characterizes the central area of ​​Tuscany.

If we then go and look at the little theater that broke loose on the stadium issue, with an embarrassing tug-of-war on the location area. There was the apotheosis of improvisation, to the detriment of concreteness.

That eternal Tuscany

The Democratic Party in Tuscany has already had two secretaries. One is Matteo Renzi, and the other is Enrico Letta. Surely they don’t feel mutual feelings of affection, and even less a common political line. However, they are considered two difficult secretaries to digest for the base. Impossible to forget. Matteo Renzi, who in truth has never been loved by the entire left of the party, the vast majority of the militancy accuses of never having been a man of the left and attributes to him real or less real faults in this regard to the current decadence of the left. Enrico Letta, on the other hand, seemed to be almost more of a bankruptcy trustee than a secretary. He is associated with totally downward management. And probably this can lead a large part of the members in other areas of Italy to distrust a third secretary from the Tuscan PD.

Then in the PD everything is possible

Beyond the fact that theoretically Bonaccini would promise better. Both for the administrative results and for the political guarantees that his figure would bring, then the PD still exists. Not so much as an ideological party, because the ideology of the PD is increasingly undefined, but rather the PD apparatus. Power apparatus that lives hostage to compromises, mediations and very complicated balances, created by the leadership of that same apparatus to maintain positions of power at all costs. Anything that prevents that party from renewing itself, from relaunching itself, can be what allows administrators with less than brilliant and ideologically poorly defined results to take over the secretariat.

Considerations related to maintaining stability among the various components, even to the detriment of external consensus. All things that do a lot of harm to those who hope to re-found themselves. But often a power apparatus needs to put at the helm an administrator who in his action has proved to be paralyzed by the maintenance of balances. Because the administrators are not very concrete, and the plastered apparatuses are very similar to each other. Like dogs chasing their tails.

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Bonaccini vs. Nardella?